If drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a new idea for you, there’s a high chance that you’ll have a number of questions or concerns. Although it is an exciting time of change, this change can also cause anxieties.

In order to reduce those anxieties and see the value of drug and alcohol rehab, at Addiction Advocates, we recommend that you source reliable answers and reassurance. Understandably, this may be difficult to do online, especially if you have personal concerns. Yet, through our support and referral services, we can provide you with as much detail as possible around drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Not only this, we can advance you through an admission, as soon as you’re ready to recover, helping you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire.

It’s likely that you’re currently going through a hard time. Deciding to withdraw from drugs and alcohol can be an overwhelming stage to take. Let our team reduce this for you by arranging your rehab admission for you.

See our most commonly asked questions below linked to visiting a Hampshire based treatment centre or reach out to our team to source reliable answers around your impending drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


What are the benefits of remaining local for rehab?

Have you ever thought about remaining local for a period of drug and alcohol rehabilitation? For some, this is a favoured option, down to convenience and familiarity. For others, concerns present themselves down to common drug and alcohol exposure. With this in mind, before investing into rehab, it’s worth considering the best fit delivery of rehab when measuring your needs.

If selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire is favoured by yourself, you can firstly benefit from a smooth transition, to and from rehab. Into rehab, you will feel comfortable and confident in your selection. On your post-rehab transition, you’ll experience an easier, proactive and again comfortable return to your reality.

Secondly, going hand in hand with the above benefit, you’ll have seamless access to aftercare services, offering familiarity and greater acceptance. By creating existing relationships and positive associations with your rehab clinic, you’ll continue to feel this way through ongoing aftercare addiction treatment.

Lastly, those aftercare services will fit into your schedule with ease, down to the convenient location of Hampshire. Here it will be manageable to complete regular support groups and AA meetings, known to secure long-term recovery greater.

Can I pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire?

As outlined above, localised recovery is a strong option. With this in mind, you can pick a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire to recover from. However, through this option, it is recommended that you select residential rehab.

Residential rehab is where you’ll reside from your chosen rehab clinic to complete an intense, structured programme of addiction treatment. Residential rehab is favoured for its speed and consistency, along with access to around the clock care and positive environments.

It will however be recommended via localised recovery as it will offer distance and peace, away from your current drug and alcohol triggers. Remaining in the Hampshire area may influence social or environmental cravings. By removing yourself from this potential, you’ll likely experience an efficient and effective rehabilitation process.

Through our services, we can arrange an admission into a residential drug and alcohol rehab in the Hampshire area for you.


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What’s the admission process?

The admission process here at Addiction Advocates is very thorough. However, we do opt for efficiency, ensuring that you can start your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey as soon as you’re ready to recover.

The first step is to ensure that you are prepared for drug and alcohol rehab. We will gauge this by understanding you as a person greater. If common signs and symptoms of readiness are present, we will assess your current relationship with drugs and alcohol. Assessments are very important to ensure that suitable rehab recommendations can be made.

With a clear idea of your recovery needs, we can narrow down potential drug and alcohol treatment centres in your local area. Addiction treatment recommendations and the most effective delivery of rehab will also be communicated, helping to secure an all-round recovery programme.

Once potential recovery rates have been considered, we will activate your referral to a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire, while arranging a convenient admission date. Through this process, we can arrange your admission for you, providing reassurance that you are visiting the most reputable and reliable drug and alcohol treatment centre.

How long does rehab last?

Your rehab stay timescale will depend on a number of factors. Although a common stay lasts around 28 days, this can deviate. Your initial addiction history, the depth of necessary addiction treatment, your response to addiction treatment and your end recovery goals can control the amount of time you require via rehab.

It is important that you remember that this short-term sacrifice of a few weeks or months can help you lead a future without drugs and alcohol. Visiting a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire for professional rehabilitation will offer the skills you need to experience sober living for the long-term.


What addiction treatment will I need?

Throughout your initial rehab programme, there’s a high probability that you will need both physical and psychological methods of addiction treatment. The exact methods will be communicated on your admission into drug and alcohol rehab.

However, there’s a strong likelihood that you will complete a drug and alcohol detox, followed by a wide range of therapy sessions and therapeutic methods. Relapse prevention will also be a pinnacle addiction treatment option, helping you prepare for sober living back in Hampshire.

Addiction treatment will likely continue post-rehab, in the form of aftercare services. Here, support groups and AA meetings will take priority, helping you maintain your long-term recovery efforts. As recovery is for the long-term, continuous addiction treatment is a wise option to embrace, helping you keep motivated and accountable.

At Addiction Advocates, we hope the above answers have provided some clarity on your potential drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. If you do have any further questions around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hampshire, please feel free to reach out. We are here to make your time easier, helping you arrange a personal and realistic admission into rehab.