At Addiction Advocates, we understand how overwhelming this process can be. We also appreciate the negative link between localised recovery and recovery rates.

However, before you write off a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, it’s important to know that those negative, challenges and risks are commonly linked to outpatient rehab.

Outpatient rehab on a local scale can be near enough impossible for those suffering with a physical and psychological drug and alcohol addiction. From undesired independence, long recovery periods and exposure to drug and alcohol influences, this form of localised recovery will be discouraged.

Yet, through residential rehab, you can be sure of localised recovery and your capability to benefit from it. Through our services, we can help you see the value of localised recovery, along with selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester and completing an efficient admission.

Before writing any form of recovery off, it’s important to understand the benefits of each. Here’s the benefits of remaining close to home, of remaining comfortable, of experiencing familiarity via a Gloucester based treatment centre.


The Benefits of Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Gloucester

As we’ve mentioned above, outpatient rehab will be discouraged for those who suffer from the signs and symptoms of addiction. The increase of independence, the lack of routine, the prolonged rehabilitation period, and the mix of environments can cause instant relapse risks.

However, residential rehab via Gloucester based clinic can provide you with everything you need to recover. The first benefit of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester is that you will experience the familiarity of home, offering convenience and comfort. Comfort can help clients embrace the initial yet very important stages of rehab, offering a quicker response to new environments and processes.

Secondly, remaining local will offer a greater opportunity to activate family involvement. If you wish to include your family and select family therapy, a local rehab clinic can facilitate this for you. Here your family will benefit from a degree of addiction treatment, while also strengthening your support network.

Lastly, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, you will already feel comfortable and will have trust in your existing clinic, ready to also accept aftercare services. Post-rehab can be a vulnerable time. You will however experience a boost by already warming to your selected rehab clinic. In addition, post-rehab addiction treatments will fit nicely into your new routine, making consistent sessions possible.

Although residential rehab may be a new concept, you can benefit from the above, while also experiencing the highest level of care, quality and addiction treatment out there; contributing to benefit your rehabilitation journey.


The Rehab Admission Process With Our Support

If you’re keen to progress ahead, and select a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, here’s all you need to know about our admission process here at Addiction Advocates.

  • Secure your readiness to recover
    Once you’ve reached out to our team, we will get to know you as a person, along with your addiction history. This step is in place to ensure that you are ready to recover. Drug and alcohol withdrawal and rehabilitation are big steps to complete. In addition, recovery is a long-term commitment which must be made in full. With this in mind, we will secure your readiness to recover and act swiftly through the rehab admission process. If you do require greater preparation, we will advise this prior to advancing through the next steps.


  • Assess your drug and alcohol addiction
    If you’re ready to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, we will then assess your drug and alcohol addiction. This step is imperative to ensure that we understand your personal needs, budget and current addiction level.
    Please be reassured that this information will remain confidential and will only be used for the purpose of rehab recommendations.


  • Filter down appropriate drug and alcohol treatment centres
    Once we have an idea of your needs and understand the makeup of your drug and alcohol addiction, we will begin to search through local treatment centres. The aim is to filter down appropriate drug and alcohol treatment centres, only including those that meet your personal needs. Suitability is very important when embarking on drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Without it, you may complete a pointless rehab programme, an unsafe set of addiction treatments, or a treatment plan out of your budget.


  • Offer recommendations
    By now, we will have a clear understanding of your needs. Here we will stand strong to offer our specialist recommendations. We will recommend the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, we will recommend the most effective delivery of rehab, and we will also recommend safe and proactive addiction treatment options. Although the final decision is down to you, we encourage you to trust our recommendations. We’ve helped individuals just like you experience the most fulfilling and progressive rehab encounters out there, down to securing suitability.


  • Place your referral into rehab
    If you’re happy with our recommendations, we can activate your referral into your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester. A convenient admission date will be set, marking the beginning of your rehab stay.


Reach Out Today For Our Support

Although the above process may feel long-winded, we in fact ensure that efficiency is promoted. We understand how important timing is when commencing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Unnecessary delays can unfortunately disrupt the process, along with reducing your chance to visit the most fitting rehab centre at this current time.

With this in mind, as soon as you feel ready to recover, we invite you to contact our team here at Addiction Advocates. We can run through the above process, setting you up for an admission into your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Gloucester, as soon as possible.

If you’re still unsure whether a Gloucester based treatment centre will work for you, reach out. We can complete the same process for rehab clinics further afield, matching your personal needs.