Addiction treatment can be challenging to complete via drug and alcohol rehab in Abu Dhabi. As it’s the capital of The United Arab Emirates, carrying social stigma and regulations of substance abuse, many individuals instead suffer alone.

Acknowledging an addiction is a difficult enough step. Never mind the added pressures and repercussions of the city’s zero-tolerance on drugs and alcohol. Untreated addictions and incomplete programmes, resulting in relapse, is the reality for many locals and expats.

Instead of suffering, there is an alternative way to recover, benefiting people across the world. You can recover through our services here at Addiction Advocates by completing a referral over to the UK. We can work with you to find a private rehab clinic, which specialises in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, offering confidential and quick admissions.

Contact our team to complete a non-judgmental, peaceful recovery process away from your influences. An inpatient rehab programme will be arranged for you to support your move from Abu Dhabi.

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UK rehab referrals

Local rehab services usually offer convenience. Yet if you’re struggling to find an available programme or feel judged in the process, alternative treatment options will be recommended.

Our services at Addiction Advocates can help you with your referral over to a UK rehab clinic. We have an affiliation of treatment centres, welcoming people from across the globe, ready for a private and personal recovery journey.

Our centres are CQC registered, operating to the best possible standards. Care is provided by industry leaders, meaning that you’ll be supported by specialists in the field of addiction recovery. Tailored programmes are also offered, providing comfortable and practical recovery journeys.

Over a 30-day programme, you can leave behind your unhealthy habits and outlooks to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. Returning to life in Abu Dhabi with ongoing support will be expected, helping you adjust to your new norm.


Finding support and treatment via private rehab

Finding the right support and treatment via private rehab will be possible through our admissions process. This is when we will get to know your needs, concentrating on your addiction type and everyday requirements. We will also ask questions about your budget and the amount of time you have available to relocate.

All information will remain confidential as you work through the admissions process. We will aim to find a suitable private rehab clinic, which can accommodate your needs.

If you’re happy to move forward, we can arrange your admission by marking an appropriate date. We will also provide a plan of action to help you prepare for rehab. Transport will be arranged to help with your relocation from Abu Dhabi.

The admissions process can be completed urgently if you’re ready for rehab. By contacting our team, support and guidance will be available to move through the following steps.


30 days of addiction treatment

Inpatient rehab will be recommended to you through the admissions process. Although outpatient treatment is an option through private rehab, this may act as an obstacle for you. Instead, inpatient treatment will be supportive and continuous, meaning that you will have everything you need to recover under one roof.

An inpatient programme can be completed in 30 days. Addiction treatment sessions will run across that period to effectively treat your symptoms and triggers.

To make effective use of your time at rehab, a personal rehab programme will be formed. This will include safe, proactive and results-driven treatment services to make sure that you can progress. Both withdrawal and rehabilitation will be aimed for, yet other treatment services will support your journey to improve your wellbeing and lifestyle.

detoxification process will cover the first part of your programme, helping you withdraw from drugs and alcohol. This will be a safe process by completing a medically assisted detox.

Therapy will cover the rest of your programme, helping you rehabilitate from the damages of substance abuse. Different types of therapy will be promoted to help you digest your emotions, adapt your outlooks and strengthen your mental health. Suitable therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, individual therapy, and group therapy.

Addiction treatment programmes are structured to influence physical and psychological recovery. By completing an inpatient programme, you can expect to recover, ready for your post-rehab recovery journey.


Discharge planning and support

Planning will also be an essential part of your rehab programme. Planning for post-rehab life, relapse, and many milestones ahead for you will be crucial.

Discharge planning and support will be provided to prepare you for your return to Abu Dhabi. Understandably, sobriety will result in some personal changes for you that you’ll need to follow. We can help you prepare for those changes by considering your lifestyle and by setting some realistic goals.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Abu Dhabi, arrangements will also be made to support you through aftercare. Whilst a complete programme may be challenging to find locally, support groups and therapy can be experienced, benefitting the next 12 months of your journey.

Work through the rehabilitation process with our guidance here at Addiction Advocates. We can provide you with an alternative yet effective treatment options through a private rehab referral. Reach out for more information on private rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the long-term effects of addiction?
An addiction is a long-term condition if it’s untreated. It can impact everyday living, from your career and relationships to your finances. Yet it’s mostly known to impact physical and mental health, causing life-long illnesses.

Treatment is highly recommended to work through an addiction, and any co-occurring disorders.
What withdrawal symptoms will I experience?
Withdrawal symptoms are the natural response to detoxification. They can vary depending on your detox experience, how your body reacts and also on which drug you’ve consumed. Common symptoms include nausea, cravings, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, paranoia, and the shakes. Yet your experience can be somewhat different, best observed through a medically assisted detox.
What factors cause substance abuse?
There are many factors which can motivate initial drug and alcohol abuse. Environments, poor mental health, stress, genetics, social norms, and pressure are the most common. It’s important to remember that triggers are personal and sometimes unpredictable.