Being curious about something which is such a large step in life is only to be expected, and hopefully, the information here will show you that choosing drug and alcohol rehab in Torquay with Addiction Advocates is not only the best decision to get you clean and sober, but is the best way for you to forge a long-term recovery from addiction.

Do you live in Torquay or the surrounding area and have found yourself curious about whether serious drug and alcohol treatment is in your best interest?

Well, regardless of whether you have been considering about taking steps towards ending your alcohol and/or drug abuse for some time or you have only recently found yourself trapped in addiction’s clutches, Addiction Advocates are here to help.


How Do You Know That You Need The Help Of A Professional Rehab?

Addiction can affect people from all walks of life for a variety of reasons. Each year, countless people across the length and breadth of the UK have their lives negatively affected by addiction.

However, for a lot of people, accepting that they may need help can be incredibly difficult. When you are stuck in a cycle of addiction, it can seem that there is no escape and that you are completely alone in this struggle, but that is not the case.

Our mission at Addiction Advocates is to provide professional and accessible help to whoever we can in the fight against addiction.

The primary symptom of addiction is that everything else has taken a backseat in comparison to the pursuit of your next fix, be it drug consumption or that next drink. Other more physical symptoms that your drug addiction or alcohol addiction may have gotten beyond your control include the likes of mood swings, suffering from bouts of depression, anxiety and paranoia episodes, and many more.

Long term drug use or alcohol consumption can take a truly devastating effect on your physical and mental health, so it is vital that you do not delay in contacting us and help us to get you back to your peak physical and mental condition.

Addiction does not just affect the individual who is suffering from it though, addiction can tear apart families, destroy relationships, and even impact a person’s financial and employment situation. However, unlike most other rehabilitation centres, by choosing our drug and alcohol services, we will help you in all areas of your life that have been affected by addiction.


How Does The Admission Process Work?

One of the things that you will likely be curious about is how the admission process actually works. A lot of people can be concerned about how we will find the best treatment option for you, and how we can select the best financial and accessible package for you to benefit from.

We understand that everyone suffering from addiction will be experiencing different circumstances, so we want to make sure that the admission process is as easy and specifically tailored to your current requirements.

When you first call us, an initial assessment will be performed over the phone. This series of questions will help our specialist team to better understand your substance abuse, your medical history, and your general mindset in regards to recovery.

Once this information has been gathered, our specialist will be able to find the perfect treatment plan and residential rehab facility for your specific needs. This can be a daunting process but we are committed to making it as easy and stress-free for you, so our staff will be available 24/7 for you to speak to regarding any concerns that you may have.

Once all of the admission process has been completed, you can begin your journey to recovery at one of our facilities, and experience the benefits of our wide variety of treatments available.


How Does Treatment At Our Specialist Drug And Alcohol Rehab Work?

At Addiction Advocates’ residential rehabs we will treat both your body and mind when combating your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

By employing a mixture of physical and psychological treatments we will make sure that you achieve a well-rounded and long-term recovery during your time with us — and our treatments will also prepare you for life after rehab as well, meaning that your chance of relapse is minimal.

During your stay at our state-of-the-art facilities, you will benefit from a private luxurious room, housekeeping services, and three home-cooked nutritious meals prepared for you every day. This allows you to spend all of your time completely focussed on your recovery, which is integral to long-lasting sobriety.

When you first arrive, you will benefit from a stay at our detox clinic. Detoxification can be extremely unpleasant and dangerous when performed alone without medical support. However, with the aid and constant monitoring of our highly-qualified medical staff, we will be able to safely flush all negative substance from your body.

Experiencing withdrawal can be one of the main sources of concern for an addict, so we promise to make it as safe as possible and allow you to pass through withdrawal in relative comfort.

Once your body is primed for recovery having completed detoxification, we will employ a series of treatments which will get you living your best life in no time. These will include the likes of:

One-To-One Therapy Sessions — Here you can discuss the causes of your addiction with a therapist, and better understand your own self.

Group Therapy — Group therapy is crucial in building up a reliable support network to help you through your recovery and maintain sobriety after leaving us.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) — This state-of-the-art therapy will allow you to retrain your brain to avoid giving into addictive tendencies for the rest of your life.

Exercise — Keeping your body healthy is a key component of a healthy recovery.

Art Therapy — Expressing yourself in new and different ways can be an excellent outlet for internalised emotions which may be contributing to addictive tendencies.

Stress Management Classes — Stress can be a huge component of addiction, therefore we will teach you how to try and avoid letting stress become internalised in the future.

Relapse Prevention — Relapse prevention therapy will mean that you are less likely to experience relapse once you are back home and experiencing your daily routine.

Aftercare Program — Once you have left our rehab, we want to make sure that you are still staying as healthy as possible. This means that we can offer programs which offer resources and help even after you have left our rehab to keep you on the straight and narrow.

These are just some of the wonderful treatments you can benefit from at our drug and alcohol rehab services. For more information or to start your recovery today, call us on 0800 012 6088, Text HELP To 83222, or contact us through our website.