Are you looking for a family and friend referral due to your concerns about a loved one? If so, then Addiction Advocates are here to help.

Our drug and alcohol services are here to help you to overcome your dependency on drug and alcohol and to help you to get your life back on track.

We appreciate that asking for help is tough and you may be in a stage of denial, which is a dangerous state of mind.

But if you are looking for a rehabilitation centre in Cheshire, Addiction Advocates are best placed to help you to overcome an addiction and move forwards with a life free of the influence of substances.

Please call us today on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222 and speak to one of our admissions team.

We won’t judge your situation or your life and many of our staff are themselves recovering addicts, so they fully understand what you’re experiencing and can offer you immediate and practical advice.

Why not see how Addiction Advocates can help you to regain control of your life?


The Impact of a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Many people struggling with an addiction often turn down intervention and rehab – this is because they are in a state of denial and are refusing to face up to the problems they are experiencing.

The longer someone experiences drug and alcohol abuse, the more damage they’re causing both their body and their mind. Almost everyone who suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction requires intervention.

Whilst side effects may be minimal at first, they will develop into more serious issues as time passes.

Drug and alcohol addiction can ruin lives in a very short period, and it wreaks havoc on both a physical and psychological basis. You can lose weight at an unhealthy rate and develop insomnia.

You can fall victim to depression, anxiety and paranoia among many unpleasant disorders. No two people have the same experiences when suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, which is why Addiction Advocates make our treatment personalised and with your long-term recovery in mind.

We will take time before your treatment begins to get to know you as a person and work with you to identify the best treatment programme for your needs.

We will pay particular attention to identifying the root cause of your addiction. This is an essential part of any treatment as we often identify underlying mental health conditions.

This dual diagnosis treatment allows us to treat your addiction as well as any conditions we might identify. This will significantly enhance your chances of enjoying a life free of drugs or alcohol upon completion of your treatment.

Our rehabilitation centres are reasonably priced with no hidden fees, and we’ll be able to find a course of treatment that best suits your budget.

We will almost always recommend a residential approach to your treatment for a duration of 28 days.


Drug or Alcohol Detox

When you first arrive at your rehab in Nantwich, we will perform initial assessments before beginning your treatment. Most of our clients need to spend some time in our detox clinic.

It’s difficult to skirt around the fact that drug or alcohol detox is a very difficult part of your drug and alcohol rehab. However, you’ll be surrounded by support from Addiction Advocates’ medical staff around the clock.

As your access to drugs or alcohol is tapered away, your body will react negatively. This will display through a series of withdrawal symptoms.

These can range from minor to relatively severe and this is why it’s not recommended to undergo a self-enforced detox at home as it could be unsafe.

It’s a tough time for you as your body craves the substances it has grown dependent on. However, our medical team are able to support you with an assisted detox.

They can issue you with prescription medication to ease your discomfort should that be required.

When you have completed your detox, you’ll be able to move on to the rest of our drug and alcohol services.


Addiction Treatment

Addiction Advocates are proud to offer a mix of traditional and holistic approaches to your rehab in Nantwich. We will organise family drug support, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and group therapy with more holistic approaches such as yoga and exercise, stress management and art therapy.

This variety of treatment allows us to consider both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Individual sessions allow you to talk about your problems with experienced and compassionate professionals, who will help to treat the root cause of your addiction and allow you to confront your issues head on.

Group therapy likewise allows you to discuss and share your issues with your peers. This allows opportunities for positive peer pressure, to allow you to explore your recovery journey with your fellow recovering addicts.


Addiction Advocates can help you

Before you leave our care, we will sit down with you in order to discuss your long-term recovery.

Recovering from addiction is a journey as opposed to a one-off event and you’ll need to take responsibility for your actions around drugs and alcohol moving forwards.

Addiction Advocates will provide you with all the tools necessary for you to take control of this new chapter in your life.

We will create a relapse prevention programme to ensure that you continue to follow the good practices that you’ve learned in your time with us, and we’ll give you access to a 24 hour helpline if you need advice or assistance in the often tricky 12 months following your rehab.

Why not call Addiction Advocates today for a no obligation conversation about your drug and alcohol consumption?

Our staff are ready to help you and unlike local NHS services, there’s no wait for our services.

Please don’t delay getting in touch with us – every day you live with an addiction makes it harder to treat.