The road to a full recovery from drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction is difficult, but it is doable with the appropriate support from a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Urmston.

So, if you’re in. The Greater Manchester area, and specifically the Urmston area, then reach out to Addiction Advocates as our teams of dedicated staff will be able to support you through your journey from the throes of addiction to a life of sobriety.

For a lot of people, making the first contact with rehab can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome, but once you have the benefits that you will reap will be paramount.

A lot of the people who reach out to us express that they had feelings of doubt, worry, and even shame when first reaching out; however, there is no shame or need to be concerned about connecting with us.

Our helpline staff are here to listen and provide any help that we can, without judgement. Addiction is an illness, and taking steps to overcome the illness in the safest and most effective place for you should be seen as nothing but a resoundingly positive step in the right direction.

You can call us at any time to discuss any queries you have about the process of recovery, or even start the wheels turning on getting treatment, by calling us on 0800 012 6088 or by Texting HELP To 83222.

Furthermore, this number can also be used to enquire about our family and friend referral options.

A lot of the people who reach out to us do so as they have someone close to them who is displaying worrying alcohol consumption and/or substance abuse.

We are also able to provide them with help/advice when it comes to setting up intervention as well as enrolling them in the appropriate addiction treatment plans for their needs.


How Does Addiction Take Hold Of A Person?

Sadly, there are a whole host of elements that can contribute to an individual manifesting an addictive disorder. And, it is due to addiction being such a complex, nuanced illness that professional drug and alcohol abuse treatment is needed in order to overcome it fully and safely.

A lot of the time, traumatic events in a person’s life can be the cause, hence why we employ a wide variety of psychologically orientated treatments at our residential rehabilitation centres in order to help said individual confront their past.

Additionally, a lot of the time when a person has manifested a substance abuse disorder or an alcohol abuse disorder, there is also an underlying and/or simultaneous mental health illness that is present.

Due to our facility’s staff being experts in dual-diagnosis treatment, we can also help you to get treatment for any concurrent mental health illnesses that you are also suffering from during your stay with us — something which a vast proportion of treatment centres are not able to do.

One of the primary focuses of your addiction treatment with us here at Addiction Advocates will be based around establishing the “why” when it comes to your addiction.

Without understanding why it is that you are at the place you are at, you can never hope to truly put this illness behind you.

Understanding the nature of your illness is the best way to combat it; and, while this will mean a lot of hard work and commitment on your part, our teams of medical support workers, therapists, and mental health nurses will be giving you all the support you need every single step of the way.


What Is The Residential Rehab You Are Staying At Going To Be Like?

The facilities that we have carefully designed and constructed are a far cry from what you might have imagined rehab to be like from TV shows and/or Hollywood movies.

Every aspect of Addiction Advocates residential rehab is designed to provide a positive, recovery-orientated atmosphere so that you can spend your days focusing on yourself and your recovery in the best possible comfort.

One of the primary reasons that Addiction Advocates’ residential rehab boasts the highest success rate of most addiction treatment methods is not only because of the luxurious setting but is because of the high quality of treatment administered while in an environment detached from your everyday life.

Taking yourself away from your home life can be a very daunting task, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable; although, putting even a small amount of distance between you and your everyday routine can enable your mind to recognise the toxic elements of your everyday life with a view to making positive changes going forward.


Our Treatments Are Varied And Extremely Effective

At Addiction Advocates, we combine physical and psychological addiction treatments, as addictive disorders wreak a terrible toll on a person’s body and mind.

One of our key physical treatments is our medically-assisted detoxification programme at our specialist detox clinic.

Alcohol withdrawal and substance abuse withdrawal enact truly heinous side-effects upon an individual, with some of these side-effects even being life-threatening in some circumstances.

However, our detox clinic staff will monitor you and medicate you appropriately so that you can flush the negative substances out of your system safely over time — much safer than the “cold turkey” approach.

Psychological treatments will come to make up the bulk of your addiction treatment plan as you progress through withdrawal, as the challenge once your body is free from negative substances is to free your mind from their long-standing influence.

To manage this, we will administer a unique blend (depending upon your personal needs) of the following treatments: individual/one-to-one therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), group counselling therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), relapse prevention planning, NAD+ brain restoration therapy, dual-diagnosis therapy, grief and trauma counselling, and much more.

Additionally to all of this, you’ll also reap the benefit of having our one-year complimentary aftercare plan which will ensure that you remain on the straight-and-narrow after your stay with us. So, why not contact Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088.