To help you understand your next best steps, here at Addiction Advocates, we are here for you. We can listen, guide, recommend and refer you to a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester. We offer both support and referral services, ensuring that you feel ready to rehabilitate, via the most effective recovery route.

Although this may feel very new to you, especially if you’ve struggled so far to see a way out from addiction, turning to professionals through this time will benefit you greatly. Please be reassured that all conversations are confidential, ensuring that discretion and compassion are offered throughout.

Select the most effective route to rehabilitation by working with our specialist team. Once we’ve assessed your addiction, we can refer you to a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester which caters to your personal needs.

If you’re unsure of who can support you through this time, we can here at Addiction Advocates.


Turning to professional addiction support

Many individuals suffering with substance abuse or an addiction will attempt to deal with it alone. They will hide their side effects, their experiences and their addictive behaviours away. Through this secrecy and level of denial, many will also attempt independent withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Although this may feel like the safest, most comfortable route to withdrawing, it is in fact dangerous, ineffective and uncomfortable. As withdrawing from ongoing drug and alcohol abuse will shock both the body and mind, uncontrollable withdrawal symptoms are likely. Cravings will also be present, motivating further substance abuse. As a result of this, full recovery will be very unlikely, lacking both physical and psychological treatment efforts.

In order to start your road to recovery, to progress through rehab, in order to sustain sobriety, working with professional addiction specialists will be recommended. You’ll increase your health and safety, your recovery success rates and your comfort levels, all by selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester.

To start the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, we recommend reaching out for the level of support you’re comfortable with. Whether that’s loved ones, local support groups or even your employer. Likewise, our team is available, ready to guide you through the admissions process, helping you access addiction treatment at an efficient rate.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester

Initially, you may feel inclined to recover via a free treatment service or a cheap rehab programme. This is very understandable when firstly considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. However, it is important to remember that what you invest into rehabilitation will influence your results. With this in mind, selecting a rehab route with low investments will stint your chances of long-term recovery, and physical and psychological realignment.

To experience the full value of withdrawal and recovery, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, offering private rehab programmes will be recommended. Although this may sound pricey, it in fact can be worked around varying budgets, along with saving you significantly in the long-term.

However, in order to benefit from rehab, you must select from the most suitable drug and alcohol treatment centres, you must embrace the most effective treatment options, and you must accept professional support. Through this active investment, you’ll have a better chance at long-term recovery, overcoming your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we can assess your current relationship with addictive substances, along with evaluating your physical and psychological health. From here, we will follow your budget when recommending Leicester based treatment centres and programmes.

Once you’re comfortable and prepared for addiction recovery, we can arrange your admission date, referring you to the most fitting treatment facility. Recover with the reassurance that you’re in the right place, helping you personally diminish your drug and alcohol addiction.


Addiction treatment through rehab

Through our partnering drug and alcohol treatment centres, you will experience leading treatment options. You will be provided with a personal treatment programme, following your physical and psychological addictive characteristics.

This approach is favoured as an addiction will impact all clients differently. Through these impacts, some may require additional psychological support. Via our initial assessments, your personal needs will be gauged, helping to recommend appropriate addiction treatment options.

Via rehab, the most commonly recommended addiction treatments include a drug and alcohol detox, talking therapies, support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and relapse prevention planning. This combination, along with further wellness treatment services will benefit your physical and mental health, while working on your underlying causation.

Although this may feel like a concentrated and full on approach, consistent addiction treatment is required to suppress a dependence. Likewise, this comprehensive approach to rehab will help to advance recovery rates, helping to heal holistically.


Sustainable recovery goals

Initial addiction recovery can be achieved through rehab. However, sustainable recovery is also very important, ensuring that sober living can be maintained post-rehab. To support this transition, via our partnering rehab centres, you’ll be provided with ongoing guidance and treatment.

From a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester you’ll likely complete regular support group sessions, therapy and any additional steps to strengthen your relapse prevention plan. Armed with this level of accountability, support and reassurance you’ll feel ready and confident to live a life without drugs and alcohol.


Our services here at Addiction Advocates

By turning to addiction specialists, like our team, you will have the chance to overcome your addiction, for the present time and for the future. Through our referral services you will gain entry into the most appropriate drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester, where you’ll also have access to leading addiction treatment programmes. Promoting initial recovery, you’ll have the chance to continue long-term recovery through ongoing efforts.

If you’re unsure where to turn to or struggle to see the opportunities to rehabilitate, we can help you. Reach out today for more information on drug and alcohol rehabilitation capabilities through rehab.