Do you find that you have reached a point in your life where you have found that you have had enough of the role that alcohol and/or drugs play in your day-to-day existence?

The long-lasting repercussions that substance misuse and/or alcoholism have on the human body can be life-limiting, so it is of the utmost importance that you waste no more time in taking advantage of a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Esher.

Making the decision to accept the help of a professional drug and alcohol facility is a large-scale life-changing experience, all for the better.

Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol services are not only committed to getting you sober during your stay at our facility, but we will vehemently work towards ensuring that you remain sober for the duration of your life after your course of treatment.

In order for you to start taking advantage of a bespoke treatment plan administered by some of the best addiction specialists in the industry, then simply call us today on 0800 012 6088 or Text HELP To 83222.

Although, if you are perhaps instead of looking to start getting help for a colleague, loved one, or friend then you are able to enquire via our helpline about our family and friend referral options.

Approaching a loved one about their substance misuse and/or alcoholism is a difficult process, and our teams of addiction specialists will be able to help you through planning and executing the intervention as well as getting your loved on the help they need.


What A Stay At Addiction Advocates’ Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Can Do For You

There is a variety of options for you to consider when you are looking into professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.

However, when it comes to the best chances of achieving long-term recovery, you cannot make a better choice than a residential rehab, such as that which Addiction Advocates offers, which also provides a personally structured recovery plan.

The reason why overcoming a long-standing addiction without professional medical assistance is so difficult is the fact that conquering drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction requires serious alteration to your behaviours and mental state.

Such a severe realignment of your emotional, mental, and behavioural state simply cannot be accomplished without the guidance of a highly-trained therapist.

Our therapists also have a wealth of experience under their belt and will have your pre-admission interview answers in order to best inform the route that your recovery journey takes.

The pre-admission interview will occur when you first make contact with our staff and express your desire to overcome your drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction.

All of the answers that you provide us with will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, and will only be used so that we can ascertain the best possible treatments to administer.

No two successful recovery journeys are the same, and this is quite simply because no two individual’s experience with addiction is the same.

Therefore, we never want two of our clients to experience the same treatment plan, hence why all of our client’s recovery plans are tailored to their unique requirements and experiences.


Starting Your Recovery With A Physical Detox

A physical dependency upon narcotics and/or alcohol naturally means that your physiology has arrived at a point where it physically requires the substance to function.

It is for this reason that, when you stop taking the substance that you are addicted to, you will start to undergo withdrawal symptoms.

Much like with most aspects of addiction, the form and severity that withdrawal will take will depend largely on the specific situation that the person suffering from it is experiencing.

These factors may include the likes of how long you have been an addict, if you have recovered and relapsed in the past (as enduring withdrawal after already having gone through it makes it significantly worse), and what specific kind of addiction you are overcoming.

With the assistance of a detox clinic at one of Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, you will be carefully medicated and monitored by medical support staff as you endure this process.

The medication you receive will be dependent upon your specific addiction, and the medication will be designed to lessen the side effects of withdrawal, which can include the likes of sweating, heart palpitations, vomiting, anxiety, paranoia, fatigue, insomnia, and chronic muscle pain.


The Mental Challenge Of Overcoming Your Addiction Can Then Begin

Having endured the process of alcohol withdrawal and/or substance misuse withdrawal, the challenge of realigning your emotional and behavioural mindset in order to start living a life where addiction is not at the centre of your mind 24/7 can begin.

A lot of people think that the act of flushing the negative substances out of your physiology is what recovery is, but changing the way you think about addiction is at the heart of recovery.

Our facilities are constantly filled with therapists, medical professionals, and support workers who are highly trained at helping you through the psychological element of recovery.

Some of the specific treatments that focus on your brain include the likes of grief counselling/support sessions, one-to-one therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), group support counselling (lead by a medical professional), family drug support outreach sessions, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), art and music therapy, coping with stress coaching, and much, much more.

No one person can overcome addiction, and there is no shame in accepting help in achieving your recovery dreams.

The psychological therapies, as mentioned above, will have you delve into the deepest parts of your psyche in order to unearth the very root cause of your addictive disorder.

This is the key to making a full recovery and is something that only a trained professional can help you to achieve.