Do you have a number of questions surrounding the prospect of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark on Trent? Maybe you have some concerns around the process of rehab, maybe you’re worried about your own ability to recover, or maybe you’re unaware of the offering of private rehab.

Down to its unfamiliarity, with the opportunity to visit rehab comes a natural stream of worry, enquiry and of doubt. If you’re experiencing such emotions or feel consumed with questions, this is natural. It in fact showcases how invested you are, that such commitment cannot be made without clear expectations of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

To hopefully move you one step closer to your rehab admission, and ease this time for you, we at Addiction Advocates have collated some of our most relevant questions, to provide insight into rehab, addiction treatment services and into localised recovery.

If you do however have your own questions or anxieties, we urge you to contact our team for reassurance, transparent insight, and for guidance towards drug and alcohol rehab. This is the best way to open yourself up to rehab, by reducing your vulnerabilities and by heightening your strengths to complete drug and alcohol rehab.


Why can’t I detox independently from drugs and alcohol?

Independent detoxification is discouraged for a number of different reasons. Your health and safety are one of the biggest, as drug and alcohol withdrawal can be tough on the body and mind.

Without structure and medical recommendations, significant withdrawal symptoms can be experienced, both tough to work through and dangerous to your wellbeing.

Another reason to avoid detoxing from home is that, in most cases, the withdrawal will not occur, which can in fact aggravate drug and alcohol abuse. The aim is to withdraw from drugs and alcohol rather than heighten your habit. With this in mind, staying clear of unfeasible options is recommended.

Lastly, struggling to detach from drugs and alcohol can be disappointing and disheartening. Such emotions can completely throw you off any future degree of recovery. Your mindset is very important when recovering, which shouldn’t be jeopardised for lone drug and alcohol withdrawal.

The above, along with the lack of capacity to recover on physical and psychological levels should be enough to motivate the option of professional, residential and handheld recovery. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark on Trent will benefit you so much more than the cold turkey approach.


What treatment can I access via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark on Trent?

By selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark on Trent, through our affiliation, you will have access to a wealth of treatment services. However, for the greatest results and levels of comfort, a personalised programme will be formed for you with specialist backing.

With this in mind, treatment recommendations will be made on your admission into rehab, ensuring that feasible and safe addiction treatment options can be accessed. Yet, there’s a strong chance that you’ll need to detox, which will be followed by talking therapies, wellbeing services and relapse prevention planning.

Addiction treatment services will tackle the unique response that you have to drugs and alcohol, along with the consequences of their abuse. By completing appropriate recommendations you’ll have a strong chance of holistic recovery.


How can I overcome the anxiety that I’m experiencing?

If you’re feeling anxious in general, this could be down to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Their presence can cause symptoms of anxiety, which in most cases can be suppressed and managed through dual diagnosis treatment.

If you’re however feeling anxious about visiting rehab, such anxieties can be worked through by familiarising yourself with what’s to come. Ultimately the step that you’re currently taking, by increasing your awareness of recovery options, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark on Trent, you can expect an easier time, increased acceptance and reduced levels of doubt.

Feeling anxious, whether that’s an everyday symptom or a response to rehab is very common and can be worked through with the right support.


How detrimental is long-term drug and alcohol abuse?

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse can be significantly detrimental. That’s why we’re here today, with the aim to promote as many referrals as possible, to voice the benefits of addiction recovery.

By enabling ongoing consumption, life can change on a significant scale, from health concerns to financial worries, legal problems and relationships breakdowns. Reality can significantly adapt with the secured presence of drugs and alcohol, which can then become near enough impossible to break.

Reasonably, developing an addiction isn’t a voluntary action. However, avoiding the detriment of ongoing enablement can be voluntary, by committing to change through rehab. We highly promote this here at Addiction Advocates, whether you select a Newark on Trent located rehab clinic or look further afield, rehab should be a next step, rather than sustained substance abuse.


How will I reduce my exposure to drugs and alcohol?

Prior to visiting rehab, reducing your drug and alcohol exposure will be tough. As you’ll still have a build-up of such substances internally, and as you’ll likely be surrounded by your trigger, reducing your exposure independently can take some grit. This is why an efficient admission is promoted, to provide you with immediate support throughout the detachment phase.

If you’re worried about your exposure on a post-rehab basis, you’ll reduce it by learning new coping strategies, tools and relapse prevention plans to suppress the value and presence of drugs and alcohol. Lifestyle management will also be advocated to help you sustain a lifestyle that removes attachments to drugs and alcohol, from every angle.

You will need to make some sacrifices and some changes in order to avoid and/or suppress drug and alcohol exposure. Yet such changes and commitments will be more than worth it, helping you save your quality of life.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed right now, by digesting the above. However, now is the time to make some decisions, source reassurance and set yourself up for addiction recovery.

Do so by reaching out for more information around selecting and visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newark on Trent with our help.