Experiencing worries, anxieties, concerns and feelings of distrust are common reactions, standing as part and parcel of considering, deciding upon and starting rehab.

While such emotions are normal, it is however important that you do not become consumed by them, that you do not keep them inside, and that you do not let them deter your chances at rehab.

Instead of internally processing such worries, we at Addiction Advocates encourage you to share them. Reaching out to your loved ones and those you trust is an empowering and securing way to share your concerns about drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Sharing such emotions with our team is also encouraged, which we experience regularly, commonly at the pre-admission stage.

Like the below, if you’re worried about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Letchworth Garden City, reach out, and we will provide reassurance, understanding and reasonable solutions.

The way that you respond to your emotions and opinions can impact your experience of drug and alcohol rehab. Respond proactively by looking to source professional support, insight and guidance, helping you turn your nervous energy into motivation, ready for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

No worry, question or emotion is off bounds here, as we value and respect all clients, their addiction history and their personal stories.


I am worried about the commitment that rehab requires

Rehab does require a significant commitment. Ultimately, a habit can form at a rapid rate of drug and alcohol exposure has been experienced alongside some degree of physical or psychological vulnerability. However, to unravel such a habit can take a lot of time, effort and consistency.

Down to this, yes you must be committed, however, it’s also important to remember that the initial commitment of rehab will only last on average 28 days. Reasonably, you will still need to continue your long-term recovery journey on a post-rehab basis.

Yet, the initial change, the initial detachment and the initial results that you experience can be seen as a short-term sacrifice.

This sacrifice will be worthwhile if you’re ready for rehab, as such services and their standards can help you turn such a commitment into a future lifestyle choice, back in Letchworth Garden City.

If you’re still worried about fulfilling such a commitment, it’s time to consider your why, your motivators and attach them to the next steps of rehab to justify your time, effort and investments.


I am anxious about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Letchworth Garden City

You may be anxious for a number of different reasons. It’s important to understand why in order to move forward from your anxious thoughts or responses.

If you’re worried about rehab as a whole, doing your research, gauging why you’re visiting rehab, and also seeing it as a necessary recovery route will be encouraged. If you’re however anxious about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Letchworth Garden City, to be specific, again it’s essential to understand why.

There can be a number of influential factors which trigger feelings of anxiety, especially around localised recovery. You may be worried about judgment, of the closeness of such rehab offerings, of stigmatisation, or even of negative experiences down to the reviews of others.

We must remind you that only the right rehab experience will be recommended for you. You also do not need to worry about exposure or a lack of privacy surrounding our services, as our affiliations of rehab clinics are private and specialised, even if you remain in Letchworth Garden City.

If you’re still concerned about local rehabilitation offerings, we can look to suppress such feelings by helping you find a suitable rehab programme further afield.


I am distrusting my capabilities to recover

Distrusting and doubting yourself when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation are natural responses, especially for those with significant addictions. Rehab is seen as the hardest steppingstone out there.

While challenges are common, many clients do fulfil rehab and go on to achieve long-term recovery through lifestyle maintenance and relapse prevention.

It’s also important to remember that you once lived without the control of drugs and alcohol, and with the elevating effects of rehab, you can reach this point once again, yet with an even greater quality of life.

Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Letchworth Garden City, you’ll not only work through addiction recovery, but you’ll also develop a lifestyle that is worth living without such substances.


I am experiencing mental health symptoms

Mental health symptoms are unfortunately common when considering excessive drug and alcohol abuse. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoia and further compulsive behaviours can amount from the contents of such drugs, the effects that they induce and the consequences of an addiction diagnosis.

While it’s understandable to worry about such symptoms, help is available via rehab. Dual diagnosis treatment will be promoted, if suitable, to help you work on your mental health, in conjunction with addiction recovery.


I am feeling lost when it comes to long-term recovery

Feeling lost before visiting rehab and after visiting rehab, are common, but for very different reasons. You may currently feel lost down to the unknown of rehab and your capabilities. You’ll likely feel lost on a post-rehab basis as you’ll be manoeuvring a lifestyle that you aren’t currently accustomed to.

Both feelings can be challenging, yet the latter can be managed while you experience the benefits of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. With aftercare, relapse prevention and with lifestyle recommendations, guidance will be present to help you work through long-term recovery.

Right now, you may feel consumed by your worries, you may feel so focused on them that you cannot invest in your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. By reaching out to our team, we can help you adjust your focus, prioritising your exposure to rehab.

Contact our team at Addiction Advocates with your concerns around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Letchworth Garden City. We will soon help you gain perspective and prepare your mindset for drug and alcohol rehab, in the process of securing your experience.