Can I Take My Pet to Rehab?

Published 27 January 2023

Many people perceive drug or alcohol rehab to be a lonely place. It’s understandable that you’d want to bring a pet companion to keep you company and to also support you emotionally throughout the process. Not being able to bring your pet with you to drug or alcohol rehab could

Can You Get Kicked Out of Rehab?

Published 20 January 2023

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rules While drug and alcohol rehab centres are safe spaces with no judgment towards your past actions, it doesn’t mean that you can just do anything you like during your stay There are rules to keep you, your fellow patients, and the staff members working

Are Rehabs Open Over Christmas?

Published 19 December 2022

Many people are surprised to learn that drug and alcohol rehabs are, in fact, open all over the Christmas period. If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Christmas time could be the best time for you to go to a rehab centre for treatment. Not only

What is Rehab Like?

Published 9 December 2022

Admitting that you need help for a problem with drugs or alcohol is always a huge and positive step forwards. It can also be very daunting, though. You might be unsure what to do next, the treatment options available and where to turn for help and advice. One of the

What is a Detox Wing?

Published 25 November 2022

A detox wing is a safe, quiet place in rehab where you will go through your detoxification period. You will have your own room and be placed under full-time supervision while you pass through any withdrawal symptoms. Help Through Detox Addiction is a very serious medical condition that requires specialised