We understand how challenging it can be to make decisions about your future, especially when you’re struggling with your present self. Making decisions around such a serious issue, around your future probabilities without the control of drugs and alcohol is nerve-wracking. Through our specialist support and referral services, we can take that nervous energy away for you, by guiding you through your rehab decisions.

From helping you prepare for rehab and finding a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar, to guiding you through the selection between outpatient and inpatient rehab, and securing physical and psychological readiness, we can ease your admission for you.

Understandably, you may see the next few steps of rehab as challenges, as tests, as impossible leaps. However, with professional support, those leaps can be eased, can become possible and can be turned into a positive. Experience this energy around your up and coming drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey through our services.

Can I receive support as soon as I reach out?

As soon as you contact our team, you will have access to support on a 24/7 basis. We significantly care about your quality of life and wellbeing, especially while completing the lifechanging experience of drug and alcohol rehab.

With this in mind, yes you will be provided with specialist emotional support all the way through your admission, right up until your visit to a drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar. From here, your addiction treatment options, your rehab programme, and your support network will be experienced from your chosen facility, again offering around the clock care.

If you’ve struggled so far to open up about your drug and alcohol problem, it is understandable if you do also find it hard at first to embrace support. Yet, it’s important to see the value of support, especially while withdrawing from drugs and alcohol on a physical and psychological basis.

By reaching out, you’ll complete a pre-admission assessment, you’ll be matched with a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar, you’ll be provided with an efficient admission date, you’ll secure your readiness for rehab, and you’ll begin your rehab programme, all partnered with our support at Addiction Advocates.

Please be reassured that we only work with reputable rehab clinics who will also offer high-quality care and support throughout your programme and via aftercare.


Will you help me find a drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with decisions, if you are unsure where to turn to, or if you simply hope for specialist guidance, yes, we are here to help all clients. Through our vast admission process, we will work to understand your personal needs when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This is imperative to ensure that we can find a fitting rehab clinic and programme for you, known to offer greater recovery probabilities.

Once an understanding is present, we can complete realistic matches to find the most suited drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar. Suitability will be gauged by considering your budget, the strength and length of your drug and alcohol addiction, your end recovery goal, and your physical and psychological health.

Suitability is very important as recovery needs will differ between clients. This is one of the key benefits of using our services to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar. Your health, safety and ability to recover comfortably will guide the way.


How will I pick between outpatient and inpatient rehab?

Again, at Addiction Advocates, we can help you with this decision. There is however a rule of thumb which again focuses on suitability when picking between outpatient and inpatient rehab.

If your drug and alcohol addiction resemble substance abuse, if you live in a positive environment, if you’re happy to experience a longer recovery process, outpatient rehab will be encouraged. This is a cheaper option, offering great independence and flexibility while completing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

If you are struggling with an addiction, reside in an influential setting, and hope for an efficient recovery process, inpatient rehab will be strongly advised. From a drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar, you will access a comprehensive rehab programme, carrying greater investment. Yet, this investment is necessary if you are aiming for physical and psychological long-term recovery.

Alongside selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar, alongside offering recommendations when selecting the delivery of rehab, we also offer guidance with addiction treatment recommendations. All in all, we provide reassurance that the most fitting rehab experience is awaiting.


What should I expect to achieve through drug and alcohol rehab?

Your recovery results will be impacted by the effort that you invest into drug and alcohol rehab. With this in mind, an accurate insight cannot be provided currently, as your response to addiction treatment will differ from the next individual.

However, on average, by trusting the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you can reach the initial stages of recovery, where withdrawal and realignment have been achieved. This will commonly be through an intense stream of addiction treatment and relapse prevention.

If you are however aiming for long-term recovery, you must continue your efforts on your return to Redcar. This can be eased through aftercare services, through new lifestyle choices away from drugs and alcohol, and through ongoing honesty with yourself.


How much does rehab cost?

While our partnering rehab clinics offer a private facility, budgets can be worked around. Again, the cost of drug and alcohol rehab cannot be secured prior to your assessment as each rehab programme will require differing levels of investment.

The drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar that you select, the length of your programme, the delivery of rehab that you select and the form of addiction treatment you require will influence your personal cost of rehab.

For greater accuracy with rehab expectations, reach out to our team at Addiction Advocates. We can complete your pre-admission assessment, soon resulting in an admission into the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Redcar.