A positive outcome is always possible. But those battling with a drug or alcohol addiction have the odds stacked against them if they go it alone. Getting the right professional help is key. There are plenty of services offering drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, and sometimes the options can seem confusing. We take that confusion away.

Contact us today and we will connect you with a rehabilitation centre that offers the best chance of recovery based on your individual circumstances.


Do you need drug and alcohol treatment?

The nature of addiction makes it very difficult to acknowledge the problem. An addiction rarely develops overnight. It’s a gradual process. Perhaps it started as a weekend habit or an innocent way of unwinding after a hard day. Sometimes a bad event can trigger a gradual shift into addiction.

By the time most people recognise the problem, it’s incredibly difficult to pull back. The person is usually desperate for the next fix in order to momentarily shift the feeling of anxiety, depression or other negative emotional state. It can lead to criminality, exploitation by drug dealers and relationships with other people who don’t have your best interests at heart.

There are other consequences too, such as: financial hardship, loss of employment, personal debt and relationship breakdowns. (Note: These can also be causes of addiction too.)

That’s why acknowledging the problem is such a significant moment. Through all the confused perceptions brought on by the substance abuse, and through all the difficulties you face, you’ve experienced a moment of clarity.

Once you’ve acknowledged the problem, it’s time to reach out. That’s why Addiction Advocates is set up as a first port of call. By speaking to one of our team and discussing the nature of your problem, we can then link you with services for drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham which are best able to offer you the chance of a successful outcome.

Remember: there is no shame in seeking help. It represents a positive step forward. Anyone can be brought low by an addiction. You only have to look at the headlines of celebrity magazines to see that even people who appear to have evertthing can develop an alcohol or drug addiction.

Sufferers come in all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of backgrounds. So, if you’re struggling with addiction, remember: you’re not alone.


Options for drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham

It’s worth noting that the NHS provides addiction sufferers with free treatment services. However, there’s often a waiting list and for many it’s too long. The advantage of accessing private rehabilitation is that you can get started straight away and have qualified doctors, psychologists and other addiction specialists working with you on your recovery.

You may end up needing a residential treatment service. This is where you’re booked into a ‘live-in’ treatment centre where you have 24-hour care and people on-hand to support your recovery and prepare you meals. Otherwise you may just need one-to-one sessions with an addiction specialist.

Thankfully, there are a variety of treatment centres offering drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, and they cover just about every addiction need.

The major advantage of joining a rehab programme, is that you are taken on a carefully guided step-by-step process of recovery. Rehab isn’t a place where you’re forced to go ‘cold turkey’. Instead, rehabilitation is a gradual process and any service we link you with fully understands this.


Why attending a rehab centre boosts your chances of success

Every addiction sufferer likes to think they can conquer it by themselves with willpower. Sadly, addiction rarely works like that. Studies have shown how addiction changes the chemical balance in the brain, so that the motivation and reward system – which is an important part of our survival instinct – is instead skewed towards substance abuse.

However, professional help can break the cycle. For example, specialist rehab centres in Dagenham will utilise a full range of addiction therapies alongside a detox clinic which is designed to gradually reduce your drug or alcohol dependance until you reach the point where you are completely free of it.

This process of withdrawal has to be carefully managed. A sudden withdrawal can have catastrophic health implications. If badly managed it can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as:


  • Tremors
  • Migraines
  • Vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased depression
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety

In the worst case scenario it can even lead to death. However, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre will place you on a safe withdrawal programme. This is a gradually tapered programme of withdrawal where the problematic substance is gradually reduced, combined with a programme of nutrition (which may be aided by vitamin and mineral supplements) designed to help keep withdrawal symptoms to a bare minimum and simultaneously restore your health and wellbeing.

However, the psychological aspects of recovery are also important. One-to-one counselling sessions, group therapy and various ‘mind strengthening’ activities will likely also be part of the recovery programme.

For example, modern psychological therapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are an important part of achieving a successful outcome. It’s a way of understanding how your thoughts and feelings contribute to your decision-making. By gaining mastery of your mind and decision-making process, you are better able to avoid the path towards relapse 

A variety of approaches are required in order to win the battle over addiction.


Finding drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham

Our mission is simple: to link those with a drug or alcohol dependency to a service which offers the best chance of recovery. Whether you’ve tried rehab before or considering it for the first time, we will point you in the right direction.