To benefit from the offering of rehab, it is important to complete a comprehensive addiction recovery journey. Within that journey, small steps will be recommended, all combining together to form drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The first step of your recovery journey will focus on the acknowledgement phase, where the acceptance of support will need to be made, in order to access drug and alcohol rehab. A part of that step, which we look after, will include an assessment, standing as your admission process.

On the result of your assessment, rehab recommendations will be made, to direct your decisions around rehab, its suitability and delivery, which will then be facilitated by one of our affiliated rehab clinics.

Following that, a comprehensive programme will be encouraged, full of addiction treatment sessions, wellbeing development, relapse prevention and aftercare, all of which can be experienced via a drug and alcohol rehab in Charnwood.

Such level of fulfilment is necessary, to reach a point of physical and psychological stability, post addiction. It’s understandable that you may be worried about the intensity of such a process, or that your privacy may be sacrificed throughout a comprehensive rehab programme.

However, through the right form of support, through the right recommendations and through the right private rehab clinic, personal discretion can be protected, as can the maintenance of comfort.

With our help here at Addiction Advocates, you can feel reassured and confident in your expected rehab experience, knowing that your personal needs and information are protected, while you work through the small but impactful steps of rehab.


Why will I need to complete an assessment on my admission?

A pre-rehab assessment on your admission is necessary to understand the type of care you require to recover. Every addiction experience is different, meaning that rehab recommendations will also differ for our clients.

The assessment will focus on getting to know you as a person, your causation of drug and alcohol consumption, your mental health and your wellbeing, and your expectations from rehab.

Combined with your budget, your health requirements and your needs when considering long-term recovery, this information will be used to measure and secure the suitability of rehab.

By considering your needs and meeting them up against our affiliation of rehab clinics, we will aim to select a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Charnwood for you to recover from. Yet, if such results deviate from the possibility of localised recovery, we will let you know.

Ultimately, an assessment helps to secure the effectiveness of rehab for you, which will of course be completed confidentially to ensure that privacy is maintained for you.


Will I feel secure via a drug and alcohol rehab in Charnwood?

Most definitely. While selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Charnwood may seem close to home, and with that anxieties around judgment and privacy are likely, through a private, reputable rehab clinic, you can feel protected and secure.

Residential rehab, which is the delivery of rehab that we recommend provides that safety blanket, by offering a targeted, exclusive treatment, all completed through a singular rehab programme.

To combat worries over judgment, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, you’ll be supported by specialists within the addiction field, and your admission will be kept confidential to reduce external speculation. You can also ask for an independent rehab experience, where you can decide to not include family involvement.


Is private rehab the best route to addiction recovery?

Private rehab provides the greatest level of privacy, consistency, safety and personalisation. It has the scope to offer individual programmes of treatment, comfortable settings, and consistently focused services, which makes it a highly effective and efficient form of rehab.

Addiction recovery, as a journey, thrives off consistency and intensity, which is a key asset of private rehab. Your health can be upheld, your privacy can be maintained, and your progress can be advanced by selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Charnwood.

Understandably, a cost is attached to private rehab, yet the benefits most definitely outweigh the investment, making it the best route for long, sustainable addiction recovery.


How easy will my post-rehab transition be?

On average, the post-rehab transition period can be tough, as you’ll be faced with a mixture of emotions. You’ll be happy and excited to lead a drug and alcohol-free life back in Charnwood.

Yet with your return, you may also experience some vulnerabilities and anxieties down to the rehab process that you’ve completed, and down to the passion to maintain sobriety.

To guide you through this transition, you will have the support of your chosen treatment centre, where aftercare will be available and where relapse prevention will be promoted.

Both services, standing as post-rehab steps will assist with your transition, to ease your adoption of sobriety. However, it is also vital that you make some changes that can be sustained, with greater opportunities to normalise sober living.


Will my life need to change back in Charnwood?

Yes, your life will need to change post-rehab, as you’ll need to reduce your drug and alcohol exposure. Right now, your environment, your relationships or your routine may be enabling drug and alcohol consumption. To maintain sobriety, you’ll need to make some adaptations to reduce such enablement.

You’ll naturally want to make changes to match your new positive, healthier lifestyle. However, there are risks of old habits and triggers resurfacing, meaning you need to be in control and prepared. By making sustainable changes, you’ll be equipped to work through any triggers, to reduce your relapse risks.

Change is a good thing, as it will help you enjoy and sustain a drug and alcohol-free reality. Experience changes from the moment you reach out, all the way through each small step of rehab.

Start to change your life by contacting our team at Addiction Advocates, here to help you find your place via a drug and alcohol rehab in Charnwood. Through collective efforts, a comprehensive programme can be formed for you, helping to drive your entire addiction recovery journey.

With privacy, comfort and safety in mind, you can experience drug and alcohol rehab on a local scale.