Overcoming an addiction is a long, hard journey. A recovery combines challenging the way you behave, and altering how you see addictive behaviours.

It is also the process of managing and ending a mental and physical dependence on a substance. To succeed in your road to recovery, you’ll need to change how you view your own addiction and look to maintain a fresh mindset for the rest of your recovery and on an ongoing basis.

During your time at our rehab clinic in Moseley, Addiction Advocates will create a treatment plan tailored for you and your recovery. Throughout your treatment, we will provide regular reports and updates on your progress.

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How to get help

When an individual is suffering from a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction, Addiction Advocates are able to provide industry leading treatment in a way that suits you and your life.

The number and kinds of addiction treatments that we offer include drug addiction, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction and cannabis addiction. In order treat addictions, we offer personalised treatment plans like rehabilitation, detoxification, and aftercare plans that will help you on your way to recovery.

If you are experiencing an addiction and do not attempt to deal with the problem, you may find that your situation spirals out of control quickly. If left unchecked, an addiction can rip an addict’s life apart. You should seek help immediately if you recognise that you cannot control your consumption of addictive substances.

If you are in the particularly difficult situation where a family member or a friend is spiralling out of control, our family intervention and our alcohol intervention services allow you to ask for our help with no delay. Our admissions process allows you to make the choice of which of the services Addiction Advocates offers is best for your recovery, and you can direct any questions you have to our admissions team.


How does Rehab work?

Addiction Advocates provide both outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab. Outpatient treatment is usually reserved for those who have more control over their affairs and are able to recover at home in safety with support from their family.

Inpatient treatment is for those who are experiencing advanced states of addiction and do not have a support mechanism or come from an unsafe home environment. Inpatient treatment sees our clients temporarily move into our residential rehab clinic for the duration of their treatment.

Treatment is administered on both one on and one an individual environments, but private drug and alcohol rehab with Addiction Advocates will be delivered to what you require and we will ensure you are treated as an individual at all points of your treatment.

Upon your arrival at our rehab clinic, we will perform a comprehensive assessment of your physical and mental health. We will also provide consultations with addiction specialists to determine the extent of your addiction.


What happens during Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Birmingham?

Addiction Advocates will provide professional, compassionate care in a safe environment that fosters and encourages long-term recovery.The drug rehab and alcohol rehab that we provide gives the opportunity to people experiencing an addiction to live their future lives without a dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Treatment options differ with different care providers and it is very important that you have an understanding of the treatments that are available. Our admissions process will explain the options to you, as well as appropriate aftercare, in great detail.

Aftercare is an important part of your treatment, and you will receive regular follow up sessions that allows your care to continue in the critical period after your rehab has completed. You are able to read reports of rehab clinics via the CQC (Care Quality Commission) and all rehab clinics must be registered with the CQC, which is the governing body for care providers.


Addiction Therapy & Treatment Options in Moseley

When researching addiction treatment, you should consider the different treatment options available. We provide many different therapies to help those who are in the distressing spiral that can be caused by psychological and mental health problems.

Addiction and mental health conditions go hand in hand, and being diagnosed with a condition such as bipolar disorder is common. If you are diagnosed by Addiction Advocates as having an addiction alongside a mental health condition, we’ll issue dual-diagnosis and treat you as such.

This kind of treatment, which is both targeted and specialised, will treat both conditions. An addiction is rarely overcome if the underlying cause is not treated. We provide treatment options for not only addictions, but eating disorder treatment, anxiety treatment, and depression treatment.


Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox

Drug detox and alcohol detox is tough. This is a difficult aspect of your recovery journey that breaks your dependency. Our medically assisted detox helps individuals through this difficult time and the sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

By providing detox medication, we are able to safely help you through the worst of your withdrawal. Not everyone treated by Addiction Advocates requires a detox, but this is a service we provide and our medical professionals will be able to advise you on whether or not this is something you require.

A detox takes place in our residential rehab clinics so that our medical team can ensure your safety and provide you with updates on your progress, as well as administering any medicine that is required for the advancement of your treatment.


Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

When your detox is completed, the next step of recovery is rehabilitation. You will receive a combination of individual and group therapy, which will help you to shape a fresh new mentality.

Your one to one sessions will involve a combination of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). These therapies discuss your addictive behaviours, your approach and attitude to them and how to make alterations.

Group therapy sessions are a version of talking therapy where you can discuss your addiction and your new outlook on life with trained counsellors and your peers. We also offer more holistic therapies, like mediation and yoga classes.


How long is Rehab?

It’s difficult to provide an outright answer as those with a more severe addiction can expect to stay in rehab for longer. Our programmes generally last between two weeks and three months. Those who stay longer have found the extra time to be beneficial and a longer stay may be in your best interests.

We would generally you to be in rehab for a minimum of 60 days but other clients may find themselves only needing 30 days as their addiction is not as advanced.


Cost of Alcohol and Drug Rehab

For 30 days of residential rehab, you can expect to pay between £5000 – £10,000. The cost will be broken down but the most expensive parts of your treatment are residential accommodation and the cost of detox.

Whilst that might seem expensive, private drug and alcohol rehab is a better alternative to not having an addiction treatment. If cost is a concern, you should consider how much of a cost your addiction has on your health and your finances. If you have private insurance, you should research whether this can be used as a way to fund your rehab.


Nearest CQC registered Rehab to Moseley

Addiction Advocates have a rehab clinic in Birmingham, and there’s no waiting list for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?
Inpatient treatment takes place in a residential rehab clinic, outpatient rehab can take place with you spending time in the clinic and time at home too.
Where can I find the nearest Rehab Centre?
We have a rehab clinic in the Birmingham area and you can search for other clinics on our website should you wish to do so.
How do I know to go to Rehab?
You should consider rehab if you are unable to control the amount of drugs or alcohol that you’re consuming.