It is not impossible to overcome an addiction on your own but it is difficult and even, often, dangerous.

Drug and alcohol abuse is often described as a cycle- one that worsens over time. The more you drink or use, and the longer you do it for, the greater your tolerance becomes and you have to take more just to satisfy the cravings.

Consistent and heavy abuse drastically increases the risk of serious health complications. Strokes, heart attacks and liver failure are all too common in addicts.

And even if you do manage to wean yourself off, the physical and psychological symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal are no joke.

In the worst-case scenario, withdrawal could bring on hallucinations and seizures. Without proper support, there is a very real possibility that such problems could cause you irreparable harm, or possibly even lead to your death.


What does Professional Drug and Alcohol Treatment offer me?

Above all else, drug and alcohol rehab makes the process of getting clean safer. Specialised medical staff and highly trained carers will be there to support and protect you on every step of your journey.

All programmes of treatment will include a stint in the detox clinic. Drug or alcohol detox is the process by which your body flushes out the toxic substances affecting it, and this includes the withdrawal period that follows after.

Detox clinics, no matter how comfortable, cannot entirely remove the pain associated with withdrawal, but the presence of dedicated nurses and doctors means that you will be in the safest possible environment.

There is also a tremendous benefit in terms of resources. Some substances are more addictive, and thus more dangerous, than others. If you are suffering from an opioid addiction, for example, you may be offered a safer, replacement drug such as methadone in order to help wean you off use.

This is a highly effective method of addiction treatment that you cannot legally or easily pursue outside of a rehabilitation centre.


Relapse Prevention

Detox clinics are not the only service provided by rehab centres. Removing the addictive substances from your body is only the first step, and if you want to achieve a long-term recovery you will need to make huge changes to your mindset and lifestyle.

In many ways, this can be just as challenging as overcoming the physical aspects of substance abuse. This is why rehabilitation centres approach drug and alcohol treatment holistically, offering a wide range of varying mental health treatments and support.

As one of the most common services provided at rehab, cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT for short) is designed to positively alter the way in which you process and handle stress. Substance abuse is intrinsically linked to stress.

In many cases of addiction, sufferers drink alcohol or take drugs as a coping mechanism in response to overwhelming problems in their life.

CBT is primarily utilised in the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety- it encourages the patient to compartmentalise the issues worrying them, addressing them piece by piece rather than thinking of them as one overpowering whole.

By approaching your triggers in this way, it is possible to overcome that uncontrollable urge to drink or use in response to severe stress. It may sound surprisingly simple, but effective stress management really is the key to resisting those compulsions, and with the right guidance it is possible to reach a stage where your triggers are no longer so overwhelming.

While CBT has been proven to be highly efficient in the treatment of dependency, it is not always the best option to pursue straight away. CBT is a talking therapy, and if you have had no prior experience of therapy or counselling the prospect of opening up so fully can be quite daunting.

This is, of course, completely understandable. This is why alternative, less intensive options are also available. Practical therapies, such as art therapy, enable patients to express themselves and explore their own mindsets without the need for intensive discussion.

It is important to point out that treatments such as art therapy are generally used as a stepping-stone, and full recovery is difficult to reach without more involved therapies, but these therapies offer valuable methods of stress management in their own right.


Finding Rehab near me

If you are seeking rehab in Motherwell, Addiction Advocates is here to help you. We work closely with a number of excellent rehabilitation centres across the country, and it is our job to find a clinic fit for your individual needs.

We are firm believers that every patient is unique, and while rehabilitation centres offer similar drug and alcohol services, every clinic is unique too.

Our specialist team will find a clinic that meets your personal requirements, ensuring the highest possible quality of care. It’s down to you to take that first step and reach out.

So contact us as soon as you can, and we will set you off on your path to a healthy, sober lifestyle.

If you have come to this page not for yourself, but because you are worried about the behaviour and health of someone close to you, we can still offer our support. We also offer family and friend referral, so we can get them in touch with a clinic that can help them.

Neither we nor the rehab centres can force anyone to enter treatment unwillingly, but we can help you get the ball rolling.

Addiction and the problems associated with it only get worse the longer it is left unaddressed, so please, if you are concerned about someone close to you do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us today, and our team will do all they can to secure the support you and your loved ones need.