Do you consistently consume drugs and alcohol? Are drugs and alcohol apart of your norm? If so, there’s a likelihood that innocent consumption has developed into something more.

Yet, that something more will depend on your personal enablement of drugs and alcohol, along with your side effects.

Also, depending on your relationship with drugs and alcohol, your next best steps will differ. For some, drug and alcohol rehab will be a necessary, progressive step, especially if physical and psychological associations are present.

For others, that necessity will be lower, where outpatient addiction treatment will be recommended. And for some, a standalone drug and alcohol detox will be enough.

Down to this, it is recommended that you know where you stand with drugs and alcohol, helping to provide expectations of rehabilitation. We can assist you with this at Addiction Advocates, by not only assessing your addiction diagnosis, but by helping you course suitable care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin.

Currently, any form of rehabilitation may feel unnecessary. However, it is important to remember how the positives of drug and alcohol abuse can mask the negatives. Doing this for yourself, now, will reduce the future suffering that you’ll entail.


The signs that drug and alcohol rehab is necessary

If we told you that you’re either on your way to experiencing or are already showing signs of a drug and alcohol addiction, you’ll probably react in disbelief. This is commonly the case for those who believe that rehab is unnecessary, that their consumption is normal, and that drug and alcohol abuse is a positive thing in their lives.

This response is sadly the outlook for many individuals, whether they are living through denial, or genuinely struggle to see beyond the damages caused by substance abuse.

However, by visiting our site, we will assume that some concerns are present over your drug and alcohol relationship. If you are concerned, you’ve done the right thing, by working to acknowledge the signs that drug and alcohol rehab are necessary.

It’s also important to remember that while rehab may come across as a residential, comprehensive offering, ideal for addiction diagnosis, there are different levels and forms of rehab. You may currently be suffering from substance abuse, where detoxification and some guidance will work.

Alternatively, you may sadly suffer from an addiction, where you’ll benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin. Down to a lack of clarity, it’s important that you understand the necessity of professional support.

If you’re experiencing any form of negativity from drugs and alcohol, if you’re encountering withdrawal symptoms of any degree, if you’re consuming drugs and alcohol, now more than ever, or if you’re unable to go period without craving, thinking about or consuming drugs and alcohol, professional rehabilitation will be necessary.

Without professional drug and alcohol rehab, substance abuse will turn into an addiction, an addiction will intensify, becoming chronic, a chronic reality will develop into a dual diagnosis, and a dual diagnosis will deter your future quality of life.

Avoid the realism of an addiction diagnosis, by getting your drug and alcohol problems, treated professionally.


Benefiting from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin

Whether your behavioural habit is mild or chronic, you will benefit significantly from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin. Through our services, this is doable, where you’ll have the chance to encounter the value of both residential rehab and localised recovery, offering both progression and comfort.

In order to understand the correct level of rehab for you, we will complete assessments around your drug and alcohol addiction. Assessments will help to lead the way when considering rehab recommendations, the delivery of rehab and treatment service plans.

Through our services, you can benefit from a reliable admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin, boasting suitability.

Yet, from here, those benefits will continue by providing you with the necessary degree of addiction treatment services to help you heal, wellbeing services to improve your health, and relapse prevention planning to help you maintain sobriety.

Through your current outlook, this level of intervention may feel like too much. Yet, to tackle a physical and psychological addiction, structured and intensive programmes must be completed, which you can access through rehab.


Addiction treatment on a residential basis

The driving force of addiction recovery is addiction treatment services. There is a wide range available via our affiliated rehab clinics. Yet, to elevate their value even greater, completing addiction treatment on a residential basis will be recommended.

Here, you’ll reside from a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin, while completing a personal rehab programme, full of drug and alcohol treatment options.

The key advantage of selecting a residential programme is that you will be provided with a tailored plan full of fitting addiction treatment services. This approach will boost progression, will ensure that you’re safe, will promote the fulfilment of recovery milestones, and will tackle your addiction intensively.

By selecting residential rehab, you can benefit from this level of addiction treatment, while also encountering leading ongoing care, optimal settings to recover from, comprehensive rehab programmes, working around your needs, and the security of aftercare services.

Realistically, this approach to rehab may be unnecessary for you, which we will gauge at Addiction Advocates, through our assessment stage. Yet, in most cases, for an addiction diagnosis, whether knowingly or unknowingly, this structure will be recommended.


Self-help tips for before and after rehab

If you’re unsure where you stand with drugs and alcohol, however, have concerns, there are some self-help tips you can complete before and after rehab.

Before rehab, it’s time to:

    • Acknowledge your problems with drugs and alcohol
    • Do your research around addiction recovery
    • Open up to loved ones or those you trust
    • Observe your behaviours when under the influence of drugs and alcohol
    • Look to withdraw professionally

After rehab, it’s time to:

    • Remain honest with yourself
    • Keep an eye out for any signs of relapse
    • Suppress any drug and alcohol cravings
    • Maintain a positive lifestyle
    • Reduce drug and alcohol exposure
    • Make use of ongoing aftercare services

No matter which degree of rehab you require, completing the above steps will help you keep realistic about your consumption/attempt to remain sober.

Currently, you may struggle to see the impacts of drug and alcohol abuse. Yet, by practising the above self-help tips, you’ll soon see the value of rehab.

If you’ve already grasped the necessity of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hitchin, for residential addiction treatment, reach out today. There are a number of benefits waiting for you to experience, promoting a drug and alcohol-free future.