Is There A Link Between Drug Abuse And Mental Health?

Published 15 October 2021 , in Mental Health

Across the United Kingdom, approximately 118,500 people receive treatment for drug abuse and addictions [1] each year. Though many individuals only require treatment for drug abuse, 20% of adults who abuse drugs will, at some point in their life, need treatment [2] for a mental health disorder, such as anxiety

How to Stop Drinking

Published 11 October 2021 , in Alcohol Addiction

Living through alcohol problems, habits or even addiction can be extremely tough. Whilst withdrawing and maintaining a clean slate can also be tough, it will instead be worth it. Firstly, it’s important to understand your relationship with alcohol. This is the time to consider the impacts and severity of your

What to do when there is no Rehab Centre near me

Published 24 September 2021 , in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol and drug rehab programmes have been shown to be the single most effective way of treating a serious addiction problem. If you are struggling with a substance misuse or addiction issue, a stay in a rehabilitation centre could be just what you need to turn your life around. While

The Dangers of Binge Drinking

Published 17 September 2021 , in Alcohol Addiction

The NHS defines binge drinking as drinking lots of alcohol in a short space of time or drinking to get drunk. In the UK, binge drinking is drinking more than 8 units of alcohol in a single session for men and 6 units of alcohol in a single session for

A Guide To Rehab

Published 10 September 2021 , in Rehab

Each year, approximately 138,081 people check into a drug and alcohol rehab for addiction treatment. Although this figure may seem somewhat significant, research reveals that more than 589,101 adults are currently battling substance addictions. Whilst many people understand that attending rehab is in their best interest, rehab is often the last resort,