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It is easy to become overwhelmed when researching rehab in Pudsey, and there are numerous treatment options in the local area. Outpatient procedures, inpatient procedures, and some providers even offer treatment solutions where you can treat yourself at home.

However, outpatient and home solutions are difficult for people to successfully complete.

It is difficult to complete rehabilitation with so many temptations within easy reach and access to negative influences and triggers is easier than ever before, which puts at risk your hard work as you may suffer a relapse quite quickly.

This is why we recommend residential rehab to the majority of our clients. A residential setting allows you to immerse yourself in your treatment and focus on your recovery.

If you are searching the internet for “rehab near me” or “Rehab UK” then you may be struggling to determine what rehab treatment works best for you.

Why not call Addiction Advocates today for a no obligation consultation on which addiction treatment options are available and are best suited to you?



Several detoxification options are available in the West Yorkshire area for people who require a detox and remove themselves from dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Several options involve a detox at hone, which regrettably carries a heightened risk of relapse. Addiction is a physical and mental health condition and when you stop using drugs or alcohol, withdrawal symptoms will occur.

For those who try a detoxification by themselves, these symptoms become too painful to manage and with reluctance, go back to their drink or drug habit which in turn damages morale.

A detox with Addiction Advocates provides you with all the support and help that you require 24-hours a day. We are experienced providers of detoxifications and our detox reflects this.

Our detox is medically assisted – this means that you will be given access to prescription medication where required in order to help you through the toughest parts of your detox.

This will minimise your side effects and help you to overcome your dependency a little bit more easily.

A rapid detox will free your body of drugs or alcohol in a few days, which allows you to focus on the rest of your rehabilitation with your body already recovering and your dependency on drugs or alcohol broken.


Residential Addiction Treatment

When you stay in one of Addiction Advocates rehab centres, you will be afforded a quiet and peaceful environment in which you can concentrate on your recovery.

People experiencing a drug addiction or alcohol addiction will benefit from time away from home as part of their recovery. Our rehab centres are comfortable environments, which allow you the opportunity to relax and step away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life.

A residential rehabilitation also allows you the opportunity to focus on your recovery. With outpatient and home treatment options, it is all too easy to go and buy a drink or some drugs and fall straight into a relapse.

Other people may find that it is people or places that cause them to abuse addictive substances, and it is simple to expose yourself to your triggers with those kind of addiction treatments.

Residential rehab allows you to take a step back from life for 28-days and live in safety where you can truly put all your focus into overcoming your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.


Therapies and Counselling

Much of your treatment will involve therapies and counselling. People with drug addiction or alcohol addiction generally have an experience in their past that has triggered them. There are a number of reasons why someone can have a relapse.

When you choose Addiction Advocates for your rehab, we ensure you receive intensive therapies on both group and individual settings. These sessions are vital in helping you to understand your addiction and the reasons behind it developing in the first place.

You will also learn the tools required to both spot and stop a relapse. This will ensure that not only will you achieve sobriety, you will maintain it in the long-term. With this kind of therapy, your long-term prospects of sobriety will be enhanced.

People who do not seek treatment for their addiction’s root causes tend to experience addiction again and again despite receiving treatment.

Group therapy in particular helps you to build up a new network of friends and contacts to stay in touch with and to support you when you leave our care.


After your Rehab

When your 28-day residential rehab treatment has completed, it doesn’t mean your journey is over. You will experience a testing year following your rehab and this is statistically when someone is at their most likely to experience a relapse.

Upon completion of your rehab, we will set up an aftercare plan for your return to your normal life in Pudsey. Your aftercare plan will allow you to build up a network of contacts and support so that you can continue to share your life experience with other people.

You will have access to a 24-hour helpline and we will recommend local recovery groups. Ultimately there’s no cure for addiction and you can only control it.

There’s no one moment that puts you on the road to long-term sobriety, it is something you must work for and something that you will need to continue to work towards.

We appreciate that asking for help is very difficult but once you do so, it becomes easier and our admissions team are waiting to help you.

There’s no waiting list for our treatment, so why not contact Addiction Advocates today and let us help you on the path to long-term sobriety?