Looking to overcome drug and alcohol problems can be very tough, down to the behavioural, social, physical, and psychological changes that they induce.

Aiming to complete this step, alone, will be unrealistic, due to the necessity of suitable therapy, medical detoxification, and relapse prevention planning.

A realistic way that can however motivate recovery is accessible through private rehab, offering guidance and direction throughout those necessary steppingstones.

At Addiction Advocates, our expert addiction team can offer tailored treatment options in order to give you the best chance of recovering from your addiction.

We understand that all individuals are different and so our one-on-one treatment sessions evaluate your needs and form the basis of your treatment plan.

Experience this level of personalisation and help from a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge, which we can refer you to, starting your admissions process.

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How to get started with rehab

Getting started with rehab is a significant step. It marks the acceptance of change, which is a big part of the addiction recovery process. Change must be welcomed in order to break the habit of drug and alcohol abuse, and the behaviours that it promotes.

Your commitment to change will begin through your admissions process, where some important yet overwhelming decisions will lie. Deciding between inpatient or outpatient rehab will be necessary, along with some decisions around your rehab arrangements.

For example, inpatient and outpatient rehab will be delivered differently, will span over different times, and will also benefit individuals differently.

We at Addiction Advocates appreciate that making such decisions can be difficult, which is why we are here to offer information on each rehab option, accessible from a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge.

The admissions process to rehab is simple and helps determine the best treatment options for each client. Feel reassured that this is possible for you, by pairing your needs with suitable rehab decisions.


Securing a private drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge

Securing the right rehab experience is essential, to ensure that the delivery of rehab can suit your personal needs and goals. A common decision to make around drug and alcohol rehab is the contents of such experience, working to differentiate between NHS services and private rehab.

There are many benefits of private rehab which we advocate, ready for you to experience by securing your admission through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge. Benefits include the efficiency of admissions, which are much longer across NHS services.

Tailored programmes will also be an asset of choosing private rehab, in comparison to the standard treatment programmes found through NHS services.

Personal needs and goals can be catered to at a greater rate through private treatment services and programmes, due to the scope and specialisms of care. This is the standard you can expect by making decisions within the offering of private rehab, obtainable within your local area of Aldridge.


Private rehab treatment and therapy options

Through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge, you’ll be welcomed with a programme of suitable treatments and therapies to promote withdrawal and recovery.

Those services will be recommended to you personally, to form a tailored treatment plan. This is the most effective approach to addiction treatment, to ensure that safe and productive recovery can be aimed for.

Treatment options that are suitable for drug and alcohol addiction recovery will start off with medical detoxification, which will help to reduce physical fixations.

Detoxification will entail the process of slowly reducing intake, with the reassurance of medical observations throughout. While withdrawal symptoms are expected, detoxification marks a significant step of rehabilitation.

After detoxing, additional treatments and therapies will begin, focusing on the psychological side of addiction recovery. The likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, 1-1 therapy, group therapy and stress management are heavily recommended addiction treatments, due to their progressive pace. Each can help with dual diagnosis recovery, with detaching from the emotional responses of drugs and alcohol, and also offers stability, prior to management and preventive steps.

Combined together, detoxification and treatment services are offered to help promote physical and psychological recovery, which can be experienced through a tailored rehab programme.


Continuing through aftercare

After rehab is complete, it is important to keep up with addiction recovery and continue to implement the techniques you have learnt.

Aftercare is an important element to the recovery process, which you can also access from a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge.

It allows you to continue to access support for addiction, whilst transitioning back into daily life. It’s also proven to help reduce relapse in individuals leaving an inpatient rehab facility, due to the accessibility of ongoing support provided.

At Addiction Advocates, we offer a free 12-month aftercare support package, standing as a continual service after drug and alcohol rehab.

Deciding to recover is a monumental yet overwhelming step. Be aware of your recovery options and the decisions that you’ll need to make, surrounding the delivery of drug and alcohol rehab.

We are here to offer assistance and support while activating your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Aldridge. Contact our team for information on this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What support is available for drug users?
A wealth of support is available for drug users, through both our services and those of a rehab clinic. Here you can expect emotional support, guidance with pre-rehab planning, and encouragement through the admissions process. Support via rehab will surround active recovery efforts, to withdraw from drug abuse and rebuild from the consequences of addiction.
What happens after I leave rehab?
Rehab will help to motivate and teach you how to reach and sustain sobriety. While support will continue through aftercare, this will be the time to implement your new skills, to realistically detach from drugs and alcohol. Returning home to Aldridge should be expected, where you’ll work on independent recovery while benefiting from aftercare services, relapse prevention planning and lifestyle recommendations.
How do I know if I am addicted to a substance?
There are a wealth of specific signs and symptoms to consider. Yet if you’re experiencing changes to your behaviour, health, outlooks, and lifestyle, down to the presence of a substance, an addiction diagnosis will be very likely. The best way to be sure is to reach out to our team, who can assess your relationship with drugs and alcohol, to gauge whether an addiction is present. If so, support and next steps can be provided to overcome substance abuse.