We’re seeing drug addiction and alcohol addiction become ever more prevalent in the UK and all around the world. It’s crucial that addiction treatment is available to those who need it; we must create effective drug and alcohol rehab programmes to help these individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction once and for all.

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible disease that can consume your whole life and significantly deteriorate your physical and psychological health. Without the expert support of a private drug and alcohol rehab like our rehab in East Acton, it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve a full, long-term recovery from addiction.

If you’re concerned about your own drug or alcohol addiction or you’re worried about a loved one, there’s no time to wait. Call our drug and alcohol rehab in East Acton today on 0800 012 6088 or email us at info@addictionadvocates.com.


How Does Rehab Work?

There are various treatment options when it comes to rehabilitation. It’s possible to seek addiction treatments from free local health services like the NHS or with a private drug and alcohol rehab like our rehabs in East Acton.

Once you’ve made this decision, you can decide whether you’re more suited to receive addiction treatment via inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab. Both have their benefits depending on the severity of your addiction. However, inpatient rehab has proven the most successful due to residential rehabilitation centres’ highly focused and motivational environment.


What Happens During Alcohol and Drug Rehab in East Acton?

Once you’ve gone through our admissions process and are welcomed into our drug and alcohol rehab in East Acton, we can begin your addiction treatment programme. Each person will receive a personalised drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Our team of qualified addiction specialists will guide you every step of the way to ensure you’re safe, secure, and as comfortable as you can be during your time at our rehabilitation centre. Additionally, at private rehab, we tackle physical and mental health issues that may have occurred prior to or after your addiction.


Addiction Therapy & Treatment options in East Acton

As each addiction treatment programme is personalised, we’ll ensure you follow the most beneficial therapy and treatment options for your unique condition. At our alcohol and drug rehab East Acton, we provide a selection of psychological and well-being therapies in addition to alcohol and drug detoxification.

These therapies could include individual, group or family counselling, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, stress management, relapse prevention, mindfulness, relaxation and sleep management, and music therapy.


Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox

Although we personalise all of our addiction treatment programmes, we recommend beginning with a drug or alcohol detox, as this is the best way to cleanse your body and mind so that you can follow your subsequent therapies as effectively as possible, leading you to a successful long-term recovery.

During a medically assisted detox, you will have professional support throughout the entire process. This is to ensure your withdrawal symptoms do not cause any major discomfort. The detox process is given within the same rehab facility to lower stress and anxiety.

Once the alcohol and drug detox is complete, you will move on to the more tailored treatment programmes and sessions.


Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

You must receive a well-balanced selection of therapies to help with your rehabilitation once you leave our private drug and alcohol rehab.

Our comprehensive addiction treatment programme supports your mental health and, in turn, your drug and alcohol addiction recovery. This is crucial in achieving a successful recovery. We offer specific treatments for anxietydepression, and eating disorders; click here to learn more.

The addiction therapies we apply are stress management, CBT, group therapy and holistic therapies such as art and music therapy. Those who struggle with mental health problems will have further personalised treatment to help them learn about addictive behaviours and how to control urges.

Even after rehab, you will be provided with free aftercare, which is there to stop future relapse and provide you with support groups and networks so that if times get hard, you can turn to them for advice and help. There are many benefits to aftercare services, and it is something which outpatient rehab facilities do not offer.

Relapse prevention planning is crucial for our clients, and we understand the first year is their most difficult, which is why our drug and alcohol rehab partners offer these free services.


How Long Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Last?

The length of your rehabilitation depends on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction. We can be flexible to work around your personal circumstances to make sure it works for you. Generally speaking, our programmes usually last around 28 days, followed by a 12-month aftercare plan to ensure you’re continuing your recovery at home.

The length of time can vary due to the severity of the drug and alcohol abuse. During our admissions process, our friendly team will explain this process element.


Cost of Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Typically, when you look at treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction, you have the options of private or public.

Public rehabilitation is mostly funded by the NHS or other public bodies, whereas private drug and alcohol rehab is usually financed by yourself or with medical insurance. Beyond the cost of private rehab treatment, it has many benefits over public treatment.

Payment options, can be discussed with our advisors if this is a major concern for you or a loved one.


Nearest CQC registered Rehab to East Acton

Our private drug and alcohol rehab East Acton is CQC registered. All rehabilitation centres in the UK are regulated by and must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). To find out how a drug or alcohol rehab is performing, you can check the CQC website by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alcohol Addiction?
Also known as alcoholism, alcohol addiction is a serious disease where the person suffering has an unbearable craving to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. This desire can become an obsession where they’re physically and mentally unable to stop; this is when it gets very dangerous. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or how old you are, alcoholism doesn’t discriminate. It’s possible for anyone from any walk of life to suffer from an addiction to alcohol.
What is a Drug Addiction?
Similarly, to alcohol addiction, drug addiction is a serious disease that affects the person suffering to the point where they cannot control their consumption of drugs or think about anything else other than their cravings for drugs. Just as an alcohol addiction does, a drug addiction impacts your physical and mental health causing the person’s behaviour to significantly change and their health to dramatically deteriorate.
How can you talk to someone with a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?
It’s never an easy conversation to have for either party involved, but it’s such an important one to be had. The person suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction will likely find it much more difficult to talk about than you will, so it’s important to remember this before beginning the conversation. The best thing to do is first make sure you’ve done your research on drug and alcohol addiction. This will enable you to correctly discuss the symptoms and behaviours that your loved one is experiencing and allows you to effectively talk about treatment options at a drug and alcohol rehab.