Recovering from an addiction is a combination of overcoming addictive behaviour and ending a physical and mental dependence on addictive substances.

A drug or alcohol addiction has a significantly negative impact on both your body and your mind. It can take control of your life before you have the opportunity to notice that you’ve developed an addiction.

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To be successful in your recovery journey, you will need to change your attitudes and behaviours during your treatment and your recovery.

At our rehab facility in Edmonton Green, your treatment will be individualised and based on your needs, with regular updates and reports on your progress throughout the duration of your stay.


How to get help

If you are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, Addiction Advocates provide first rate treatment in a manner that suits you. We provide a wide number of addiction treatments, including drug addiction, alcohol addiction, cannabis addiction and cocaine addiction.

Treatments we offer at private rehab include detoxification, rehabilitative therapies, and personalised aftercare programmes that are tailored to your personal requirements.

When left untreated, an addiction can take control of someone’s life very quickly and cause untold damage. If you recognise that you are not in control of your consumption, or are in the distressing situation where you can see a friend or family member descending into addiction, our alcohol intervention and family intervention plans can help you to seek help without delay.

By using our admissions process, you can determine which options are best for overcoming your addiction and we are able to discuss any concerns you may have.


How does Rehab work?

There are two main kinds of rehabilitation treatment option provided by Addiction Advocates – inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Inpatient treatment takes place entirely within our residential rehab clinic, allowing you to convalesce in the safety and privacy. Outpatient treatment, usually more a more suitable option for those who are not in an advanced state of addiction.

You will receive your treatment on both an individual and group basis, but your private drug and alcohol rehab will be tailored to your specific requirements. You will also receive a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, and you’ll have consultations with mental health, medical and addiction specialists.


What happens during Alcohol and Drug Rehab in London?

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab allows those struggling with an addiction to live a normal life without the need for addictive substances. Addiction Advocates will promote a compassionate and caring environment that allows our clients to attain long-term recovery.

Not all treatment options are the same and it is important that you understand the treatment offered to you, the admissions process and the appropriate aftercare options that are available. Medical staff should be available around the clock to assist with any detoxification process required.

As part of your treatment, you will receive free aftercare and regular follow up sessions. All rehab clinics must be registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission), the governing body of care providers. You’re able to view how a rehab clinic is performing via the CQC website.


Addiction Therapy & Treatment Options in Edmonton Green

Upon making enquiries, an individual should ask about the different treatment options that the rehab clinic in question provides. Addiction Advocates provide several types of therapy to help those who are experiencing psychological problems.

If we diagnose you with a mental health condition alongside an addiction, we will provide you with dual-diagnosis treatment. This specialised treatment provides targeted treatment for both conditions.

Not only do we provide treatment for addictions, we can help with anxiety treatment, depression treatment and eating disorder treatment. These conditions are commonly diagnosed alongside an addiction.

Your rehab will begin with a detoxification. The detox is a critical part of your treatment that removes addictive substances from your body.


Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox

Drug detox and alcohol detox is a difficult part of treatment that breaks dependency on addictive substances. We provide a medically assisted detox to help our clients through the worst of withdrawal in a safe manner through the use of detox medication.

This medication reduces cravings and removes dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can occur when withdrawal is sudden. Not all of our clients need detox medication but it is available if required and a decision will be made by our medical professionals.

We advise that a detox takes place in a residential environment to ensure that our medical team can ensure your safety and monitor your progress. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from minor to serious and your safety and comfort is our priority.


Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Upon completion of detox, our clients will proceed to their rehabilitation. You will receive treatment in both group and individual therapy sessions. Group sessions will focus on talking therapies, but we may also offer alternative methods of psychotherapy, such as Meditation, Art Therapy and Drama Therapy.

One to one sessions will involve Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) – psychotherapy that challenges your perception of addictive behaviours and how to change them.


How long is Rehab?

There is no one size fits all answer and the length of your stay is dependent on the severity of your addiction. We offer programmes lasting between 14 and 90 days. Longer periods of rehab have proven to aid recovery and as such, an extended rehab programme may be beneficial.

There are “detox only” treatment options available in other clinics, but we do not find this to be helpful for relapse prevention as detox alone does not treat the underlying causes of addiction. We therefore recommend a 60 or 90 day treatment plan as being most suitable for a long-term recovery.


Cost of Alcohol and Drug Rehab

The most costly part of your rehab is detox, as well as use of residential accommodation and the length of your stay. A typical price for 30 days of treatment is generally between £5000 and £10,000. However, your health is more important than the cost – an addiction can shorten lives and can have enormous implications on your long-term health.

You should give consideration to the current ongoing cost of your addiction and how it has impacted your health. If you have private insurance, some rehab facilities may accept this as a method of payment and you should discuss this with both your rehab clinic and insurance provider.


Nearest CQC registered Rehab to Edmonton Green

Addiction Advocates have a rehab clinic in the Edmonton Green area with immediate spaces available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Rehab last?
We recommend a period of rehab between 60 and 90 days but this depends on your personal circumstances.
What happens during the Admissions Process?
We take this time to get to know you and understand your addiction. We will then draw up a plan of action tailored to your needs and requirements. We also provide support for people who wish to make family referrals or friend referrals.
Where can I find the nearest Rehab?
We can provide support to people all over London and we do have support available in the Edmonton Green area.