How to overcome food addiction

Published 14 January 2021, in
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Being addicted to certain foods seems like an unheard of, unbelievable probability. After all, eating is a survival skill. Yet, just like many other stimuli, certain foods, including high calorie and sugary treats can trigger the reward system in the brain, making it a highly addictive stimulus. Down to cognitive

Why Fitness Is Essential to Addiction & Mental Health Recovery

Published 12 January 2021, in
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If you are suffering from a mental health disorder or have recently completed treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, your recovery programme may well recommend that you take part in a form of aerobic exercise on a daily basis. If this resonates with you, you may now be looking

Mental Health Tips To Ease The Strain Of Lockdown

Published 8 January 2021, in
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For almost 12-months, the United Kingdom has been faced with multiple lockdowns and various restrictions in a bid to combat COVID-19. While highly beneficial, it goes without saying that the Great British public’s mental health has undoubtedly felt the ramifications of the restrictions that have been put into place. In

Holiday Stress Triggers – Tips for Maintaining Sobriety During The Festive Period

Published 18 December 2020, in
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As we approach the upcoming festive period, families, friends and loved ones will unite and celebrate, leaving any worries and stress they may face in their everyday routine behind for a short period of time. People across the world will find themselves filled with joy, happiness and warmth and will

Ways to Help Support those Fighting Addiction

Published 11 December 2020, in
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Witnessing someone you care about, deteriorate through substance abuse can be extremely challenging. You’ll almost feel like you’re enabling drug and alcohol consumption. There are significant strains linked to this encounter, which can also impact your relationship, along with carrying the common negative associations of addiction. Through watching the damaging