Across Torbay, several rehabs provide exceptional drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment.  Yet, finding a suitable rehab can be challenging.

As a result, At Addiction Advocates, we have created a self-referral service that will ensure you can secure treatment with ease.

Our service will see us help you locate a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay that can cater to your addiction and recovery needs.

Although the thought of attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay will leave you feeling somewhat anxious, it is essential to remember that without treatment, your addiction will continue to escalate.  Eventually, it will control all aspects of your life and pose a threat.


Determining Whether An Addiction Is Present In Your Life

Determining whether an addiction is present in your life can be somewhat tricky.  However, various signs and symptoms will gradually come to impair your day-to-day life if you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The signs and symptoms that will arise will be both physical and psychological.  You will also find that your behaviour drastically changes, which may cause your loved ones or friends to realise that you are not quite yourself.

To help you determine whether an addiction is present in your life, we have outlined the physical and psychological signs and symptoms you may experience throughout an addiction below.

  • Sickness
  • Headaches
  • Weight loss
  • Changes in your appearance
  • Feeling extremely tired
  • Suffering from paranoia
  • Feeling agitated
  • Mood swings
  • Becoming defensive
  • Heightened levels of anxiety
  • Experiencing insomnia and restlessness
  • Decreased self-esteem
  • Becoming secretive and isolating yourself from others
  • Trouble concentrating on simple tasks
  • Becoming reliant on substances to help you cope with day-to-day life

If you have experienced any of the above signs and symptoms and consume drugs or alcohol on a daily basis, it is in your best interest to contact us as soon as possible.  You will likely require professional treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay to help you overcome your substance addiction.

Sadly, if you choose to defer treatment, you will be at risk of developing a number of health problems.  You will also find that your life is significantly impaired.


The Consequences Of Deferring Addiction Treatment

As touched on above, if you decide to defer addiction treatment, you will gradually put yourself at risk of developing numerous health problems.  Sadly, when an addiction is present, these health problems often go overlooked.  While you may not consider the consequences of deferring addiction treatment, it should be noted that thousands of drug and alcohol-related hospital admissions are made each year.

Although many of the health problems that arise due to an addiction can be alleviated when treated early, many individuals experience long-term health complications when addiction treatment is not sought.

For example, if treatment for an addiction is not sought, you may, in the future, experience organ failure.  While treatment and medication can be provided to reduce the overall impact, organ failure is a long-term illness.

In addition to increasing your risk of physical illnesses, deferring addiction treatment will put you at significant risk of developing a mental health disorder.  Unfortunately, mental health disorders and addictions often come hand-in-hand and will require dual diagnosis treatment if they are to be overcome.


Addiction Treatment Via A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Torbay

Upon attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay, you will be provided with a wealth of industry-leading treatments that will enable you to overcome your addiction and make a long-term recovery.

Although it is difficult to determine the treatment you will require without discussing your addiction with you, the treatment usually provided by a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay includes a medically induced detoxification and rehabilitation.

Detoxification will help you withdraw from the substance you have become addicted to and will essentially prepare you for rehabilitation.  On the other hand, you will be introduced to many therapies throughout rehabilitation, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and well-being therapy.

These therapies will encourage you to talk about your addiction in one-to-one and group environments and will enable you to understand the factors that have caused you to turn to substances.

While this can be difficult, doing so will ensure that you can create strategies that will help you cope with any triggers you may encounter after completing a rehab treatment programme.  This will minimise your risk of relapsing and ensure that you can make a long-term recovery.


Our Self-Referral Service

To ensure that you are able to seek treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay with ease, we have created a self-referral service that has been used by many individuals.

To take advantage of our self-referral service, we first ask that you contact us via phone.  Our admissions team will be on hand to take your call and support you every step of the way.

When you contact us, we will conduct a telephone assessment.  This assessment will allow us to uncover the severity of your addiction and understand your substance abuse.  Upon conducting this assessment, we will be able to recommend suitable rehab centres and provide you with a wealth of information regarding the treatment that you may require.

Having spoken to you, we will locate a suitable rehab and contact them on your behalf to ensure that you can secure a place at the facility.  We will then provide you with an admissions date, which will see you welcomed to your chosen drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay to commence treatment.


Contact Us Today

If you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, please call our team today on 0800 012 6088.

Alternatively, you can email, or request a call back via our website.

Although the thought of attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Torbay may be daunting, together, we can ensure that you secure the treatment you need when you need it.