Referring them for treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in South Yorkshire may be in their best interest.

Regardless of whether you own a small company in Sheffield or a larger organisation in Doncaster, if you believe that an employee is silently battling a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to ensure that they obtain the support they need from a drug and alcohol rehab in South Yorkshire.

However, you must take into consideration that they may not be aware that they are addicted to a substance. They may not even believe that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol.


Spotting The Signs That an Addiction is Present in an Employee

With an inkling that something is not quite right, you will likely want to sit down with your employee to address changes in their behaviour and work performance.  If you believe that an addiction is present, you will also want to address this.  However, prior to doing so, you must be confident that the changes in behaviour are a result of an addiction.

In order to help you determine whether an addiction is present, we have listed a number of signs that come hand in hand with drug and alcohol addictions.

  • Changes in workplace performance
  • Asking for an increasing amount of time away from work
  • Calling in sick on a regular basis
  • Avoiding certain responsibilities
  • Appearing to be somewhat agitated
  • Frequent mood swings such as bursts of anger
  • Changes in physical appearances such as weight loss, red eyes and discoloured skin
  • Behaving paranoid or anxious
  • Leaving the workplace at various times of the day
  • Complaining of suffering from headaches and nausea
  • Reduced effort in personal appearance

If an alcohol addiction is present, you may also be able to smell alcohol on your employee at various times throughout the day.

If you have observed some of these signs in your employee, but are not entirely sure if they are a result of an addiction, please feel free to contact us.  We can discuss any changes in behaviour with you and provide you with guidance on how best to approach your employee.


The Factors That Contribute to Addictions

If an employee is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is entirely normal for you to want to attempt to understand what has caused them to suffer from an addiction.

You will likely question whether anything in the workplace has contributed to their addiction, and whether, as an employer, you could have done anything to prevent the chances of an employee suffering from an addiction.

Unfortunately, there are several factors that can cause an addiction to arise.  With this in mind, it can be somewhat difficult to distinguish exactly what has caused an addiction without the support of rehabilitation.

For some individuals, stress, burn out and an increasing amount of responsibilities at work can lead to substance abuse.  For others, mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder can heighten the chances of an addiction arising.

If your employee agrees to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in South Yorkshire, they will uncover the factors that have caused them to turn to substances.  However, we would ask you to keep in mind that they may decide not to share this information with you.


The Support Available for Individuals Suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addictions

If you are confident that your employee is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, talking to them about changes in their behaviour is advised.  When the time is right for you to talk to your employee, you must show compassion and empathy.

If they believe that you are being confrontational, they may reject your support.  It may also help if you have an understanding of the treatment that will be available to them at a drug and alcohol rehab in South Yorkshire.  This will enable you to discuss the various options that your employee has, should they decide to confide in you.

From rehabilitation services provided by the NHS to private residential rehab, across South Yorkshire, there is a wealth of support available for those suffering from drug or alcohol addictions.

The support offered by the NHS is complementary and typically consists of out-patient detoxification and rehabilitation.  However, due to the pressure that the NHS faces, lengthy waiting times often come hand-in-hand.

Unlike NHS treatment, private residential rehabs offer almost immediate support to those battling addictions.  Not only does this ensure individuals are able to obtain treatment as and when they need it, but it reduces the potential of an addiction becoming significantly worse as they wait for rehabilitation support to become available.


Support Outside of Rehab

If your employee decides to attend rehab, they will be provided with a vast amount of support to ensure that they overcome their addiction and have the potential to make a long-term recovery.  However, upon completing a rehab treatment programme, they will require additional support.  After all, attending rehab is just the first step in overcoming an addiction.

Should you find yourself wondering how you can support your employee post-rehab, we have offered an insight into the support that you can provide as an employer below.

  • Offer your employee a reduced workload as they recover from their addiction.
  • Ensure that you, and other employees, have the training required to support individuals battling with addictions in the workplace.
  • Provide a safe space for employees to openly discuss how they feel.
  • Clearly communicate that the workplace is a drug and alcohol-free zone.


Making an Employer Referral

If you are hoping to offer your employee the support they need to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today to make an employer referral.