Prescription drugs, illicit substances, and alcohol are all addictive, no matter their classification, found to impact physical wellbeing and mental health. Through their abuse, risks of addiction are high as drugs and alcohol interact with the body and brain by causing significant changes.

Reducing the risks of addiction or treating an existing problem is possible, by completing a wide range of therapeutic techniques and rehabilitation efforts. Managing addiction and its recurring nature is also likely, by working through long-term planning, behavioural changes, and relapse prevention planning.

Available through drug and alcohol rehab, result-driven addiction treatment and detoxification plans can be accessed to begin the process. Beneficial for diagnosing, understanding, treating, and managing addiction, rehab programmes are available in personalised forms here at Addiction Advocates.

By finding and checking into a private drug and alcohol rehab in Thamesmead Moorings we can help you experience the highest standard of care through our network. Contact our addiction specialists for further guidance on leading a life without the influence of alcohol and drugs. We’re here on a 24/7 basis, accessible on 0800 012 6088.

How does rehab work?

Rehab works by offering a private, safe, and medically accredited process which benefits addiction recovery. Providing various tools and techniques to get better and heal from addiction, rehab is designed to treat various types and levels of substance abuse.

Plans via drug and alcohol rehab are bespoke, working to personal circumstances and diagnoses. With that, a strong foundation of support, treatment and direction is available, focusing on short and long-term recovery. Led by medical, therapeutic and addiction specialists, treatment sessions and techniques help to promote withdrawal and rehabilitation.

Offering a range of steppingstones, rehab provides a safe chance to detox from drugs and alcohol. It’s also encouraged as a process as it offers many mental health benefits and helps to prevent future relapse. Bringing together a variety of treatment types, lifestyle tools, relapse prevention plans and an aftercare plan, rehab works by motivating healthy and sustainable change.

Rehab can be experienced on an inpatient basis, with the chance to immediately check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Thamesmead Moorings. Organised over a 28-day timeline, a thorough, consistent, and focused treatment plan can be worked through to heal at a comprehensive rate. Each steppingstone of private rehab will work towards addiction recovery and how to manage long-term sobriety.

Outpatient treatment is also a common option, available on the NHS. Regular visits will be promoted, whilst juggling day to day responsibilities. Yet as addiction is an unpredictable condition, visits can be less impactful when compared against residential rehab and are also found to prolong the recovery process.

What happens during drug and alcohol rehab?

Private rehab offers the model setting to reside in. It delivers a safe, comfortable, fully discrete, and medically supported environment. It also motivates change, by removing drugs and alcohol, along with their influences and triggers.

By checking into a CQC drug and alcohol rehab in Thamesmead Moorings you can expect to reside in a private setting whilst working through core addiction treatments and plans. Taking into account individual responses to drug and alcohol exposure, a bespoke plan of evidence-based methods will be created.

Following a 28-day timeline, daily treatment sessions will be held, facilitated, and encouraged by a dedicated team of professionals. Providing access to therapy sessions of individual, group and holistic kinds, treatment is a comprehensive process. Every symptom, trigger and area of life will be focused on in order to heal from addiction.

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol will also be necessary, working alongside rehabilitation efforts. Through a safe environment, drug and alcohol withdrawal can be worked through, as can withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and urges.

Addiction treatment plans will also include a range of tools to strengthen recovery, including relapse prevention planning sessions, mental health support, lifestyle management and aftercare. Recommended to manage addiction, various steppingstones are offered to strengthen addiction recovery and its longevity.

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Addiction therapy & treatment options

Evidence-based addiction therapies and treatments are offered through private rehab. The most effective will be recommended to each client, gauged through the rehab admissions process.

By understanding individual needs and experiences with drugs and alcohol, both withdrawal and rehabilitation can be aimed for through addiction treatment. All treatment sessions will be observed by addiction specialists and will always include leading techniques and tools.

Medical alcohol and drug detox

Detoxing will be the first action whilst residing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Thamesmead Moorings. Without such medical intervention, detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be tough, due to expected withdrawal symptoms. With medical assurance, symptoms can be worked through along with any further health and wellbeing concerns.

The detoxification process can take up to 10 days to benefit from, detaching physically from drugs, alcohol, and their influences. A comfortable process can be expected through the setting of private rehab, helping to detox, restore and stabilise, ready for addiction therapy.

Therapy for addiction

Therapy sessions are designed to treat the psychological and emotional triggers and symptoms of addiction. They are included to improve mental health, to boost awareness and understanding, and to disengage any emotional reinforcements.

A wide range of therapy sessions are offered, most underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy. Depending on your individual habits and behaviours, a range of therapy sessions will be recommended. The likes of dialectical behavioural therapy, support groups, art therapy, group therapy, family therapy, one-to-one therapy, and psychotherapy are used to rehabilitate the mind.

Also effective through dual diagnosis concerns, therapy sessions are used to work through any mental health conditions. Sessions will be tailored depending on whether symptoms are pre-existing or have developed through substance abuse.

A long-term focus is found through therapy for drug and alcohol addiction. Sustainable tools and plans are offered through rehab to manage sobriety and the psychological changes that it will carry.

How long is rehab?

If you select to complete an NHS outpatient rehab programme, timelines are understandably longer due to demands. Waiting lists are expected, followed by 6–12-month treatment plans.

By instead selecting residential rehab, a 28-day programme can be arranged and worked through. In some cases, programmes may be prolonged up to 90 days, depending on personal circumstances and responses. Yet the average residential stay can be completed over a month, followed by an aftercare plan which lasts 12 months.

Through our services at Addiction Advocates, we can help you access instant support, followed by a time-sensitive rehab plan.

Cost of alcohol and drug rehab

The type and length of treatment that’s completed will fluctuate the cost of rehab. Personal quotes are offered prior to your admission, to make sure that rehab can be funded and is affordable for your budget.

Via a local CQC treatment centre, rehab programmes can begin at £3,000 and can cost up to £10,000, depending on specialisms and standards of care.

Being aware of the financial commitment of private rehab, prior to an admission, is very important. It’s also wise to be mindful of the funding of rehab, making sure that the most suitable arrangement is made. With our team, the most viable rehab option can be secured.

Nearest CQC registered rehab in Thamesmead Moorings

We work alongside a network of CQC registered rehab clinics here at Addiction Advocates. The most convenient and accommodating rehab clinic for your location of Thamesmead Moorings will be Cassiobury Court, our Watford based specialist clinic.

To arrange your admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Thamesmead Moorings, reach out to our admissions team. Alternatively, we can provide further information by texting HELP to 83222.

Frequent Questions

Can I Succesfully Complete Rehab?
Yes, rehab is designed to help people who have alcohol problems or addictive habits. It’s structured with success in mind, by firstly promoting detoxification from alcohol. Secondly, it helps to tackle the psychological and emotional ties that are found through alcohol abuse. Lastly, it offers the tools and a plan of action to remain sober, spot relapse risks and lead an alcohol-free lifestyle. Whilst alcoholism cannot be cured, it’s a treatable and manageable condition, best overcome through alcohol rehab.
What is Rehab like?
Yes, rehab is designed to help people who have alcohol problems or addictive habits. It’s structured with success in mind, by firstly promoting detoxification from alcohol. Secondly, it helps to tackle the psychological and emotional ties that are found through alcohol abuse. Lastly, it offers the tools and a plan of action to remain sober, spot relapse risks and lead an alcohol-free lifestyle. Whilst alcoholism cannot be cured, it’s a treatable and manageable condition, best overcome through alcohol rehab.
How To Attend Rehab?
You can look to attend a drug rehab by contacting our team at Addiction Advocates. We’re armed with advice and the backing of a reputable network of CQC registered rehab clinics. By reaching out, a referral can be made to begin the admissions process. Arrangements can then be formed around your needs to help you transition over to a drug and alcohol rehab in Thamesmead Moorings. Everything from the costs of rehab to the experience that you’ll have will be considered in advance to make sure that rehab meets your expectations. Admissions are reliable and can be completed quickly, if necessary, to access drug rehab.