Looking for drug or alcohol rehab in Kilsyth? At Addiction Advocates, our leading rehab referral service could help you to access the right treatment and support – whether you’re worried about yourself, a family member or a friend.

Treatment Options for Addiction in Kilsyth

Just 25 minutes from Glasgow city centre, Kilsyth is a small town in the heart of North Lanarkshire. While there isn’t a dedicated alcohol or drug rehab centre in the town of Kilsyth itself, there are lots of inpatient and outpatient facilities just a short drive away. At Addiction Advocates, we refer individuals to private treatment centres all over the UK. One of these is called Nova Recovery, which is based in Largs, just over 60 minutes away from Kilsyth.

To begin the admissions process to a rehab centre in Scotland, you first need to be referred. This is typically completed by a GP. If you don’t have a GP, you need to register with one of the local GPs in Kilsyth. You’ll need to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms.

At this appointment, a GP will also be able to prescribe any medication and will outline local support groups and treatment options. Alternatively, the team at Addiction Advocates can make the referral for you. Simply get in touch via phone or email.

As well as making a referral to an addiction recovery treatment centre, a GP can also recommend local meetings in Kilsyth. This includes Alcoholics Anonymous AA meetings and Narcotics Anonymous NA. These meetings take place every week in the likes of Kilsyth, Croy, and Cumbernauld – although you are welcome to attend meetings anywhere.

Not only do these local groups provide essential support and advice but it’s a great place to meet people who are on the same journey as you. Whatever type of rehab centre you choose, whether inpatient or outpatient, these community initiatives will become an essential part of your recovery journey.

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Why Choose Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

If you’re looking for rehab in Kilsyth, you’ll most likely have to travel out of the immediate area. When you do, you’ll have a choice between two types of rehab – inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient treatment is where individuals must stay on-site for the duration of their treatment, which is usually 28 days. This is the type of addiction recovery treatment that we refer individuals to.

In contrast, outpatient treatment which is typically provided by the NHS is where individuals return home after receiving therapy at a clinic.

Outpatient treatment is favoured by those who have other commitments. While it can be a necessary lifeline, it is important to remember that you’ll be returning home to recover on your own with limited support. You may also be returning to places where drugs and alcohol are readily available.

For this reason, inpatient treatment offers the best chance of long-term recovery. You might be concerned about being away from loved ones but just think of inpatient treatment as that much-needed respite. Friends and family are also encouraged to visit.


Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It’s important to remember that addiction symptoms can vary from person to person. There is also what’s known as functioning addiction where an individual is seemingly able to control their substance use or it might not even be obvious that they are using regularly. However, just note that addiction can have serious consequences on physical and mental health as well as social and economic situations.

What’s more, if something has made you question either your own behaviour or a loved one’s, then it’s important to not ignore any warning signs.

Some of the most commons signs of addiction include:

  • Experiencing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the substance
  • Wanting to stop taking the substance but not being able to
  • Going to extreme lengths to get the substance
  • Continuing to take the substance despite the consequences it’s having

Addiction is a serious disease that requires medical intervention. At Addiction Advocates, our leading drug and alcohol rehab referral service could help you to get the right treatment. By acting fast, and taking that first step towards recovery, you’re making a good decision for your future. Call today on 0800 012 6088 to start recovery today.


Detox and Therapies Available at Kilsyth Rehab

The private rehab clinics that we work with in the UK are all different but they have one goal: to treat physical addictions and behavioural symptoms. This is achieved through a combination of therapy including talking therapy, creative therapy and counselling. Most of the rehab centres we work with also offer well-being and holistic activities to help individuals to carve out new habits and coping mechanisms.

When you first arrive at rehab, your physical and mental health will be assessed. Before you begin any therapy, it’s important that you complete a drug detox. You might have already tried to complete this. It’s normal to experience side effects called withdrawal symptoms. These include shaking, sweating, stomach issues and muscle aches, and can become more severe with hallucinations and seizures.

A medically-assisted drug or alcohol detox in a rehab centre is the safest and most effective way to do so and you’ll be prescribed medication to help ease these side effects.

Once you have completed the detox, you can then begin a programme of therapy which typically lasts for 28 days. These therapy sessions are usually offered in group and individual sessions and your progress will be monitored throughout. As an inpatient, you’ll also have a private room to call home and all meals will be taken care of so that you can focus on getting better.

A key part of your recovery will be to work on aftercare and relapse prevention to help you to stay on track when your time at rehab comes to an end.


Finding Local Support for Addiction in Kilsyth

Whether you’re looking for addiction recovery treatment for yourself or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place. Not only can our referral service help you to find a centre that best suits your needs but we can guide you through the admissions process.

What’s more, our friendly team is here to answer any questions so you don’t need to worry about anything. Simply pick up the phone today on 0800 012 6088 and take the first step towards your brighter future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can addiction be cured?
Due to the fact that addiction is a chronic illness, the threat of relapse will always be there. Although, learning how to keep the threat of relapse at bay will come to be second nature with the help of relapse prevention planning at a professional rehabilitation centre.
What happens during the Admissions Process?
We know that people with addiction problems are often in denial about the extent of their addiction, which is why we offer services such as family intervention, family referrals and friend referrals. Once the ball is rolling there will be a telephone assessment to determine your needs before finding the right facility.
How long does rehabilitation take?
Most stays in rehab last between 14 and 90 days with 28 days perhaps being the most common. This can vary though depending on your own circumstances and requirements. In general terms, a longer rehab will tend to be more effective as more work can be done through therapy and other treatments.


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