Are you desperate to regain control over your life? Are you looking for a way out from drug and alcohol abuse? If so, through our services at Addiction Advocates, this is possible.

So far, you may feel helpless, you may feel like there’s nowhere to turn. Drug and alcohol withdrawal will likely feel impossible through this mindset, where the idea of recovery is soon masked by the enablement of drug and alcohol consumption.

If you’re stuck in this mindset, please be reassured that this feeling can be for the short-term if you’re ready to commit to rehab. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Island of Man, you can experience what it takes to recover, in the form of a comprehensive rehab programme.

Naturally, you may have doubts, in your own ability to recover, and the value of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Yet, please remember that your judgment is currently clouded by the impacts of substance abuse.

Once you reach the right mindset, and find the correct rehab clinic to call home, you’ll feel confident in your capabilities to withdraw, and you’ll appreciate the value of services like ours and of our affiliated rehab clinics.

Use your desperation as passion to fuel your up-and-coming drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


How can I get over an addiction?

There’s no quick fix when looking to overcome an addiction. Sadly, down to the adaptations caused by drug and alcohol abuse, the key aim is to promote initial withdrawal, providing a clear foundation to then revert those adaptations.

This is a necessity, as once the brain and body are programmed to crave drugs and alcohol, it will be difficult to break away.

This is why professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are recommended, as they provide a strong foundation to then normalise sober living. You can benefit from this if you look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, offering comprehensive rehab programmes.

Treatment services, such as detoxification will clear your foundations, which will then be strengthened through the likes of talking therapies and relapse prevention.

While highly beneficial, offering strong recover rates to overcome an addiction, rehab is a challenging process to complete. There will be times where you’ll likely hope to give up.

There will be times where a life controlled by drugs and alcohol will feel more attractive. Yet, by working through rehab, with the support of professionals, that attractiveness will dwindle, where sober living will be your aim.

Alternative recovery routes will not offer the foundations possible through drug and alcohol rehab. This is why we at Addiction Advocates highly encourage the transition into rehab, as soon as possible.


Will visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in the Isle of Man act as a cure?

Unfortunately, a cure doesn’t exist when considering addiction. This is down to the complexity of addiction as a brain illness, which materialises differently for every individual.

However, through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, treatment can be completed to alleviate the symptoms of addiction, along with promoting long-term management.

While this may be difficult to hear, rehabilitation will serve you better than long-term drug and alcohol abuse. Through a comprehensive rehab programme and aftercare services, you’ll soon normalise sober living, making it a part of your reality.

This is the closest to a cure, which is recommended whether you’re currently struggling or not.


How likely are relapse risks?

The risk of relapse is much higher than many people believe. This is commonly the case throughout the initial stages of addiction recovery, as there are many pressures linked to the post-rehab transition.

With this in mind, it is recommended that you are prepared on physical and psychological levels for potential relapse risks. You can prepare by making changes to your lifestyle, by building a strong support network, and by continuously strengthening your relapse prevention plan.

It’s also important to remember that a relapse isn’t a sign of failure. It is in fact an early sign that greater structure, control and guidance are required to avoid drug and alcohol exposure.

Most relapse risks are warning signs, prior to the consumption of drugs and alcohol. Down to this, if you prepare in advance, you’ll be able to revert any impacts of relapse.

Not all individuals will relapse. Some will have the right balance as they return to the Isle of Man. Either way, you can achieve long-term recovery by building a strong foundation through rehab.


How influential will my mental health be on recovery?

Your mental health can either help or hinder your recovery. If you’re experiencing a positive outlook, this will motivate greater commitment, trust and input into drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Yet, if you’re experiencing negativity, as a pre-existing or recently emerged mental health issue, this can reduce your motivation to recover.

To help you with this, our affiliated rehab clinics offer mental health support as a customary service. Via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, you will be provided with a dedicated team to help you through the challenges and thrills of rehab, while also working through any ingrained outlooks or emotions.

This is very important, as an untreated mental health condition can act as a trigger for drug and alcohol abuse, heightening relapse risks.


Can you help me at Addiction Advocates?

At Addiction Advocates, we are available to help you. We are rehab referral specialists who can direct you towards addiction recovery through a number of different services. We can firstly help you emotionally, while promoting the necessity of rehab.

We can then guide you towards the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Isle of Man, where your rehab experience will take place.

Through our affiliated rehab clinics, you can feel reassured that addiction recovery is possible. Those feelings of doubt that you’re currently experiencing will dwindle as soon as you’re exposed to the value of rehab.

Reach out today to move one step closer to taking control of your life, without the influence of drugs and alcohol.