If you’re set on visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire, it is firstly important to understand whether this rehab route is suitable for you.

Although localised recovery is highly advocated, for some, it can pose a challenge when considering drug and alcohol withdrawal. 

If localised recovery is possible for you, selecting between outpatient and residential rehab is also just as important.

Many individuals will believe that outpatient rehab can be experienced by them, even if a chronic drug and alcohol addiction is present. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is untrue, down to the challenges associated with drug and alcohol triggers.

On the other hand, many individuals will set themselves up for residential rehab, when in fact, autonomy will work better for them through outpatient rehab.

Down to the unique experience of rehab, down to personal responses to drugs and alcohol, and down to susceptibility of rehab, working with rehab referral specialists is recommended, helping you select the most fitting delivery of rehab.

Both outpatient and residential rehab will offer recovery results, to a degree. However, for you personally, one will be greater than the other when benchmarked against your addiction makeup and initial causation. At Addiction Advocates, we can help you make this decision, ensuring that you are encountering the greatest exposure to drug and alcohol rehab.


The benefits of outpatient rehab

Outpatient rehab is a highly beneficial option, especially for those with minimal psychological associations to drugs and alcohol. Naturally, a medically supervised drug and alcohol detox will firstly be encouraged. From this point, once the physical withdrawal has been achieved, a personal programme of addiction treatment options will be provided on a weekly basis.

With this in mind, outpatient rehab offers great levels of autonomy, which is favoured by those who hope to continue life as normal through rehab. A further benefit of outpatient rehab is that you can experience an extra degree of support, from your loved ones and environment.

If you do reside in a positive environment, where drugs and alcohol are disabled, this will be highly beneficial, acting as a motivator for many individuals.

The benefits of outpatient rehab are readily available for a proportion of individuals to experience. However, this will commonly only stand for those who can thrive through independence, through exposure to familiarity, and through the ability to carry on as normal.

Outpatient rehab is suitable for those who have a greater timeframe when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire, under this level of support, weekly sessions will be offered. This service can span between 6-12 months, making it a longer, yet potentially progressive rehab experience.


The benefits of residential rehab

Residential rehab falls at the other end of the scale, which is suited for those who struggle with both physical and psychological associations to drugs and alcohol. Here’s where clients will reside from their chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire, experiencing more of a comprehensive rehab programme, rather than weekly sessions.

A wide range of addiction treatment services will follow a drug and alcohol detox, which will be completed under one roof and supervised by medical professionals.

A key benefit of residential rehab, ideal for those with addiction diagnosis, is the distance it offers from reality. Many individuals suffering from addiction will struggle through emotional, social or environmental triggers. Those triggers will be found throughout everyday life in Herefordshire.

By maintaining exposure to those triggers, outpatient rehab can be very challenging. Yet, through residential rehab, those triggers can be controlled.

In addition, you’ll have the scope to complete an intensive rehab programme, full of progressive addiction treatment services. You can expect to complete the likes of CBT, stress management, relapse prevention, wellbeing services and post-rehab planning, all within a 28-day period.

This is a much quicker approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation over an outpatient programme. However, through this intensity, reality will need to be paused as you invest yourself into residential rehab.


Selecting the delivery of rehab through a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire

Above are key factors to consider when you do select the delivery of rehab. It is very important that you do select the most suitable option, as for some, urgency is necessary to tackle a drug and alcohol addiction, yet for others, autonomy can disengage substance abuse.

It’s also important to consider your environment. If you live in a positive environment, outpatient rehab will be suited via a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire. Yet, if you reside in a drug and alcohol-fuelled area, residential rehab will be a better option to control your triggers.

At Addiction Advocates, we can help you with this decision on your admission. By understanding the makeup of your addiction, along with your response to rehab, we can guide you in the right direction when considering the delivery of drug and alcohol rehab.

Both routes are successful, highly utilised forms of rehab. However, to offer the full value of rehab, you should select the most suited, rather than the most convenient form.


Our referral services here at Addiction Advocates

Alongside guiding you through your decision, we can also help you through our referral service here at Addiction Advocates. While getting to know your needs, we can form a profile, directing our recommendations of rehab and addiction treatment services.

Those recommendations will help you with sourcing and selecting the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire, along with the delivery of rehab. By using our services, you can feel secure with your selection, that you’re experiencing the safest, most effective form of rehab, for your needs.

You can also benefit from an efficient admission, where all arrangements can be made for you, ready for either your outpatient or residential rehab programme.

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire may be a firm decision for you. If so, this is noteworthy, as you’re already steps ahead into your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. Yet, before powering ahead, it is important that you work to find the most suitable rehab programme, for you.

Work with our team to find this at Addiction Advocates, standing as rehab referral specialists who truly care.