This is what an addiction to alcohol or drugs does to you.

It has a serious impact on every aspect of your life from destroying your physical and psychological well-being, damaging relationships with family and friends, and ruining your finances, it’s essential that you seek professional support from a recognised drug and alcohol rehab immediately.

Here at Addiction Advocates, our rehab in Tewkesbury has an excellent record of delivering highly effective addiction treatments to those who need it most.

We’ve helped countless people overcome their drug and alcohol abuse by utilising evidence-based therapies within a personalised treatment programme.

We pride ourselves on providing the latest techniques in a luxurious rehabilitation centre, delivered by an exceptional team of experts.

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What is the most effective way to overcome Drug and Alcohol abuse?

When it comes to receiving drug and alcohol treatment, there’s a variety of methods available to you. It’s possible to seek help from free local health services like the NHS however, it’s likely that you’ll be added to a long waiting list to receive a generic treatment programme.

Unfortunately, the NHS are so overstretched and underfunded, they’re unable to offer immediate access to treatments, nor can they provide a personalised programme for each client due to time constraints.

Although this method of treatment is usually free, it’s very unlikely to be effective in helping you overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs, therefore you could become disheartened with any failed attempts using this method.

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is another option; however, this is only really suitable for people dealing with mild drug and alcohol issues.

It’s not highly effective because you’re returning home each night after receiving your treatment where you’ll likely be faced with distractions or negative influences which could tempt you into relapsing.

By far, the most effective way to achieve a long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs is to join a rehabilitation centre on a residential addiction treatment programme.

As you stay at our rehab in Tewkesbury, our exceptional team can supervise your progress and support you every step of way 24/7.

You’ll receive a bespoke treatment programme to suit your needs in addition to home-cooked delicious meals, with all of your laundry and housekeeping needs taken care of, leaving you with only one thing to focus on, your recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


Is it possible to recover from Addiction with Medication alone?

Put plainly, the answer is no. Despite many people attempting to recover with just medication alone and without the support of a recognised rehabilitation centre, it’s not an effective way to overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

Whilst you may see some changes in the short term, these won’t be long-lasting as you haven’t addressed the underlying reasons behind your addiction; our expert recovery workers would help you to identify these reasons along with your triggers through psychological therapies.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Tewkesbury delivers a vast range of therapies including drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), relapse prevention, stress management, mediation therapy for disputes, trauma and abuse counselling, and bereavement therapy.

In addition to these more traditional therapies, we also offer therapies which benefit your well-being, offering you a holistic approach to your addiction treatment.

These include art therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation, self-help sessions, mindfulness, relaxation and sleep therapy, low level laser therapy, and nutrition therapy.

This well-balanced combination of physical, psychological and well-being therapies will certainly give you the greatest opportunity to achieve your long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

To ensure that you’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible at our rehabilitation centre, we also arrange social activities for you to enjoy in your down time. These include group walks or runs, quiz nights, film nights, or family visits.

Having the chance to speak with other people who are in a similar situation to you can be extremely helpful; we recommend that you make the most out of this advantage at our rehab in Tewkesbury.


Can you still join a Drug and Alcohol Rehab if you suffer from Mental Health Issues?

The majority of clients we support through drug and alcohol treatment, are also suffering from poor mental health. It’s much more common than you may think and is completely treatable.

When someone is suffering from both an addiction to alcohol or drugs and mental health issues, we refer to this as a dual diagnosis.

A dual diagnosis can occur when some with poor mental health resorts to drug or alcohol abuse as a way to cope with the strain of their mental health, or vice versa, excessive substance abuse is likely to deteriorate your mental health leaving you with a dual diagnosis.


We offer everyone a free Drug and Alcohol Aftercare Programme

All of our clients normally stay at our drug and alcohol rehab in Tewkesbury for around 28 days. Thereafter, you will return home to continue your journey to recovery with everything you’ve learnt at our rehabilitation centre.

To aid this transition back into home life, we offer all of our clients a free aftercare programme for 12 months.

We have a dedicated aftercare team comprised of addiction counsellors and various other recovery workers who are there to support you in any way they can, in particular with relapse prevention.

If necessary, we can provide an enhanced aftercare service where we offer ongoing therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy or relapse prevention to ensure you continue along the right path towards your long-term recovery.

Our friendly team will be happy to answer any further questions or alleviate any concerns you may have regarding our drug and alcohol rehab in Tewkesbury.

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