Regardless of whether you live in Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton or Lincoln, if you find yourself locked into the vicious cycle imposed by a drug or alcohol addiction, we would encourage you to seek help from a drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands.

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What Are the Benefits of Seeking Help from A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the East Midlands?

As touched on above, the short and long-term repercussions of drug and alcohol addictions impair the lives of thousands of individuals each year across the East Midlands.

Sadly, in the last few years, an increase in the number of individuals losing their lives to their addiction has been observed.

Seeking help from a drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands provides a wealth of benefits.  From mitigating the impact that an addiction has, to offering an outlet for those suffering, rehab ultimately preserves and enhances an individual’s life.

In addition to minimising the overall impact that an addiction has had, private residential rehab affords a safe, calm and relaxing space for individuals to truly recuperate.

Not only does this ensure that those admitted to a drug and alcohol rehab are able to reflect on how their addiction has damaged their life, but it provides a space in which those in recovery can make a long-term recovery.

Should you be referred to a residential rehab, there will be a wealth of amenities that you can take advantage of which will all contribute to a successful recovery and lifetime of sobriety.


Will Attending a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in The East Midlands Prevent Me from Relapsing in The Future?

Upon considering whether to seek support from a drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands, it is not uncommon for you to have several questions.

One of the standout questions in your mind may surround whether attending a drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands will prevent you from relapsing in the future. After all, if you are hoping to attend rehab, you are likely to be ready to put your drug or alcohol addiction behind you once and for all.

In short, yes, attending a drug and alcohol rehab will provide you with the tools you need to prevent a relapse from occurring.  However, in order to prevent a relapse from happening, you must be committed to a life of sobriety.

If you are not committed to a life of sobriety, you will have a greater chance of relapsing in the future.  This is typically why individuals seeking treatment from a private drug and alcohol rehab must strive for a life without drugs or alcohol.


What Relapse Prevention Support Is Available?

Regardless of the drug and alcohol rehab in the East Midlands that you attend, you will find that there is relapse prevention support available. Each stage of your rehab treatment programme will essentially contribute to a long-term recovery.

As you progress through your treatment, your chosen drug and alcohol rehab will work with you to create a relapse prevention plan.  This plan will consider the triggers and factors that have caused your addiction to arise, and outline a wealth of coping mechanisms that you can employ.

In addition to providing several coping mechanisms, your relapse prevention plan will also ensure that you know what to do and who to turn to, should you relapse.

In addition to providing you with a bespoke relapse prevention plan, the drug and alcohol rehab that you are referred to in the East Midlands will also ensure that you are provided with aftercare support.

Aftercare support typically includes weekly group and individual therapy sessions.  These sessions provide an outlet for those in addiction recovery to address any issues, feelings and thoughts.  In turn, relieving themselves of any pessimistic thoughts that could cause them to experience a relapse.

Depending on the drug and alcohol rehab that you attend, it is likely that you will be offered 12 months of free aftercare support.


How Do I Obtain Support from A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the East Midlands?

Here at Addiction Advocates, we understand that recognising that an addiction is present will cause you to experience a wealth of emotions.  Combined with the task of having to locate a suitable rehab, many are often left feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  Unfortunately, this can see many delay the treatment that they so desperately need.

With this in mind, at Addiction Advocates, we have made it easy for you to obtain the help that a rehab bestows.  How, you ask?  Because we make suitable referrals and ensure that anyone in need of support for their addiction is able to obtain it.

As and when you come to realise that you have developed an addiction to either drugs or alcohol, all you need to do is give us a call.  When you make initial contact with us, our admissions team will have an informal chat with you to understand how your addiction has impaired your life.

As we discuss your addiction with you, we will ask you a number of questions.  Please do not be put off by this.  We know that when you call us, it may be the first time that you have openly spoken about your addiction.  However, it is essential that we ask these questions if we are able to refer you to a suitable rehab.

Having spoken to you, our team will have an understanding of the substance you have become addicted to, the length of time your addiction has been present for, and how it has impaired your physical and psychological well-being.

With this information in mind, we will work to locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab and make a referral for you. You will then be invited to attend the recommended rehab in the East Midlands.


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