Our advice here at Addiction Advocates, rehab referral specialists is to act on that readiness you have to recover, yet only once you’re set on rehab. You can reach this point by doing your research and by asking those questions to people like us.

Firstly, having the motivation to commit yourself to rehab is a positive sign, one which you should be proud of. Secondly, it is completely natural to have concerns or queries around such an unfamiliar process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

While you may feel overwhelmed, while you may feel a burden, no question is stupid when strongly considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We will do our utmost to support you through this process while helping you find a drug and alcohol rehab in Lincolnshire.

The aim is to access drug and alcohol rehab as soon as you’re ready to do so. By visiting our website, we will assume that you’re likely to be half prepared. Feel entirely prepared by sourcing honest answers around your impending drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience.


What are my expected results via drug and alcohol rehab?

Recovery results are personal to each client. Some will aim for respite, while others hope to reach long-term recovery. There are also a number of personal factors which can strongly direct recovery results. Physical and psychological health, the selected rehab clinic, and response rates to addiction treatment are a few to mention.

Down to this personal impact, we do not want to instil false hope over drug and alcohol rehabilitation capabilities. Yet, through experience, by committing to rehab via our affiliated treatment centres, reaching the foundation of recovery is very likely.

The foundation of recovery is where drug and alcohol withdrawal has successfully been achieved. Psychological realignment has also been reached. Relapse prevention will also be strong, helping to continue sober living back in Lincolnshire.

With this in mind, by completing a suited rehab programme and fully investing yourself, you can reach this recovery milestone, positioned to continue towards long-term recovery.

Please do not feel disheartened when we state that a cure is unavailable, that an overnight treatment is non-existent, and that long-term recovery cannot be reached from the start. Like anything worth having in life, grit and time will be necessary within drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


How can I find a drug and alcohol rehab in Lincolnshire?

If you are ready to recover and to experience your own personal rehab journey, we can assist at Addiction Advocates. Through our approach, we will assess your current stance with drugs and alcohol. From here, we can offer realistic recommendations when considering rehab programmes, and the most ideal delivery of rehab when focusing on your needs.

If visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lincolnshire is suitable for you, we will highlight this, soon followed by an efficient admission. Offering reassurance, we can prioritise your needs and your ability to experience the true value of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, safely and effectively.

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How long will addiction treatment take?

The timescale of active addiction treatment will depend on the exact treatment options you complete. Some individuals can recover from a standalone detox programme, carrying a 7 to 10-day timescale. In the majority of cases, that will be possible for those suffering from substance abuse.

For clients struggling with addiction, a mix of physical and psychological addiction treatment options will be recommended. You can expect to complete detoxification, CBT, stress management, relapse prevention and therapy. Through this mix, the average rehab programme will last a 28-day period, helping you move through the expected recovery milestones.

It’s also important to note that addiction treatments will continue post-residential rehab, through an aftercare programme. Here, the likes of support groups and therapy will be available, as and when required to support your long-term recovery efforts.


Is a drug and alcohol detox important?

Yes, drug and alcohol detox programmes are very important, usually recommended at the start of every rehab stay. Detoxification will motivate physical withdrawal, which is imperative when considering addiction recovery.

Understandably, detoxing from drugs and alcohol will carry its tests. Withdrawal symptoms will likely throw you off. However, through the support of medical professionals, through a comprehensive personal rehab programme, through alternative addiction treatment options, those tests will soon pass.

Without a drug and alcohol detox, traces will remain in the body. Over time, those traces will resurface as cravings, posing the risk of restarting the addiction cycle. Reduce any possible risks by trusting a highly utilised and important addiction treatment option.


How will my mental health impact recovery?

Your mental health will have a significant impact on recovery and your experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lincolnshire. Unfortunately, you may have encountered mental health weaknesses, such as feelings of anxiety or paranoia. This is very common when living with an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Mental health issues can also show themselves through withdrawal symptoms. Down to physical and psychological shocks and changes, cognitive imbalances are common. Here is where those negative, testing moments can present themselves.

Down to these risks, down to the fact that your state of mind can help or hinder recovery, your mental health will be taken seriously through rehab. You’ll be provided with a dedicated counsellor to help you through the highs and lows of rehab. Dual-diagnosis treatment will also be promoted to help those in need to overcome both strengths of illness.

Without a strong, healthy mind, there is a likelihood that rehab will stand as a pointless move. Those negative emotions can hinder the ability to withdraw and to change outlooks on substance abuse. With this in mind, great levels of support will be available via your chosen drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

Helping you remain local, at Addiction Advocates, we can support you through your admission, securing a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Lincolnshire. Yet, before we do so, gaining greater clarity of your next steps is recommended. Prepare yourself for rehab and benefit from an easier, smoother transition, ready to embark on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.