Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are commonly overlooked, yet a highly valuable form of rehab. The cost itself, or the misconception of it, influences the majority of disregards towards privatised addiction treatment. Are you concerned over the cost of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk?

For years, a costly image has deterred many individuals from considering private drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

At Addiction Advocates, we hope that this will not be the case for you, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience the value of privatised care, in Norfolk, while working to your budget.

Visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk will, in itself, provide significant benefits, linked to your comfort levels, your end recovery goals, your ability to sustain sober living, and your overall quality of life.

We can help you access those benefits by guiding you towards a fitting rehab clinic, within reach of your budget, within reach of your needs, and within reach of the quality of care, you deserve.

Weigh up the cost that your drug and alcohol addiction has had for you this far, both financially and on your life. Now consider the value and change that privatised addiction treatment will have on your life.

If you’re focusing on the latter, and the results you can achieve, it’s time to press ahead with your rehab referral, in conjunction with Addiction Advocates.

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The Value of Private Care

Naturally, private rehab isn’t the first choice for many. The idea of lone detoxification or the free support available via the NHS instead stands out. Commonly linked to convenience, to the cost and to the degree of control present, a flexible, inconsistent and deemed private rehab experience is sought-after.

However, by following both ineffective routes, great value will be missed, attached to private drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab is made up of a multitude of small pieces, all accumulating together to offer value.

The value represents the end results of withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, it represents the ability to maintain that lifestyle, and it represents the overall progress you’ll make, away from your drug and alcohol addiction.

Visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk will motivate that value for you, through the combination of leading care, facilities, forms of addiction treatment, environments, personal rehab programmes, safeguards on your physical and psychological health, and a wealth of post-rehab guidance.

Altogether, those benefits will improve your encounter with rehab, your understanding of addiction recovery, and your desire to maintain sobriety.

It’s understandable why you may be hesitant to part with your money when considering the unfamiliarity of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. Yet, by selecting the right rehab clinic for your needs, with our support, anxieties can reduce, securing reliability in your next steps.

Alcohol Rehab Services in Norfolk

Whilst accessing private rehab can offer the best chance of successfully completing an alcohol rehab programme, free local support is also available through the NHS and community projects.

To gain access to these services you may need to be referred by your local GP although some places do allow people to walk in and self refer.

Treatment and therapy conducted through local services are administered as an outpatient, this allows you to stay at your local residence whilst a therapy course is explored.

To find out more about these local services visit:

CGI Norfolk (Anybody)
5 Barton Way
Tel: 01603 514 096
The Matthew Project (Young People)
70-80 Oak Street
Tel: 0800 970 4866
Magdelene Group (Women)
61 King Street
Tel: 01603 610 256

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is also a good free local resource for people to access when looking to quit alcohol addiction in Norfolk. Here you can discuss your issues and access local support from other people who have also battled addiction.

If you have the time it could be worth the effort to visit and see if this therapy could be of benefit to you. At Alcoholics Anonymous you will get some great tips and lived experiences of how different people have approached fighting their alcohol addiction.

Watton Newcomers
Methodist Church
57 High Street
IP25 6AB
Day: Wednesday
Time: 7 pm
Duration: 1hr 30mins
Norwich Recovery
Quaker Meeting House
Upper Goat Lane
Day: Monday
Time: 1 pm
Duration: 1 Hour
Fairland Hall
Fairland Hill
NR18 0AW
Day: Friday
Time: 8 pm
Duration: 1 Hour

These clinics do prove very helpful in helping in your recovery. But for a comprehensive dedicated alcohol addiction counselling programme private rehab should also certainly be considered. Here therapy sessions can feel more private and working on a one to one basis for a few weeks helps to really establish a relationship with your counsellor.

Recovering via a Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Norfolk

If you’re keen to experience the value of privatised care, we can assist you with this step here at Addiction Advocates.

Through our specialities, we can help you understand your personal needs via rehab, and then use those needs to direct our rehab recommendations, helping to secure the most suitable level and form of care, addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

As we’ve shared above, finding a suitable rehab clinic, which works for you is very important. There is a wide range of rehab clinics out there, even at a private status, some of which will offer value and others which will rank as unsuitable for you.

It’s mandatory that we work to sieve out those which will offer the true value of private rehabilitation, offering ethical, high-quality and personalised forms of rehab.

Through our guidance and your determination to recover, we can soon highlight the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk to work to your budget, your needs via rehab, and your expectations.


Personal Addiction Treatment Programmes

A key benefit of privatised care is that time, effort and consideration are all present when focusing on your addiction treatment programme.

Experiencing a personal rehab programme is a standard service through our affiliated rehab clinics, in place to ensure that clients can feel comfortable, can progress and can benefit from addiction treatment.

If you opt for lower quality care levels, there’s a likelihood that you’ll be welcomed with a general rehab programme, which focuses on commonly encountered side effects of addiction.

Yet, through a private rehab clinic, your programme will be worked around your side effects, your physical and psychological health, your causation, your response to addiction treatment, and your end recovery goal.

Within your programme, you can look to complete methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, detoxification, stress management, art therapy, exposure therapy and also the potential of dual diagnosis treatment.

Exact methods and their combinations will be communicated on your admission into rehab, post-assessment.


Post Rehab Guidance to Support your Recovery

Post-rehab transitions will usually spike concern or anxiety for many. This will usually be down to the fear of relapse, drug and alcohol exposure and of change.

Fear will likely remain yet will be reduced significantly through the backing of post-rehab guidance, available in conjunction with your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk.

Here you’ll have access to a personal structure of ongoing addiction treatment services and guidance, helping you maintain a steady road towards sober living. Going it alone can feel extremely daunting.

Yet, by utilising the support of addiction specialists, your recovery goals can be viewed as realistic, helping to suppress vulnerabilities.


Our services here at Addiction Advocates

Imagine the value that you can encounter by selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk. Now imagine the value you can experience by sourcing that rehab clinic through our specialist services.

Here at Addiction Advocates, we aim to secure personalisation, suitability and the greatest level of quality possible, for all clients. Through our services, we offer peace of mind, by working with leading treatment centres.

We also provide respite by making all arrangements for clients, helping to ease the initial admission process. Emotional support is available, as is guidance towards rehab preparations.

Ultimately, we can stand as a consistent, reliable and confidential helping hand, directing you towards the greatest form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation when considering your needs.

Through our services, you can soon benefit from visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Norfolk, helping you save financially, for the long-term, yet most importantly, save your future self.


Reach out today to see how your budget can work with privatised addiction treatment services.