Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is an important step towards recovery, and if you are looking for help in Rickmansworth, or have a family member or friend that is, Addiction Advocates is a specialised service that provides leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We’re here to help find the right addiction treatments to help overcome addiction and make the process as stress-free as possible.

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What Addiction Treatments are available at Addiction Advocates

Addiction is the dependence on a particular substance or behaviour that becomes uncontrollable, even when it has negative effects.

It’s becoming more and more common in the United Kingdom and at Addiction Advocates, we reflect this by providing a range of different addiction treatments.


Alcohol Addiction

More than 250,000 adults in the UK are thought to be addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction can have severe psychological and physical effects. We find the treatment options and facility that works for each individual.


Drug Addiction

The recreational use of drugs is something seen all around the world, but recreational use can quickly become a habit and then a dependency. When you contact us, we help you to decide what kind of help you need for your drug addiction and meet your goals for recovery.


Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can be just as serious as an addiction to drugs and its consequences no less damaging. Gambling addictions can stem from very personal reasons, and our team will help you find a treatment that can identify and help you solve your problem.


Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis is one of the most commonly used drug in the UK, but its use can develop into psychological cravings and dependence. No matter the severity, or length of your cannabis dependency, Addiction Advocates can help find the treatment that’s right for you.


Cocaine Addiction

As many as one in five people use cocaine in the UK, but it can be highly addictive. Addiction Advocates specialise in helping those with cocaine addiction get help at inpatient rehabs.


Heroin Addiction

Heroin is extremely addictive, and finding the level of help needed to overcome a heroin addiction isn’t always easy. At Addiction Advocates, we have experience in finding the centre that will help you recover in the way that’s right for you.


Rehabilitation and Detoxification

When you have an addiction, any sudden change that sees you stopping that behaviour or substance can be dangerous. Detoxification is the process of the substance leaving the body and marks the start of a person’s recovery journey. For safety and the best chances of long term success and relapse prevention, a drug detox programme in Rickmansworth is a great start.

Rehabilitation treatment in Rickmansworth offers the best chance of long term success, whether at drug rehab or alcohol rehab, you’ll have access to professional help to ensure the process is safe and effective.

Rehab offers focussed and proven treatment for addiction, be that at residential rehab or through outpatient treatment, everything is designed to give patients the greatest chance of recovery.

The professionals on hand can help with physical and psychological symptoms and offer mental health treatment, which is especially important for those with a dual diagnosis of a mental health condition.

No matter how you start your journey to recovery in Rickmansworth, whether it’s after you identified a problem, or it was prompted by a family intervention or alcohol intervention, Addiction Advocates are here to help, from guiding you through the admissions process, to the start of your treatment, we’ll help you find the service that’s right for you.


Aftercare options

Aftercare is important to ensure that success continues past the end of treatment. Temptations are likely to crop up from time to time, so long term success relies on an effective aftercare plan.

Every successful aftercare plan should have five components:

  1. Clear goals to distract from drug or alcohol addiction
  2. Preparation for any triggers
  3. The desire for a healthy, sober lifestyle
  4. An idea of which therapy is helpful
  5. Personal strategies to cope with temptation

Exactly what an aftercare programme looks like varies from person to person. It might be a support group in Rickmansworth, a step-by-step programme, counselling sessions or help from family members.

Addiction Advocates will help you find a service that helps you put this in place, so you can be sure that you’ll have the support and help you need to resist the triggers in your environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Inpatient and Outpatient treatment?
Inpatient treatment is treatment at a facility where a patient will be completely removed from regular routine and live there for the duration. Outpatient treatment is when a patient lives in their normal home environment but visits a facility for treatment.
What is Dual Diagnosis?
Dual diagnosis is when a person has been diagnosed with a drug addiction and a mental health condition, meaning their addiction and condition will need separate treatment plans. Addiction Advocates can help find a service that will provide effective treatment for those with a dual diagnosis.
How much does Rehab cost?
Rehab costs vary depending on type and the needs of the person receiving treatment. Some treatments can be covered by certain types of insurance, however this varies on a case by case basis. For a more accurate idea of the cost of rehab, get in touch with Addiction Advocates today.