Rehab is considered a challenging process to complete. Many of our clients here at Addiction Advocates approach us with concerns regarding the tests of drug and alcohol rehabilitation as a comprehensive process.

Ultimately, it’s understandable that rehab does have a difficult and testing image around it. It is an intensive process of change, which can pose challenges in many different ways, for many different people.

As there are many pre-conceived ideas about rehab, which are causing anxieties, we feel the need to address such concerns and provide realistic insight into rehab as a process, as a challenge but a worthwhile one at that.

Here’s a relevant Q&A focusing on the experience of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside which you can encounter to a similar degree if you’re struggling with an addiction. While your personal experience will fluctuate, depending on your needs, familiarising yourself with the contents, intentions, timeline and sources of support via rehab will be beneficial.


How challenging is rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab, as a process is challenging. At some point, there’s a chance that you will experience an obstacle, whether that’s withdrawal symptoms, difficulties expressing oneself or fears over post-rehab realities.

However, the degree of challenge that you’ll experience will be unpredictable, personal and justifiable. You’ll be encountering a period of significant change, as you withdraw on physical and psychological levels, as you change your lifestyle and as you disconnect from drugs and alcohol.

With this in mind, you should expect tests through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside. Yet, by accepting professional support, those tests can be managed and can be worthwhile to help you reach a state of sobriety.


Will visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside ease my experience?

Ultimately, the most fitting form of rehab will ease your experience. If this is defined as visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside, yes, localised recovery will help to bring comfort and convenience through the challenges of addiction recovery.

To ensure that localised recovery is suitable for you, on your admission, we will assess your addiction, based on its length and severity. We will also consider factors such as the causation of your addiction and how you cope with your side effects.

Through such understandings, we can then understand which form of rehab will be most suited to your needs, which could potentially stand as a Teesside based rehab clinic.

The most suitable form of rehab will ease your experience as you’ll have the right type and level of support, guidance, addiction treatment and management steps to sustain drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


How much time should I dedicate to rehab?

Rehab itself, on a residential basis, lasts 28 days. This timescale is important to help diminish old habits, while forming new routines and coping strategies, without the influence of drugs and alcohol.

While this will be your active state of addiction recovery, it is however recommended that you dedicate as much time as possible, around your visit. Pre-rehab you should invest some time to plan ahead on physical and psychological levels.

On a post-rehab basis, you should definitely have some time to focus on your long-term recovery efforts, on your normalisation of sober living, and on your adjustments to life in general.

While this may feel like a significant sacrifice, the initial stages of addiction recovery are very important and require great focus. Alongside this, this short sacrifice will allow for years of living without the influence of drugs and alcohol, ranking as worthwhile.


Can I continue my life while in rehab?

If you select residential rehab, which is recommended, you will need to pause all responsibilities and routine, to place your focus on drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This can of course be difficult to initially take in, as you may have a career, a family, or upcoming events.

However, this is essential, in order to dedicate yourself to an intensive addiction treatment programme and the steps that are required to recover, heal and fulfil relapse prevention planning.

If you select an outpatient programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside, yes you can continue a degree of responsibility while completing treatment. However, this form of rehab isn’t recommended if you are struggling with an addiction, as recovery can take much longer, and the flexibility of such an approach can be difficult to manage while experiencing the rollercoaster of addiction.


Will I find life after rehab tough?

Again, life after rehab can carry some common challenges. The most common is the adjustment to a new lifestyle and routine without drug and alcohol exposure. Slipping back into old habits is also a familiar occurrence that can cause anxieties and tests.

However, it’s how you respond to such tests which can define the toughness of life after rehab. Services via rehab will be in place to help with the normalisation of sober living, including aftercare, relapse prevention planning and lifestyle management.

Via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside, you will have a weekly schedule of additional addiction treatment services to help you adjust to a new normal and to avoid the desirability of old habits.

It’s recommended to expect some obstacles, as addiction recovery isn’t perfect, isn’t a straightforward route, and isn’t definite for every individual. However, it’s also recommended to embrace this process, to accept all the support you can receive and to continue to lead a drug and alcohol-free routine.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about rehab, if you’re fearful of its challenging image, or if you’re struggling to give up on your current responsibilities, all of these reactions are normal.

We however encourage you to look beyond such images, we advise you to familiarise yourself with rehab, and we also ask you to consider how vital rehab is and how a short sacrifice will benefit your future.

You can overcome the common challenges of addiction recovery by investing in specialist care. Receive this via a drug and alcohol rehab in Teesside, accessible through our affiliation here at Addiction Advocates.