Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing problem throughout the UK.

2020 saw the highest number of drug-related deaths since records began nearly three decades ago while leading alcohol charity Alcohol Change UK estimates there are more than half a million dependent drinkers in England alone.

Less than a fifth of these people are receiving treatment for their addiction, yet addiction can be successfully treated like many other diseases.

An alcohol and drug rehab centre can provide this treatment over the course of a residential stay. Addiction affects you both physically and psychologically and the evidence-based treatment programmes provided at rehab are designed to address both.

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, rehab in Radlett could be exactly what you need to reclaim your life and look forward to a more positive future.

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What happens during Rehab in Radlett?

At Addiction Advocates we never forget that everyone struggling with a substance misuse or addiction problem is an individual with their own unique circumstances and requirements. All our programmes are tailored to your own individual needs but there are some common factors that most will experience during a stay at rehab.

This will start with a detailed admission process to determine the severity of your addiction and the type of programme that is most likely to be successful. It will also include a medical examination to ensure any programme is safe to begin.

Most people will then go through the process of detoxification, during which they will get rid of the remaining drugs or alcohol still in their systems. This will be accompanied with or followed by a range of therapies and treatments designed to address the psychological aspects of addiction.

Once you leave the facility a personalised aftercare plan can help you to maintain your progress and avoid relapsing or sliding back into old habits.


The advantages of Residential Addiction Treatment

All this takes place in a safe and secure residential centre. This sort of inpatient addiction treatment takes you away from your usual environment and the people, places and triggers associated with your drinking or drug use.

You can usually cram more treatments into the same timeframe compared to outpatient treatment as they will be delivered in a structured programme. You will also have access to professional support around the clock, including medical supervision and prescription medication where this is appropriate.


Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox

One area where medical supervision may be important is during detoxification, or detox. Prolonged drug or alcohol use can change the way the brain works, making it dependent on the substance involved.

When this is suddenly withdrawn – as is the case during drug and alcohol detox – you will suffer withdrawal symptoms and a strong compulsion to continue to drink or use drugs.

This is very difficult to overcome without expert help and the majority of people who try to go ‘cold turkey’ on their own will fail. Sometimes there is an ongoing cycle of trying and failing to quit in this way, which can be psychologically damaging and even feed the addiction and substance misuse.

A supervised alcohol or drug detox undertaken in a rehab centre means that you can be monitored and offered the support you need. In some cases this may involve medical supervision and prescription medication to manage the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.


Therapy and Addiction Treatments available at Rehab

Rehabilitation programmes will use a wide range of therapeutic models and other treatments to treat alcohol and drug addiction. This could involve one to one psychotherapy techniques such as Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as well as counselling and group therapy.

A range of talking therapies will help you to explore the root causes behind your addiction and related behaviours. This can help you to change the way you think about your alcohol or drug use and, ultimately, to change your behaviour.

There may also be ‘alternative’ therapies available such as drama therapy, art therapy and music therapy. Workshops in areas such as nutrition, meditation and relaxation techniques can also help in the area of relapse prevention by encouraging a healthier lifestyle and coping mechanisms.


Addiction and Mental Illness

Some rehabs will also offer treatments for mental health issues such as eating disorder treatment and behavioural addictions such as sex or gambling addiction. There is also a complex relationship between mental health, addiction and substance misuse.

In some cases substance misuse can trigger a mental health issue or exacerbate an existing one and vice versa – an existing mental health issue could also lead to increased substance misuse, which in turn can lead to addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is the process of treating mental health and addiction issues simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Rehab in Radlett cost?
Pricing structures can vary widely depending on the facility, the duration of rehab and the treatment programme you undertake. Our team will be able to provide you with a clearer idea of the costs involved as soon as we know your requirements, with everything clearly explained upfront. Some private insurance may cover some or all of the costs and payment plans might also be available.
How long does Rehabilitation take?
Most stays in rehab last between 14 and 90 days with 28 days perhaps being the most common. This can vary though depending on your own circumstances and requirements. In general terms, a longer rehab will tend to be more effective as more work can be done through therapy and other treatments.
How to find Rehab near me
There are many different rehab places available and it can be difficult to know which would be the best one for you. We work hard to find the right one based not only on location but also its suitability for your own individual needs. Contact us today to find out more – it might be the best thing you ever do.