If you are struggling with an addiction, you may be considering all of your options regarding addiction treatments. With this in mind, you may be thinking about attending a rehab in Madrid and this may have brought you to our page.

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Attending rehab in Spain is a different experience when compared to attending drug and alcohol rehab in the UK. A few obvious benefits of travelling to Spain to complete your treatment include anonymity. However, the different treatment options and the distance away from home aren’t right for everyone.

Reach out to us today, and we will be happy to give you advice on the process of completing your addiction treatment in Madrid. You can make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and experiences.


What is a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

When you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you will depend on drugs or alcohol due to strong cravings for the substances. It may also be called alcohol dependence, alcoholism, or drug dependence. Addictions usually occur due to substance abuse. This is where you partake in unhealthy and dangerous habits such as drinking or taking drugs every day or drinking large amounts in one go regularly.

Addictions are a chronic disease. You should never consider your addiction a lack of willpower or view it as a weakness.

Luckily, there is help out there for addictions. Contact us today if you want to learn more about alcohol and drug rehab treatments and how they could benefit you.


What Are the Main Symptoms of an Addiction?

Below is a list of the most common signs and symptoms that you may have become dependent on alcohol or drugs:

  • You can’t stop drinking or taking drugs
  • You can’t control how much you are consuming
  • You need to consume more substances to feel the same results
  • You have withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming the substance
  • You have given up other activities in favour of substances
  • You have tried and not succeeded in quitting or cut back on how much you consume
  • You continue to consume substances despite the negative effects on your life


How to Prepare for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Madrid

It takes a lot of devotion and commitment if you are ready to go through with your addiction recovery. You must be extremely committed if you’re planning on going through your recovery in another country. This is why it’s important to ensure that it’s the right decision for you before you jump straight into it.

Below is a list of things that you can do to make the process much easier and less anxiety-inducing for you:

Do the Research

It’s important to learn as much as possible about attending rehab in Spain before going ahead with it. In most cases, the rehab structure will be the same as if you were going to rehab in this country. This includes an initial drug and alcohol detox followed by various treatments and therapies. Be sure to look up the common treatments in Spain and familiarise yourself with what you can expect, as some of the treatments provided in Spain may differ from those provided in the UK.

Speak to Our Team

If you want to learn more about rehab in Spain, we recommend you get in touch with us. Finding out what you need to know should be as stress-free as possible, and that is why we have a team of advisors on hand to answer all of the questions you may have. We can provide you with the detailed information you need to know everything you need to know. If you are unsure of anything, we can ensure that you are well-equipped with the information needed before committing to a rehab programme in Madrid.

Find Someone to Go with You

Many people struggle with travelling alone – especially without someone else’s support. This is particularly true when you are travelling for rehab treatment. If you can, consider taking someone with you to Spain for support. If you have someone nearby, this will be a nice reminder that you are supported and loved during your recovery process. If you choose to do this, be sure to take someone encouraging you to get sober. This will help you avoid any temptations of relapsing.


What Happens at Rehab in Madrid?

The stages of rehab are basically the same in Spain as they are over here. Your treatment plan will always start with an alcohol and drug detox. This aims to cleanse your system of all the harmful substances so that you can move on to further treatments and therapies with a clear mind.

Once your detox is complete, you will go forward with your daily therapies. These will be in sessions as a group and individually. The specific types of therapy that you go through may be different as different countries may favour a different approach. However, the basic treatments, psychotherapy and counselling, tend to be offered at most rehab centres worldwide.


Reach Out For Help Today

If you have been struggling with an addiction for some time and would like help, it’s important to reach out for professional assistance as soon as possible. The longer you leave an addiction untreated, the worse it will get and the more difficult it will be for you to recover fully. This is why it is essential that you reach out for the help you need as soon as you realise you have a problem with substances.

If you want to learn more about rehab, the treatments available, and what it’s like to recover from an addiction, call our team today on 0800 012 6088. Our team are here to provide you with the advice you need to get started with your recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the admissions process for rehab?
Before any stay in rehab you must complete a thorough admission process. This is to ensure you get the right treatment in the right place to suit your own individual needs. This will involve an initial assessment and interview to gauge the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction and determine the type of programme that will suit you best, as well as a medical examination. The medical assessment will help ensure you are safe to progress through the detox and treatments involved in the rehabilitation process.
What do I bring with me to rehab?
When the time comes for you to commence treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Bushey, your chosen rehab will provide you with a list of recommended items to take with you. Recommended items often include nightwear, comfortable day wear, outdoor wear, toiletries, prescription medication, reading materials, and electronic devices, such as mobile phones and laptops. It should be noted that any toiletries will need to be alcohol-free. You may also need a doctor’s note for prescription medication.
Do we support your mental health during your addiction treatment?
Yes, this is integral to your recovery. It’s so important to take care of your mental health, whether you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs or not. Our team are highly trained and very motivated to helping you improve your mental health during your stay at our drug and alcohol rehab Ruislip. We’re also well prepared to support a dual diagnosis should you have one; this is when a person is suffering from poor mental health in addition to a drug or alcohol addiction.