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Cassiobury Court is a private residential addiction treatment centre located in Watford, England. The centre offers a range of evidence-based addiction treatment programs, including detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare support, for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

The centre is staffed by a team of experienced addiction treatment professionals, including doctors, therapists, and support staff, who are dedicated to helping clients achieve long-term recovery. Treatment is tailored to the individual needs of each client and may include a combination of individual and group therapy, holistic therapies, and medication-assisted treatment.

Overall, Cassiobury Court is a respected addiction treatment centre in the UK, offering evidence-based treatment programs and compassionate care to individuals seeking to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

Where can I find Cassiobury Court
Address: Richmond Drive, , Watford, England, WD17 3BH

Just some reasons to consider us...

  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • CQC Approved Rehabilitation Centre
  • A range of Holistic Therapies Options
  • Relaxing Environment
Cassiobury Court External
Cassiobury Court External

Cassiobury Court Reviews

I can only tell you my story, I arrived easter bank holiday Monday, a broken man, bewildered man, failing father, useless husband and an embarrassment of a son. Hanging onto my family by the thinest of threads. Having hurt everyone and everything I've ever loved and cherished. In 25 days Cassiobury, with its caring, passionate and brilliant never patronising staff, with support, but always caring group of peers has change my life forever. My story was like a rollercoaster, the gates are not locked you are not a prisoner and I did suggest leaving very early on. Only for a supportive hand on my shoulder and a word of wisdom to intervene. Cassiobury Court has change my life forever which I didn't think or dream was even possible arriving in a shell of a man. Cassiobury has give me the tools I need to combat this disease and fulfill my dreams which were once broken. I leave Cassiobury Court this morning a proud and positive man, looking forward to being your father, husband and son. The most importantly human being. Thank you

Lewis- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

Everyone at Cassiobury court have been very supportive with my recovery and I have learnt a lot over the past 14 days. I am taking away some good tools to help me with my addiction. I look forward to seeing the piers at the aftercare service.

Mr Hussain- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

To all the staff at Cassiobury court, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to you all. From the person who has no intention of giving up alcohol and coke as I didn’t really have a problem in my humble opinion, who has a huge temper tantrum about being forced in here to the person who is looking forward to the future. I have learned so much about myself and feel as I have come back to life. I know that the road ahead is going to be tough, frustrating and at times boring but thanks to you all, it is one that I want to take. I hope to see you all again, as my happy sober self. Again, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Sam

Sam- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to Cassiobury Court. I came here after two suicide attempts and an addiction that it had spend most of my adult life. I didn’t even admit that I had an issue let alone want to get sober and clean. I leave here feeling hopeful about the future which is a feeling that I had not felt in a very long time. The staff here have all been amazing and they have taken so much from my journey here thank you

Sam Walker- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

Having allowed myself sufficient time I was able to have a good detox and then have plenty of time to learn new tools to help one in my sobriety the staff provided excellent support. As usual, the peer support was just as valuable. The whole treatment programme has left me well prepared to face the future. Treatment and support staff very good at their job and very helpful. The kitchen and housekeeping staff were all very helpful and approachable & good at their job.

Anonymous- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

Support from the fantastic staff, Structured programme, Like-minded guests, Cassiobury Court needs a bit of TLC. This visit has helped my recovery once again. Please let it be the last time!

Michael- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

Practical Detox! Greater understanding of my addiction. Developing a plan for life without alcohol. Given the tools to achieve long term sobriety. Achieving a much better understanding of my disease. Realisation that im not alone. Resetting the real me. Learning to take one day at a time. Giving me access to some great and mutually supportive new friends. Seeing others in a far worse condition than I – ” There but for the grace…. Etc ” Inspired to succeed. Thank you all

Tim Waes- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

The honesty and support of the staff and my peers. The external meetings were especially good well chosen and very open and well-wishing. Even when dealing with challenging situations the support staff were attentive and listened however volunteers do need to be supported in their continued sobriety. If a family member friend colleague required some support from the services we offer would you recommend step one recovery? Yes but the communication needs to improve and perhaps a more open mind to various criticisms rather than a defensive approach. It has been a bit hectic here the last few days much of which would have been avoided with forward-thinking.

J Slater- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

I was in such a fragile state of mind that any issues problems or generally anything would make me drink and use. Being at Cassiobury court and being cut off from the outside world has helped me stay calm and provide a base to move forward. The workshops have helped me understand my disease and illness and provided some tools to assist in my recovery. All the CA/NA meetings have helped me understand that I’m not alone this is a fellowship of people who are all in the same situation as me. Lastly and by no means least the staff and clientele have really helped I have met some great people and hopefully made friends for life. I would recommend the step one programme.

Helena- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

The facility and staff here provided all the right tools to help me in getting the foundations to a healthy recovery. I am looking forward to embracing my recovery once out of this gate today, knowing I gave it my all with the help of the staff and other people I worked with on our common goal. To live not exist! I wish I had found this sort of treatment a few years ago.

Mr Wood- Previous Client from Cassiobury Court

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Why Cassiobury Court?

Cassiobury Court is a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre located in Watford, England. We have a wide range of treatments available to help you with a variety of Addictions and Mental Health disorders, including Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety and Depression.

With its open gardens and grounds, it is the perfect place to take some time for peaceful reflection during your recovery. We offer private, secure accommodation which provides a safe haven for our clients. Designed to relax your mind and body.

All of our 28-day Addiction Programmes include a FREE 12-month Aftercare Support package, helping out clients avoid relapsing. We are fully focused on recovery pathways for all clients, making sure each recovery plan is personalised to our patients. This way, they are able to recover at the pace they like as well as choosing the treatment options which suit their needs best.


Our Facilities

Cassiobury Court’s premier accommodation is the perfect environment to treat addiction. Making sure that our clients can enjoy their recovery in a relaxed, peaceful and calm environment is our main priority here at Cassiobury Court. Our communal lounges and beautiful outside spaces are perfect for our clients to enjoy private time as well as using their own personal space.

  • 21 single bedrooms
  • A mixture of shared bathrooms or 10 individual en-suite rooms
  • Private individual therapy rooms
  • Comfortable communal lounge and dining area
  • Distraction-free settings
  • Large multi-purpose group activity room
  • Comfortable TV lounge
  • External courtyard and outside seating area
  • Wellbeing services
  • Tranquil gardens
  • Around the clock care
  • Nutritional food

Cassiobury Court treats a range of Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Not only do Cassiobury Court treat Addictions, but there are treatment options available for Mental Health Disorder including Food Addiction, Binge Eating, Obesity and Anorexia. Treatments including Rehabilitation, Detoxification, Holistic Therapies and Personalised Aftercare programmes are available for all types of Addiction and Mental Health Issues listed below.

Where can I find Cassiobury Court?

Cassiobury Court

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a UK approved Addiction Treatment provider?
Cassiobury Court is a CQC approved Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, which offer treatment options for Addiction and Mental Health Disorders.
How do I get help for a friend or family member?
Help is available through private rehab when considering referrals and interventions. You can input a family and friend referral here at Cassiobury Court to motivate the acceptance of rehab. Experiencing our facilities will only be possible with acceptance, yet your help can activate this by sharing concerns and the benefits of recovery.
How do I know I am picking the correct Rehab for me?
The right rehab clinic, to select, will be one that will cater to your personal needs, while also offering a wide range of necessary and nice-to-have services and facilities. Inpatient care that promotes personalisation is a must, following CQC quality and regulations. Yet it’s also important to consider your needs, budget, location, and requirements via rehab when selecting.
What are the most common Treatments for Addiction?
Detoxification, rehabilitation, individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention and aftercare are among the most common treatments for addiction. As addictions often coexist with mental health disorders, dual diagnosis is also a common treatment. However, it should be noted that for these treatments to be effective, they must be personalised to your needs.