Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Do you dream of a better life but aren’t sure which path to take? Perhaps you have a loved one who’s currently fighting a battle with substance abuse? Or maybe you’re concerned that they’ll relapse?

At Addiction Advocates, we’re here to help you. As a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation provider in the UK, we work closely with a number of CQC registered recovery clinics that offer tailor-made treatment plans to suit every individual.

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How does rehab work?

Wondering what happens during the alcohol and drug rehab process? Whether you’ve been to a rehab clinic before, or this is your first time, the team at Addiction Advocates are here to help. Once you’ve contacted us, an initial assessment will be arranged. This is to help us to understand your current situation, your mental health, your triggers, goals and any fears. By knowing this, we can then recommend the best course of treatment as well as a rehabilitation centre that we know will be a good match.

The addiction recovery process combines physical and physiological treatments in order to eliminate any substance dependence. Not just that, but you’ll work with addiction specialists to address any behavioural or emotional issues. You may be required to complete a medically-assisted detox but you’ll be continuously monitored and supported by the on-site doctors and nurses.

As well as a personalised rehab programme, that keeps you at the centre, you’ll have access to individual and group therapy treatment which includes cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and family therapy. Art, drama and meditation are also used. Mental health and addiction can go hand in hand which is why we’re also able to recommend those rehabilitation centres that offer dual diagnosis therapy programmes.

Once your time at the rehab centre has come to an end, your support and guidance will continue with an aftercare and relapse prevention plan and local support groups for long-term success.


Addiction therapy and treatment options

Every rehab facility is different but our team can help you to find one which suits your needs and requirements. One of the first things to consider is whether you want your treatment to be as an inpatient, at a residential rehab, or as an outpatient. Inpatient rehab treatment allows individuals to focus on the recovery process in a safe and enclosed environment and involves overnight stays. Outpatient rehab means you complete therapy for alcohol and drug addiction every day and then return home.

There isn’t a right or wrong decision and it’s important to choose the best option for you. Either way, whether an inpatient or outpatient, you’ll have access to medical assistance, a variety of therapy programmes and a team who are behind you every step of the way.


Medical alcohol and drug detox

Detoxing is the process of removing harmful substances from the body. Many people try to do this at home but statistics show that it’s most successful and less dangerous when led by a medical professional. Not only will you be supported through the drug or alcohol detox but a team of doctors, nurses and counsellors will be on hand to monitor your withdrawal symptoms and ensure your body is coping. This is an essential step in the overall recovery journey, and together we can help you detox the safe way.


How long is rehab?

The length of rehab depends on individual circumstances but usually ranges from 14-90 days. It’s important to remember that your support and guidance doesn’t end the moment you walk out of the door though. From community services and a dedicated helpline to a tailored aftercare plan and relapse prevention advice, the team will be by your side for the whole recovery journey.


Cost of alcohol and drug rehab in Blackheath

At Addiction Advocates, we believe that cost shouldn’t stand in between someone and their recovery. That’s why we’ll strive to find you a rehab centre that fits your needs and requirements – including your budget. The cost of alcohol and drug rehab depends on a few different factors, including amenities and location as well as if you require detox.

Typically though, inpatient treatment at a private rehab ranges from £5,000 to £10,000 for a 30-day programme. There are some programmes available on the NHS, which we’d be more than happy to discuss with you too.


Supporting a loved one with addiction

Our family and friend referral helpline and intervention service is designed for people, just like you, to get their loved one the help they need. Watching someone go through and fight addiction is hugely challenging, which is why we’re here to listen, guide and support.

By speaking to us, you may even find a weight lifted off your shoulders and you’ll be taking the first step towards the future. Typically, interventions are arranged in neutral environments with a team of experts on hand to answer any questions and to start that all-important road to rehabilitation.


Nearest CQC registered rehab in Blackheath

We work with leading CQC registered rehabilitation centres all over the United Kingdom, many of which have an outstanding rating and offer a variety of therapy options and treatment programmes. What’s more, they provide support for alcohol and drug addiction as well as mental health concerns and also come with free aftercare for individuals and families. If you’d like to find out more about the nearest rehabilitation centre, contact our team on 0800 012 6088.


Start your recovery today

Picking the right rehab is a crucial step to getting your life back on track, and we’re here to help you to make that decision. Combining years of experience and insider knowledge of the best recovery centres, we can find you the right place – and fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Residential Rehab?
Residential rehab boasts one of the most successful recovery rates for addicts in the United Kingdom. This is because residential rehab allows you to break from your daily routine and reassess your life from a neutral location. Being able to look back upon your daily life from an outside perspective with a professional therapist will mean you can identify which aspects of your life need changing much easier. Furthermore, at a residential rehab, you will not have access to drugs or alcohol which means that your chances of relapsing are slim to none.
Is it safe to detox at home?
The physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with the detoxification process can vary widely but they can be severe and sometimes dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to tremors and seizures in the worst cases, for example. Even the psychological symptoms associated with cocaine or cannabis withdrawal can do long-term harm if not managed properly. The process is always safer when undertaken in a rehab or detox clinic, where you can be closely monitored and receive any medical assistance you might need.
What happens after rehab? 
The time after rehab can be very tricky. You will hopefully leave with the tools and strategies you need to stay clean and sober, but relapse can be a constant danger. A good aftercare plan can be invaluable in providing you with the support you need during the months after you first leave rehab.