The risks of alcohol and drug addiction are colossal. Addiction is a disease that can easily spiral and lead to overdose and potential death. Without assistance from the beginning, adduction will worsen. The body demands more and more addictive substances until it can’t live without them.

Creating a pathway to change involves reaching out to a professional team that will be able to dedicate a programme to your recovery. Sobriety takes time and perseverance. However, with a network of support behind you, it is more than possible. Firstly let’s talk about the ways in which addiction can overtake your life.


Health Risks of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When you identify the symptoms of addiction, it is easier to get help. Due to the media’s stigma surrounding addiction, many people choose not to reach out. Some people are under the misconception that they will be judged for admitting their addiction. That is why private drug and alcohol rehab is where people can truly be themselves in a safe environment, without judgment and with a plethora of support. The health effects of addiction will vary depending on the type of substance, the severity and the longevity of the addiction. Some of the following health implications can occur are:

  • Poor mental health
  • Malnutrition/weight loss/ hormonal issues
  • Collapsed veins/internal bleeding
  • Irreversible cognitive impairments
  • Viruses viruses such as HIV/AIDS
  • Heart attack
  • Infections, including sepsis
  • Stroke
  • Unintentional overdose
  • Death

Long-term consumption takes longer for your body to heal. A drug and/or alcohol detox is imperative to recapture good health. Detecting and treating addiction is vital. With private rehab, there are little to no waiting times, so you can focus on regaining your physical and mental health.


Signs You Need Rehab Treatment in Chalfont Saint Peter

Sometimes, there is a sense of denial that looms when people are facing addiction. This is because it is not easy to admit you need help. It takes courage and time. However, there are some telltale signs that must not be ignored. Two or more of these symptoms can become dangerous; therefore, please contact us directly or your GP to discuss your options. There is no need to suffer in silence. Here are some of the most important symptoms to note:

  • Erratic changes in behaviour, including anger or irritability
  • Loss of control
  • Anger
  • Withdrawal from daily tasks, including work
  • Strained personal relationships
  • The desire to only consume your substance
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Financial worries
  • Unkempt aesthetic or lack of personal hygiene

If you believe you are suffering from addiction, please allow us to make all the necessary interventions to give you a chance at recovery. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation is available for all, with very high success rates. We want to see you thrive again, and with a three-step rehab programme, you can tackle all elements of addiction.


What Happens During Detox?

A drug and/or alcohol detox is a 7-day process that is also known as ‘weaning’. This is when you slowly remove the substance from your body. At this time, the body will go through a withdrawal phase. This may create some withdrawal symptoms, such as flu-like symptoms, insomnia and muscle aches. These will be mitigated by your medical team. An alcohol and drug detox will give your body the chance to heal. Your mind will think clearer; your body will gain strength. It will be the first major step to recovery.


Benefits of Residential Rehab Treatment

The benefits of residential alcohol and drug rehab treatment stretch way beyond sobriety. These tools and therapies offered at rehab give you a lifetime of information to help you deal with every issue in your life, as well as a network of support that lasts long after you leave us. With residential rehab, you are able to create a balance in your life that combines great mental and physical health and a better mood. The programme will be bespoke, which means it’s an ideal fit for you, spiritually and mentally. This holistic approach offers you a magical

To highlight some of the biggest benefits, you can take a look at the list below:

  • Aftercare Services
  • Well-planned days that are full of positivity
  • Great food/exercise/activities to choose from
  • A luxury environment
  • A place to make friends
  • You can reconnect with your family and friends through counselling
  • You can create a solid network for life
  • You will have access to the best treatments that will suit your needs
  • You can get FREE transportation to and from your clinic
  • There are little to NO waiting lists
  • You have your team’s undivided attention
  • Medical environment and setting for your detox

There are many advantages to residential drug and alcohol rehab, and this is only the beginning. The people you meet along the way and the tools and tips you learn will serve you for life. Reshaping your mind, living in the present moment and focusing on good mental health will be the foundation of your journey to sobriety. We want you to be in the driver’s seat.


Our Referral Service at Addiction Advocates

You can easily begin your journey with us with a simple referral programme. You are a simple phone call away to create a healthier lifestyle. With our friendly professional team by your side, you can talk to us about your current health situation, your worries and the type of clinic you’d like to visit. If you wish, you can visit us first to learn about our facilities and get an idea of how we work. We will always be available for you 24/7.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are suffering from addiction. We appreciate the implications on your life, and therefore want to hold your hand and guide you towards sobriety. With world renowned treatments and therapies and a multidisciplinary team, you will easily find the pathway you need. Please contact us today on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222. We are here for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to pick the right treatment centre?
Picking the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre can be difficult. To ensure that a suitable treatment centre is located at Addiction Advocates, we conduct a pre-admissions assessment. This assessment enables us to review factors such as your budget, your recovery needs, the severity of your addiction and the physical and psychological side effects you experience into consideration prior to recommending a treatment centre that we believe will support you best.
What is outpatient treatment?
If you’re receiving addiction treatment as an outpatient, then you’d be visiting the rehabilitation centre for a few hours each day to receive your therapies. You would then return home as you’re not required to stay at the drug and alcohol rehab overnight as an outpatient, whereas you would as an inpatient. Outpatient treatment isn’t suitable for someone with a very severe drug or alcohol addiction as they’re likely to require urgent and constant care, especially when going through detoxification.
How important is aftercare? 
The recovery journey does not end the minute you complete your programme and pack your bags to go home. Making a long-term recovery is an ongoing process and a good aftercare programme can be invaluable in terms of relapse prevention. Cravings and temptations can continue to occur and the support provided through aftercare can help you stay strong as you continue your recovery.