Rehabilitation is taboo, and many people are unaware of what to expect from rehab. Once faced with the recommendation, it’s therefore normal to question the process of rehab.

Recognised as a leading treatment process for addiction, rehab is a practical step. Offering private experiences, access to professional support and the tools to recover, the rehab process can be life-changing.

Offered through inpatient and outpatient forms, rehab is an adaptable service that provides tailored recovery experiences. Providing quick admissions, personal treatment plans, long-term recovery programmes and aftercare, private rehab is a constant recommendation for our clients.

To experience your programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Longbridge, reach out here at Addiction Advocates. Working alongside a range of specialist treatment centres, we can help you rise above the taboo of rehab. Benefit from its quality and services by committing to private rehab.

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What to expect from rehab?

Rehab is an experience that helps to motivate addiction recovery. Every aspect of a rehab programme contributes to the end goal of long-term recovery.

Reasonably, every rehab clinic, programme and experience will be different. Some clinics are affordable, other programmes thrive off luxury, whilst for some, experiences are life-changing. The general consensus is that a proper rehab selection carries a positive and progressive experience.

Made up of a range of steps, rehab provides clients with direct access to addiction treatment services and tools. It places them in the care of leading professionals, ensuring that treatments are medically assisted and observed by specialists. State-of-the-art treatment facilities and environment are also expected of a private rehab centre, offering peace and focus through recovery.

It can feel daunting to pause everyday life and work through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but it is a worthwhile commitment. The rehab process is considerate, compassionate, safe, reliable, and sustainable. Work through your addiction by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Longbridge for a practical strategy.


Inpatient and outpatient treatment

Drug and alcohol rehab is offered through two essential programmes. The intentions of rehab are delivered through each, yet some differences can impact recovery experiences.

Inpatient treatment is offered across a 28-day rehab programme, and it requires an immediate and consistent commitment by residing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Longbridge. By checking in, you’ll have your own space to recover from, you’ll have a dedicated 24/7 team, and you’ll have everything imaginable to recover. Delivered through a productive timeline, significant progress can be made through inpatient treatment on physical and psychological levels.

Outpatient addiction treatment is offered over a 3-to-6-month timescale. It’s an accommodating programme which will work into your routine. Treatment sessions, post-detox, can be completed around daily mundane tasks, such as work and parenting. Understandably, there are challenges linked to such a flexible programme. Yet, recovery can be a sustainable goal with outpatient support and resources to lean on.

Depending on personal circumstances, one of the above rehab programmes may stand out to you more than the other. This is normal, as it’s essential that your rehab process works into your life and can be entirely accepted.

To get clean from drugs or alcohol, inpatient programmes are mostly recommended to promote a faster pace. Yet outpatient programmes are also beneficial and can help unravel many behavioural habits.


The cost of private rehab

The cost will be cheaper by selecting to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Longbridge. Outpatient rehab is viewed as an affordable treatment option. Reasonably, a residential treatment programme will cost more due to the level of care and services offered.

The cost of addiction rehab can also be affected by your location, the specialism of your chosen treatment centre, and the contents of your treatment plan. For example, by selecting a CQC rehab clinic, costs will be higher than a standard detox clinic. If you require mental health treatment to address any additional problems, prices will be higher.

The end cost of rehab will represent the amount and type of care that you require to recover, which will be beneficial. For detailed expenses, reach out to Addiction Advocates. Rehab programmes can cost anything between £2,000-£10,000, depending on your selection.


Treatment and therapy services at Addiction Advocates

Treatments and therapies are the most effective tools of rehab. Helping to withdraw, heal and restore the body and mind, a wide range of services can be experienced through rehab.

Bringing together timely and effective treatment services, which are fully proven to treat addiction, a bespoke programme will be formed for you. Your programme will more than likely include a drug or alcohol detox, followed by addiction therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and some holistic therapies.

Mental health support will also be promoted, family therapy and support, relapse prevention planning and lifestyle management. Your treatment plan will consider your circumstances, including anything from your triggers, relationships, environments, and habits. From here, suitable bouts of treatments and therapies will be arranged to understand, treat, and manage your addiction.


What to expect from aftercare?

Aftercare services are offered through private rehab to promote long-term recovery efforts.

The transition between rehab and everyday life can be challenging. Aftercare sessions are arranged for all clients to protect success, ease the transition, and offer further guidance.

Twelve months of free aftercare is available through our network at Addiction Advocates. Offering the chance to attend support groups, therapy sessions and weekly check-ins, you can expect a handheld post-rehab experience.

We can help you experience the benefits of rehab, offering a personal and private recovery experience. Select a drug and alcohol rehab in Longbridge to work through an invaluable rehab process with our support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything with me to rehab?
It is encouraged that you bring some personal items with you to rehab. By checking into rehab, you will reside for at least 28 days, meaning that you will need to bring hygiene items, prescriptions, clothing, and items which offer comfort.

You must avoid packing any items which influence your addictive behaviours, such as drugs or alcohol and any prohibited items.

A complete checklist will be provided to prepare you for private rehab on admission.
What happens during the Admissions process?
An admission here at Addiction Advocates helps you access private rehab. It’s a necessary process that assesses your needs, understands them, and turns them into your impending experience.

An admissions process offers the time for clients to prepare for rehab whilst also providing a clinic with the details to plan and arrange individual rehab programmes. All arrangements can be made for you to benefit from rehabilitation.
How long does Rehab last?
The length of rehab will depend on several factors. Your choice between a 28-day inpatient programme and a 3-6-month outpatient programme will impact its length. The amount of treatment you complete will also affect your experience via rehab, prolonging the process if additional problems are also present.

Forecasts can be provided on admission to help you prepare for rehab. Yet each experience will differ, meaning that your journey will pan out to meet your needs and responses.