People who find themselves at this webpage are often also finding themselves to be in the throes of a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, and seriously considering the need for professional drug and alcohol rehab treatment in helping them overcome these hurdles.

Here at Addiction Advocates we are committed to making sure that everyone who needs professional rehabilitation when overcoming drug addiction and/or alcoholism can get the help that they require.

Also, we understand that deciding to take advantage of the help of a rehabilitation centre can be quite a daunting prospect and therefore you may well have a wealth of questions that you will want answering before committing to a program.

However, the longer you delay in getting professional help, the more challenging it may be for you to overcome your drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Therefore, hopefully, this page will provide you with all of the necessary information about attending drug and alcohol rehab, as well as explaining why a residential private rehab will be the best possible avenue for you to take on the path to a complete and well-rounded recovery from addiction.

Furthermore, if you are here as you have become concerned about the drug or alcohol habits of a friend or loved one, then here at Addiction Advocates we can work via family and friend referral schemes.

These will allow us to work with you in order to get your friend or family member the help that they desperately need in a tactful and safe manner. However, you may still benefit from reading the following information about our renowned recovery practices in order to quell any concerns you may have.


How Best To Ready Yourself For Rehab

Prior to fully committing to a rehabilitation program, it’s integral that you are completely prepared. If you do not do your utmost to increase your psychological and physical desire to recover, private residential rehab in Wilmslow programs may be able to offer little value when it comes to your likelihood of achieving a full.

Due to the fact that rehab will be a new environment and process to most, many of our clients can begin rehab with the false idea that it will be an easy journey.

These clients often live under the misconception that a short stay will magically result in a long-lasting cure for their drug addiction or alcoholism. But, this sadly is not the case for a large proportion of individuals, in such cases whereby a dedicated period of rehabilitation is needed.

Detoxing from alcohol and/or drugs is a challenging process at every stage of the journey. From initial detoxification side-effects and the notion of sharing intimate personal experiences to the general stay in the rehabilitation environment, it may be a difficult procedure to get through.

Although, by mentally preparing yourself, and by making sure that you are in the right mindset and environment to recover, we are certain that you will be able to benefit from our rehab centre.

Bearing these notions in mind, we advise that you begin to truly acknowledge your drug and/or addiction. This may be done by opening up to family members friends or considering conversing with professional addiction counsellors.

By taking these beginning steps, you will find yourself to be in the perfect mind-frame for recovery, a mind-frame which will lead you into a future free of drugs and alcohol, no matter what obstacles may present along the way.


What Are The Treatment Options That We Provide At Addiction Advocates?

During your stay at one of our private drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities, you will reap the benefit of a range of both commonplace and highly-specialised treatment methods.

Although, dependent upon your personal previous relationship with drugs and/or alcohol — as well as any mental or behavioural disorders you may present with — a completely personalised combination of treatment avenues will be worked into your recovery journey.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we want to make sure that both your mind and your body enjoy recovery from your drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction does not affect a person’s mind or body indecent of one another, addiction attacks both a person’s mind and body.

Therefore, you’ll experience both physical and psychological forms of addiction treatment during your stay at our rehab in Wilmslow.

You will initially require a stay at our drug and alcohol detox clinic to see you through the primary alcohol withdrawal or drug withdrawal symptoms.

The staff at our detox clinic will help you through this process with a medically-assisted detox, in order to make sure that any withdrawal side-effects are managed and controlled during the process.

Following your stay at the detox clinic, you will then be provided with a series of therapy sessions (both one-to-one sessions and group sessions) such as art therapy, exposure therapy, dual-diagnosis treatment, family drug support treatment, stress management classes, relapse prevention, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and more.

However, it is also important to bear in mind that the duration, intensity, and form that your addiction treatment will take will be different for each individual.


Start Recovering With Addiction Advocates Today

By taking advantage of our drug and alcohol rehab programs, you will be able to start on a road that leads to not just a fast recovery, but a long-term recovery that will stay with you for life.

This will also be helped due to the fact that you will be able to benefit from our complimentary one-year aftercare program which will make sure that you stay clean and sober during the crucial first 12 months after leaving our facility.

So, if you are ready to start taking recovery seriously, then please reach out to us here at Addiction Advocates today on 0800 012 6088.

Our passionate and caring staff will be waiting to help you start taking back control of your life, so don’t delay in calling for a free consultation today.