How Long Does it Take to get Addicted to Alcohol?

Published 13 May 2022

Addiction and especially alcohol addiction, is a complex thing. It is a unique experience for each person struggling with excessive drinking and an alcohol dependency. This means that there is no simple answer to how long it takes to get addicted to alcohol. It depends on many different factors that

Understanding Cross Addiction

Published 2 May 2022

If you’re suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction, you may find that your addictive behaviours cross over into other areas of your life. This is called cross addiction. Commonly confused with dual diagnosis, cross addiction is diagnosed when someone has two or more addictions. In this blog, we explore

What is an Advocacy?

Published 29 April 2022

If you feel like no-one is listening to you, or you’re not able to express what you want to say or how you feel, you could benefit from an advocacy service. This is when you’ll be appointed someone who will help you to understand your rights, and support you to

Link between Binge Drinking and Obesity

Published 1 April 2022 , in Alcohol Addiction

The answer to the question “Will drinking alcohol make you gain weight?”, isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Alcohol can cause weight gain in a variety of ways such as making you feel hungry, causing you to make poor food choices, stopping your body from burning fat, and being

How Family Therapy Works 

Published 18 March 2022 , in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Family dynamics can be extremely complicated. No two families are the same, following different structures, experiencing diverse life events, and maintaining varied relationships. Whilst some families may reflect the picture-perfect stereotype, others will reflect the opposite, showing how unconventional family life can be. Tough times, as either an individual or