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We help you to access private luxury drug and alcohol rehab centres across the UK.

We’ve helped thousands of people to beat their substance abuse habits and live a happy and healthier life. The vast majority leave our clinics free of drugs and alcohol, looking forward to a fresh beginning – call us today on 0800 012 6088 to start.

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Are you suffering from Addiction and need help? Addiction Advocates are leading UK based experts in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

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How We Help

It takes courage to admit you have a drug or alcohol addiction problem. Getting treatment from a private drug and alcohol rehab will help you get back to your usual self, ready to start living a positive, healthy, balanced life.

Our admissions team helps you to receive treatment from addiction experts, psychologists, nurses and doctors who continually improve their knowledge to give patients the most effective treatments.

We provide a wide range of therapies if you’re addicted to the following drugs. Can’t see your addiction on the list? We’ve treated all kinds of habits, so call us to discuss your circumstances – we can help.

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Amphetamines
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription drugs
  • Painkillers


Can Addiction Be Cured?

Addiction is a disease. But can it be cured? We believe yes.

You’ve probably heard the term “once an addict, always an addict.” But what this really means is that even if you’re drug or alcohol-free, you’ll always need support to avoid substance abuse. The desire to take drugs or alcohol could always exist in you, but with the proper support, you can stay sober for life.

You will only be free of addiction if you make the right choices. If you’re determined, surround yourself with positive influences, keep your mental health in check, and engage with continuous support, you can live a life without ever touching drugs or alcohol again at alcohol rehab.


Finding A Rehab In Newburn

There are a few different drug and alcohol addiction routes in Newburn: Free NHS treatment and private drug and alcohol rehab.

Your doctor can refer you for local NHS drug treatment. Make sure you tell your doctor everything about your addiction, including what drug you’re taking and for how long, how often you take it and the amounts, and how it’s negatively impacting your life.

NHS treatment is free, but so is demand. There’s usually a long waiting list for treatment – it could take a couple of months, so it’s vital that you have support from family and friends in the meantime. As an NHS outpatient, you’ll likely visit a drug treatment centre near you in Newburn, returning home in the evening.

Addiction Advocates’ drug and alcohol rehab in Newburn is another option. With private drug rehab, you stay as an inpatient for as long as it takes to get you well. For some people, it’s a few weeks minimum, but the average is around a month, with some patients staying for up to three months.

The beauty of private rehab is that the atmosphere, the treatments, and the people around you are all focused on your recovery. There are no waiting lists, and you can access a range of drug treatment therapies tailored to your addiction. Private rehab isn’t free, but your investment could give you your life back.

Many people choose a drug and alcohol rehab in Newburn as they want a change of scene. They want to get away from their triggers and give themselves the best chance of getting clean.


Treatments Available

We offer drug and alcohol detox and personalised treatments that heal your body and mind. Our drug detox team are experts in helping you detox safely.

But what is detox? It’s a process where drugs are gradually removed from your body, usually over a few weeks.

As an addict, your body has become accustomed to toxins. When they leave your system, it reacts, causing withdrawal symptoms. Our detox process is safe and controlled and aims to make you feel as comfortable as possible. By removed, we mean that you safely stop taking your drug of choice.

Our psychological treatments focus on your mental health and rehabilitation and examine the reasons behind your addictive behaviour. You’ll have one-on-one therapy with addiction experts such as CBT practitioners and psychologists and build a trusting relationship and safe space to explore your feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Most patients build a fantastic rapport with their therapist, finishing therapy with the tools to help them face any situation with a fresh outlook and newfound determination to stay away from drugs and alcohol.


Admissions Process

You’re probably wondering, “Who do I speak to first?”. If you’re finding out how to help a friend or family member and for more information about the admissions process, you’re in the right place.

Our admissions team can tell you all about life in rehab and what it involves so that you can make an informed choice and the right one for you.

The team will ask you many questions about your life and addiction. This is so they can offer you the best treatment and suggested length of stay to meet your needs. Once they have all the information they need, they’ll provide you with a place. If you’re keen and committed to starting treatment, you’ll have to put down a deposit to reserve your spot.


Life After Rehab

In rehab, you’ll have the choice to take optional classes gaining skills to help you adjust to life outside. Money management, healthy eating, healthy mind, fitness, and employment advice sessions will equip you with extra knowledge to make informed choices.

When you leave rehab and return to reality, you won’t have to do it alone. You’ll have an aftercare team supporting you to help prevent a relapse.

As an inpatient, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive aftercare package for 365 when you leave us. You can access group therapy and family therapy and continue your one-on-one counselling sessions to keep up your motivation, share your concerns and gain inspiration from others in the same boat.

Want to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Newburn? We’re here to answer all your queries about life in recovery, so contact us.

Our phone lines are open all day, every day, and you can reach us on 0800 012 6088 or text HELP to 83222.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does rehab work?
There are no guarantees when it comes to addiction recovery. The individual must participate fully with the programme and really want to change but a full addiction treatment delivered in a dedicated rehabilitation centre remains the single most effective way of treating serious addictions.
What is medically assisted detox?
Detox is a very dangerous process when attempted through the “cold turkey” method. Withdrawal symptoms have costed many addicts their lives in the past, and so medically assisted detox provides a safer alternative. Medically assisted detoxification involves medical professionals monitoring your withdrawal side-effects and prescribing you medication to control these side-effects. The medication that you are prescribed will also be dependent upon what substance you are withdrawing from.
Can Addiction Be Cured?
Due to the fact that addiction is a chronic illness, the threat of relapse will always be there. Although, learning how to keep the threat of relapse at bay will come to be second nature with the help of relapse prevention planning at a professional rehabilitation centre.