The Role of Therapy in Addiction

Published 16 April 2021, in
  • Addiction
  • Recovery

The ideas of expressing oneself, of sharing emotions and of opening up to unfamiliar people about personal problems with drugs and alcohol can all be daunting. On the surface, those actions are understandably hard to actively participate in, especially when considering the sensitivity of addiction. However, under the surface, those

Relapse Prevention Tips

Published 9 April 2021, in
  • Addiction
  • Recovery

The greatest anxiety that most recovering addicts experience, on a post-rehab basis is the risk of relapse. Relapse can materialise in different forms, which is commonly associated with further drug and alcohol exposure and abuse. Through this outlook and fear, many individuals see relapse as the worst-case scenario, as an unravelling result of

Why should you attend an Addiction Rehab

Published 1 April 2021, in
  • Recovery
  • Rehab

A lot of people can put off attending a professional drug and/or alcohol rehab in order to overcome a burgeoning or well-established addiction present in their life. Accepting that you have developed a serious problem with substance abuse or alcohol abuse can be a difficult moment in your life, but

How does Alcohol Treatment Work?

Published 26 March 2021, in
  • Alcohol Addiction

Overcoming alcoholism can be very tough, for a number of different reasons. Yet, with the guidance, reassurance and structure of quality alcohol treatment, the obstacles of detoxification, of rebuild and of relapse prevention can be eased. Naturally, alcohol detox will usually be linked with addiction recovery. Removing the build-up of

Withdrawal symptoms of cocaine addiction

Published 19 March 2021, in
  • Drug Addiction

Cocaine is a broadly used recreational drug, with an unfortunate harmless image. Down to the mass adoption of both pure cocaine and crack cocaine, where it’s distribution and abuse has been normalised across generations, societies and demographics, it’s standpoint as an addictive drug has reduced. However, cocaine is still highly addictive, can be misused to a dangerous degree, and can cause a severe