Deciding to overcome a drug and alcohol addiction is a big, overwhelming choice to make. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, especially on a professional level, may be completely new to you. Substance abuse, at that matter, may have been all you’ve known for a proportion of your life.

Down to the unacquainted status of rehab, it is therefore understandable if you have any reservations, if you have any questions, or if you have any preconceived ideas.

While logical, it is however important that you look to address those reservations, helping to boost your awareness and acceptance of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn.

At Addiction Advocates, we are here to support you in doing so, by boosting your expectations of drug and alcohol rehab, by supporting you emotionally, by ensuring that you’re prepared for rehab, and by helping you find and secure a fitting rehab programme.

All in all, we can guide you through this overwhelming time, which starts today by sharing some of our most frequently asked questions around visiting a Bannockburn located rehab clinic. If you have any reservations or worries linked to drug and alcohol rehab, we invite you to contact our team.

We are here for you, to help you experience the greatest encounter of drug and alcohol rehabilitation as possible.


When should I complete admission into rehab?

One main preconceived idea linked to professional addiction treatment is that a life-limiting addiction must be present to access drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn. While this may be a common time where many individuals reach breaking point, seeing rehab as an invaluable experience, access can be provided way before this point.

Drug and alcohol rehab is available in different forms, deliveries and levels. With this in mind, a rehab programme can be formed for someone with minimal associations, commonly known as substance abuse.

On the other end of the scale, rehab can be experienced by someone with a dual diagnosis, where mental health side effects reside, in tandem with addictive behaviours.

Down to this, you can access rehab and complete an admission no matter how long or severe your drug and alcohol addiction may be. Yet, the best time to complete an admission into rehab will be the moment that you’re ready to give up on drug and alcohol abuse.

Once you’re ready on physical and psychological levels, once you’re happy to welcome professional support, and once you’re feeling content with the idea of long-term recovery, an admission will be your next best step.


Can I easily find a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn?

Through our services at Addiction Advocate, the search process for a fitting rehab clinic can be completed with ease. However, before setting your sights on localised recovery, we must ensure that a high-quality clinic is available in Bannockburn, or within the local area.

If a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn is readily available, and it meets suitability measures when considering your needs, we can push ahead with your admission.

Alternatively, if localised recovery isn’t for you, or a suitable rehab clinic is difficult to find, we can also continue our search further afield, where residential rehab will be highly focused on.


How long will drug and alcohol rehab take?

On average, a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programme will last 28 days.

Throughout this period, clients will work through a range of addiction treatment services, helping them firstly withdraw on a physical level, secondly, repair on a psychological level, and lastly, prepare for life in Bannockburn through relapse prevention.

For those who require reduced exposure to addiction treatment, the length of rehab is expected to be shorter. Yet, for those who struggle significantly with their mental health, a longer rehab programme will be encouraged.

All in all, you’ll be provided with an optimal recommendation to ensure that your visit to rehab is a worthwhile, transformational and sustainable decision.


Will I need to develop new coping strategies?

Currently, there’s a high probability that drugs and alcohol will act as your coping strategy. This is in fact common causation for many individuals, beginning drug and alcohol abuse.

With this in mind, yes you will need to develop new coping strategies to ensure that you do not revert back to drug and alcohol consumption. Post-rehab, there’s a strong likelihood that the desirability of drug and alcohol abuse will decrease.

You’ll struggle to find a place for their negativity in your new lifestyle. Yet, this can be the case until a negative, pressurised situation presents itself, where you’ll need to fight or flight. This is where relapse risks are high, where many will revert to the crutch of drugs and alcohol.

To ensure that you can avoid drugs and alcohol, and continue to benefit from your initial rehab investment, it’s time to select healthy coping strategies. This can be anything from exercise, to a healthy routine, to starting a new hobby, or to actively opening up to others.

While visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn, work will be completed on your personal coping strategies to guide the way.


What can you assist me with at Addiction Advocates?

At Addiction Advocates, we are rehab referral specialists. With this in mind, we can assist you through a number of different processes, ultimately aiming for the most beneficial form of rehab.

We can firstly support you emotionally, help you acknowledge your problems with drugs and alcohol, and also prepare you for professional rehabilitation.

From here, we can assist you with finding and selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bannockburn, which carries suitability. We complete this by understanding your personal needs and comparing them against our affiliation of reputable rehab clinics.

Once we see a fitting match, where your rehab encounter will be positive and worthwhile, we activate a referral, soon followed by your admission. We can help you from your first thought of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic, straight through to arranging your admission date.

Completing this process alone can be very challenging. This is exactly why we are here to support you, helping to alleviate an already difficult time to commit to. Commit to drug and alcohol rehab with our assistance.