Do you want to regain control of your life?  Attending a drug and alcohol rehab in St Albans can help you do just that.

What Types of Rehab Are Available in St Albans?

When the time comes for you to look for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in St Albans, you will find that there are various types of rehabs for you to take into consideration. These include NHS rehabs and private residential rehabs.

The NHS provides free outpatient rehabilitation treatment to those suffering with drug and alcohol addictions.  Although the NHS provides the support needed to overcome an addiction, lengthy waiting times often come hand-in-hand.  Unfortunately, if you are considering NHS rehabilitation, you could be left waiting for the treatment you need for an extended period of time.

Unlike NHS treatment, residential treatment provides private rehabilitation support almost instantly. At Addiction Advocates, we typically refer individuals that contact us to private residential rehabs.

This is because residential rehabs boast a wealth of services and amenities.  Residential rehab additionally offers those in recovery with the opportunity to remove themselves from everyday life and focus on their recovery journey.

If you are unsure which type of rehab will be better suited to your recovery needs, we can discuss this with you.


The Benefits of Attending a Private Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab in St Albans

As touched on above, private residential rehabs boast a wealth of services, treatments and amenities.

Residential rehab also offers a safe space for those in recovery to delve into their past, uncover the factors that have contributed to their addiction, reflect on therapy sessions and consider how their life may need to change going forward to ensure that they are able to make a long-term recovery.

Attending a private residential drug and alcohol rehab in St Albans can also help minimise the risk of relapse during and after treatment.  Unlike outpatient rehabilitation, when an individual enters a residential rehab they will be unable to return home.

This ultimately removes the risk of coming into contact with the substance that an individual has become addicted to.

In addition to the above, attending a private residential rehab offers around the clock care and support, bespoke treatment plans and advanced treatment offerings.


What Amenities and Services Do Residential Rehabs Provide?

Although the treatments provided by a private residential rehab are of utmost importance, it is essential to consider the amenities and services that a residential rehab provides.

The services and amenities provided will likely differ depending on the chosen facility, however, many of the private residential rehabs that we refer individuals to offer the following;

  • Private en-suite bedrooms
  • Discreet outdoor spaces such as gardens
  • Comfortable communal living spaces
  • Bright and spacious communal dining areas
  • Kitchen areas
  • On-site chefs
  • One-to-one treatment rooms
  • Group therapy rooms
  • Laundry facilities


What Can I Expect from My Time in Rehab?

As and when you are ready to refer yourself to a drug and alcohol rehab in St Albans, it is entirely normal for you to want to gain an understanding of what you can expect from your time in rehab, especially if you are hoping to attend a private residential rehab.

If you have come to the realisation that attending a residential rehab is in your best interest, you can expect a home away from home, friendly recovery staff and, as touched on above, around the clock care, support and medical assistance.

As you progress through your treatment programme, it is entirely normal for you to experience a wealth of emotions.  However, you will always have someone to turn to in times of need. Thanks to the amenities provided by residential rehabs, you will also have a comfortable space to retire to at the end of each day.

Understanding that rehab can be somewhat stressful and emotional, many private residential rehabs implement various social activities.  Not only does this provide the opportunity to socialise with others in treatment, but it offers an outlet for those in recovery to unwind and enjoy themselves.


How Will My Chosen Rehab Know What Treatment Is Best for Me?

When the time comes for you to enter your chosen rehab in St Albans, an admissions assessment will be conducted to determine the treatment that is best suited to your needs.

This assessment will provide your chosen rehab with a deeper insight into the way in which your addiction has impaired your life.

It will enable the medical team to consider the physical and psychological impact your addiction has had on you, the length of time that your addiction has been present and the substance that you have become addicted to.

Based on the information obtained, a bespoke treatment programme will be created to guarantee that you have the best possible chance of obtaining a long-term recovery.


What Will My Bespoke Treatment Programme Include?

Once your treatment programme has been created, you can expect to undergo detoxification and rehabilitation treatment.  Detoxification is medically induced and usually lasts an average of seven days.

This will see you withdraw from the substance you have become addicted to.  As you detox, you will be provided with around the clock to ensure you are comfortable at all times.

Upon completing your detoxification programme, you will move onto rehabilitation. Throughout rehabilitation, you will undergo therapy.

The type of therapy you are provided with will depend entirely on your personal circumstances and the way in which your addiction has impacted your physical and psychological well-being.

Throughout therapy, you will be encouraged to address the factors that have contributed to your addiction.

You will then work with your recovery team to create coping strategies to ensure that you have the ability to maintain a long-term recovery.


Are You Ready to Overcome Your Addiction?

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