Each year, more and more people see their own lives, or the lives of those around them, become trapped in the clutches of drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

However, Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab in Galloway is here to try and help you overcome your addiction effectively, professionally, and in comfort.

For those who have not personally suffered from a substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder, it can be very difficult for them to comprehend how and/or why anyone becomes addicted to drugs or develops alcoholism in the first place.

People without intimate knowledge of addiction can be baffled as to why someone would repeatedly consume substances that they know are slowly killing them, and they can be completely blind to how addiction causes logic to be thrown out of the window and the torturous effects of addiction’s urges.

However, our staff at Addiction Advocates completely understand that drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction is an incredibly complicated and deep-rooted illness that can require extrinsic and specialist treatments to overcome.

This brand of professional and targeted approach to addiction treatment is something that Addiction Advocates pride ourselves upon, and is something which we have seen help people to successfully lead clean and sober lives after staying with us.

In order to start benefiting from the renowned, comprehensive help that we can offer, do call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text help to 83222. Your phone call will be free, and we are happy to simply answer any and all questions that you may have before you commit yourself to anything.

However, hopefully, any and all questions or uncertainty will be answered in the information below.


Addiction Can Strike Anyone Down

Addition does not discriminate in who it wreaks havoc upon the life of. A primary indicator that you, or someone you know, maybe suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction is when you are aware of how much drugs or alcohol is damaging you, but you still cannot stop yourself from looking for that next hit of drugs or that next alcoholic beverage.

Unfortunately for so many people, the development of drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction can be all too easy.

Socialising across the entirety of the United Kingdom frequently involves the consumption of alcohol and the consumption of drugs, legal or otherwise, in order to derive pleasure and experience a fleeting moment of escape.

However, something that can begin as short-lived “highs” can very rapidly begin to spin out of a person’s control. The immediate effects of how a drug can make you feel are what makes drugs so addictive, so the idea that drugs or alcohol can only become addictive after you take them too much is a grey area.

And, most people who try a drug for the very first time may not be prepared for the fact that they may starting their journey of addiction from that first, seemingly innocent use.

Drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction may often begin to present as the result of something as seemingly minuscule as peer pressure and it can is also possible to take a hold of a person as a result of that person’s attempts to suppress unsettling, negative emotions that have been present as a result of a traumatic experience at some point in their life.


Getting Effects Drug And Alcohol Treatment As Quickly As Possible Is Key

Addiction Advocates’ addiction treatments at our residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres are designed to get you into an effective and professional private rehab centre without long waiting periods.

The longer you are left sat around waiting for the help you need, the less likely you are to actually achieve a successful recovery, as it can erode your resolve over time.

Sadly, due to underfunding and high-demand, you are likely to face long waiting periods if you try to get help with your addiction through the likes of the NHS, but not with our services.

During a 28-day addiction treatment program at our private rehab facility, our teams of highly-skilled addiction specialists will expertly diagnose you through a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment and identify the best possible forms for your recovery to take place and what addiction treatments you will respond most positively to.

Your addiction treatment at our drug and alcohol centres will typically begin with an initial course of detox treatment at our detox clinic.

Spending an appropriate amount of time in our detox clinic is an integral part of the recovery process, as it is the period in which we will help you to physically rid yourself of the negative effects of alcohols and/or drugs.

Our medical staff will monitor you as we help you through with the effects of withdrawal by administering a medically-assisted detox treatment.


The Hard Yards Of Recovery…

With your detox treatment having been finished, you will then be ready to begin the process of taking part in a variety of different therapy sessions — the specific route of your therapy will be personally designed based upon your initial assessments.

We like to employ a blend of therapy approaches, as this will help us to tackle all of the facets of your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

During your stay with us, you’ll undergo individual/one-to-one therapy sessions, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as well as group therapy sessions, lead by one of our specialists.

These various sessions can provide an invaluable opportunity for us to figure out and treat any underlying mental health disorders that you may also be dealing with at the same time — in a process we refer to as dual-diagnosis treatment.

Furthermore, we will also draw up relapse prevention plans and allow you access to a complimentary one-year aftercare plan in order to keep you adhering to your newfound sobriety!

Without the fear of long-waiting times or uncertain treatment programs, we strongly hope that you will choose Addiction Advocates to help you overcome your demons and turn your life around.

Call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text help to 83222, or contact us through the form on our website.