Conquering a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction means that you need to eradicate he physical and psychological dependency from all aspects of your system, while simultaneously addressing all existing behavioural issues which propagate a dependency on drugs and/or alcohol.

Trying to cease your drug and/or alcohol abuse without the assistance of a professional institution can not only be incredibly tricky, but it can also be very dangerous in instances where a physical dependency has manifested.

There is a lot of people who can mistakenly think that addiction is something which a person has to overcome on their own — whether due to a misplaced sense of pride or due to the cycle of addiction causing them to feel isolated from the rest of the world — but this is not the case.

At Addiction Advocates we are here to give you the support and help that you need to overcome your addiction, no matter how alone you may feel at present.

Alcoholism and substance abuse can cause an individual to present with all manner of physical side-effects; however, it is often the psychological and behavioural repercussions of addiction that can be most damaging to an individual and their loved ones.

Furthermore, these behavioural issues are what can make overcoming addiction on your own near impossible, as only professional outside help can ensure that you find your way free from these demons.

While we will be able to help you on every step of your journey to recovery, we also require a certain level of commitment from you to the actual process of recovery.

Without a complete readiness to address the issues which have to lead you to the place that you are currently at, then a long-term recovery from your substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse disorder will not be realised.

Call Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088 to start the process of getting the help you need in overcoming your current relationship with addiction.

However, if you’re concerned about the substance consumption of someone who is close to you, then you are still able to reach out to us as we can offer help through our family and friend referral system — we all need help, and we can help you make sure your loved one gets that help in the safest way possible.


The Pros And Cons Of Residential Rehab

There are a plethora of options when it comes to deciding on a course of addiction treatment. However, residential rehab, such as Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab in Radcliffe, will provide the highest possible chance of succeeding in forging a long-lasting recovery from your addiction.

This is because there are many factors which contribute to residential rehab allowing individuals to realise the recovery that they want for their life.

Some of the pros and cons of residential rehab include the likes:


  • Addiction Advocates’ residential rehabs offer state-of-the-art treatments that other institutions will not have the resources to implement.
  • All of our treatment programmes are specifically tailored to the individual at the centre.
  • At residential rehab, you will have the benefit of 24/7 care and support from medical staff.
  • Residential rehab has a statistically higher chance of helping an individual to overcome addiction.
  • Residential rehab means that you can completely focus upon your recovery in a safe environment, free from any external factors which may be propagating your dependency on substance abuse.
  • Due to the fact that you are living at our treatment facility, your chances of relapsing while in recovery are minimal.
  • Addiction Advocates’ residential rehab also provide our clients with a complimentary 12-month aftercare support programme.
  • Relapse prevention coaching also helps minimise the chance of relapsing when reintegrated into post-rehab life.
  • You can recover in a luxurious environment, benefiting from an en-suite room, expansive lounge areas, and plenty of home-cooked meals made by our staff.
  • Breaking out of your daily routine can be integral to achieving long-term recovery, by helping you to notice what aspects of your everyday life need changing in order to break out of the cycle of addiction.


  • Attending residential rehab means you will have to leave your family and friends behind for an extended period of time.
  • Due to the fact that you will be completely committed to a course of treatment at residential rehab, this means you will need to take time away from work and other commitments over the course of your stay with us.
  • Courses of treatment at residential rehab are very intense — and, while this will benefit you, it will be a very severe experience.
  • Private rehab does cost, which sets it aside from attending treatment through the NHS. However, it is an investment well worth making.


Our Treatments Are Both State-Of-The-Art And Traditional

As was mentioned previously, our recovery plans are tailored to the needs of our clients, and therefore it will be difficult to predict here exactly what courses of treatment you will be able to experience at our drug and alcohol services.

However, a lot of our treatment programmes will implement a combination of both traditional forms of therapy as well as newer treatments.

Some of these classic and new treatments include the likes of satori chair therapy, one-to-one therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), group analysis therapy, family drug support coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dual-diagnosis therapy, stress management therapy, grief counselling, and relapse prevention coaching.

We hope that you will choose Addiction Advocates to help you through this difficult period and realise a better quality of life.

Our blend of treatments, state-of-the-art facility, and tireless staff will provide you with the best chance of recovering and finally breaking free from the seemingly endless cycle of addiction.