Returning to work after addiction rehab

Published 23 October 2020, in
  • Rehab

Returning to work after addiction rehab can be daunting.  It is not uncommon for you to have several reservations about the impact it will have on your recovery. You may even be worried that it will hinder your addiction recovery. After all, as you entered a rehabilitation facility, you had

Staying on top of addiction recovery during Covid-19

Published 16 October 2020, in
  • Addiction
  • Mental Health

Covid-19 and the global pandemic it has influenced has flipped our lives, our norms, our routines, our plans for the foreseeable future. Through this unprecedented time, many negatives have been experienced, with a strong correlation with mental health issues and addiction. While Coronavirus may be an unfamiliar experience, addiction recovery

How Long Does Rehab Take?

Published 9 October 2020, in
  • Addiction
  • Rehab

At Addiction Advocates, one of the most commonly asked questions we experience falls around the average length of stay in drug rehab. Are you wondering how long a drug and alcohol rehab stay can last? While understanding the potential timescale of rehab is convenient and recommended, it is important to

Self-Care And Its Importance In Addiction Recovery

Published 2 October 2020, in
  • Addiction
  • Inspiration

Self-care is a commonly thrown around phrase. It falls within many different categories, from wellness and addiction recovery, to fads and beautifying hacks. While in some of those categories, it will be a way to maximise sales or engage customers, in areas such as addiction recovery, as mental health healing,

The Relationship between addiction and anxiety

Published 28 September 2020, in
  • Addiction

The Relationship between addiction and anxiety As is often the case with dual diagnosis conditions, it is common for addiction and anxiety to be present simultaneously within an individual. There’s often a relationship between substance addiction and anxiety – they very often make each other far, far worse due to