If you’ve tried to recover from your addiction to alcohol or drugs before and ultimately failed, then we’re here to help you achieve your long-term recovery once and for all.

Any attempts to recover at home or though outpatient services are unlikely to be successful due to the ineffective nature of the environment and the generic treatment programme at hand.

At our private drug and alcohol rehab centres, each client receives a bespoke addiction treatment programme in high-quality facilities, giving you the very best chance of succeeding in your long-term recovery.

Our expert team deliver the latest techniques in addiction treatment using a structured and holistic approach. We can assure you that you’ll be in safe hands at our rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

Contact us today and take the first step towards creating a happier, healthier future to look forward to.


How can you begin your recovery journey?

Searching for rehab places for drugs and alcohol can feel overwhelming at times. You’ll likely be faced with a wide range of options, from low-cost ineffective treatments to high-quality evidence-based treatments like what we deliver at our alcohol and drug rehab in Aberdeenshire.

It can be difficult to know where to find help or who you should approach for further advice; this is where we come in.

Verbally acknowledging that you have an alcohol addiction or drug addiction can be one of the most challenging aspects. It’s very common to experience denial when going through the effects of addiction.

You’ll likely have a natural urge to downplay your symptoms and hide the awful effects from your loved ones to avoid worrying them.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to accept that you need professional support, but once you do, you will begin to see your life changing for the better.

Once you have made the courageous decision to ask for help, we can discuss the drug and alcohol treatment options which are available to you.

We will take you through an initial assessment to get a better understanding of your physical and psychological well-being.

This will help us to create a bespoke treatment programme which suits your unique needs, ensuring you have the best opportunity to achieve your long-term recovery goals.


What kind of treatments do we deliver?

Through our tailored approach to your treatment programme, you’ll greatly benefit from the therapies which are most suited to helping your personal needs in the most efficient way.

After your initial pre-screening assessment, we can design this programme ensuring you receive a valuable mix of psychological and well-being therapies.

In addition to these high-quality therapies, you’ll also undergo a drug and alcohol detoxification which helps to prepare you for a life free from alcohol or drugs.

The detoxification process gradually reduces your substance intake in a safe and controlled way, managing any withdrawal symptoms which may arise.

As well as alcohol and drug detoxification, another common therapy we include in most treatment programmes is cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT).

These two treatments feature in most treatment programmes as they’ve proven to be highly effective across a wide range of people.

Cognitive behavioural therapy works by changing the way that you think about using alcohol or drugs, making the recovery process much more manageable.

We have an expert team of dedicated recovery workers who deliver all of our leading addiction treatments.

Our psychological therapies can include individual, group or family counselling, relapse prevention, and stress management, in addition to CBT.

We also ensure that each of our clients receive well-being therapies such as mindfulness, yoga, relaxation, and sleep management, fitness therapy, and diet and nutritional therapies.

This combination of well-being focused therapies and our more traditional psychological therapies has proven to be the most successful method in treating drug or alcohol addiction.

We strive to give all of our clients the utmost care, respect, and of course compassion as we make your recovery journey as comfortable and as effective as possible.


How does drug and alcohol relapse prevention work?

At our private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, our fantastic teams consist of experienced professionals who have spent years specialising in addiction treatment.

We have a number of exceptional recovery workers who focus particularly on drug and alcohol relapse prevention.

These sessions help you to learn how to identify your triggers and provides you with the tools needed to avoid any potential relapses in the future.

It may sound like an impossible task right now, but we can assure you that we’ve seen countless people overcome their drug and alcohol addictions and go on to live happy, healthy lives completely free from substance abuse.

With the expert advice from our relapse prevention team, you’ll have everything you need to continue your recovery journey relapse free.

It’s useful to share your relapse prevention knowledge with your loved ones as this helps them to look out for any signs which could indicate a relapse when you return home.

If you begin to suffer from sleep disturbances such as insomnia or excessive sleep, exhaustion, feeling isolated or notice a change in your eating habits, this could be an emotional build up to a drug or alcohol relapse.

We can teach you how to recognise these signs early on and how to best manage them to avoid relapsing.


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We hope that you’ll make the right decision and let us help you beat your addiction to alcohol or drugs indefinitely; we’re sure it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.