What Causes Alcohol Addiction?

Published 30 July 2021 , in Alcohol Rehab & Treatment

Alcoholism is one of the most harmful and impactful addiction diagnoses here in the UK. It’s driven by the consumption and support of the heavily normalised substance of alcohol, legal to purchase and perceived as safe for exposure. Although alcohol is deemed as safe when sensibly consumed, following recommended guidelines, keeping to such advice can be difficult for

Men’s Mental Health And The Common Challenges

Published 23 July 2021 , in Mental Health Rehab & Treatment

Poor mental health rates are actively increasing across the globe. While more and more individuals find themselves encountering the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, the risks are also greater, fuelling a very misunderstood area of health. A key area that is still, to this date, ignored and downplayed, until the inevitable happens,

What is the Opioid Addiction Crisis?

Published 16 July 2021 , in Drug Addiction

You may have heard the phrase “opioid epidemic” used across the media and have questions about it. The opioid addiction crisis is specifically referring to the increasing numbers of hospitalisations and deaths that are caused by opioids. This is aggregated to include analogues, illegal drugs and prescription drugs. Death rates

Can I Quit Alcohol Without Rehab?

Published 9 July 2021 , in Alcohol Rehab & Treatment

Alcohol continues to control the lives of millions of people worldwide, with at least half a million individuals currently struggling with an alcohol addiction in the United Kingdom. Although alcohol is consumed for various reasons, such as socially, alcohol abuse and addictions gradually arise when alcohol is consumed regularly. If

The Benefits Of Keeping Up With Aftercare

Published 25 June 2021 , in Aftercare

Following on from rehab, to provide the experience of comprehensive recovery stands aftercare, a service which recovering addicts can make use of through outpatient addiction treatment. Offered on an immediate basis, to bridge the gap between residential rehab and sober living, there are many benefits attached to keeping up with aftercare. Understandably, some individuals will hope to