Have you already attempted to complete a self-referral into drug and alcohol rehab?

Maybe you’re really struggling to find the right rehab programme to meet your budget?

Or maybe you’re unsure whether you’re ready for rehab?

Deciding to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and act on that decision through an independent referral can be difficult. You’ve made the commitment to yourself that addiction recovery will be your next aim.

However, your ability to turn that aim into reality can be tough, down to the complex decisions, linked to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and down to the vast admission process, commonly off-putting to most.

While you may believe that an independent referral is your only way into rehab, this is in fact untrue, as rehab referral services are available to guide you, which we offer at Addiction Advocates.

Through our services, we can help you find a fitting drug and alcohol rehab in South Africa which not only meets your budget but also your entire personal needs.

We can also ensure that you are ready for rehab and know what to expect. We can facilitate your admission for you, taking away the undesirable strain, commonly linked to independent rehab referrals.

Understandably, going it alone may feel easier and private. Yet, going it alone can in fact hinder your capabilities to source and secure the most effective form of drug and alcohol rehab.

Choose a confidential, a comfortable and a smooth admission into drug and alcohol rehab with our guidance.


Looking beyond independent referrals

As we’ve highlighted above, completing an independent referral may feel like the easiest process to take. After all, you’ll have the responsibility to make all decisions around your impending rehab encounter.

However, for some, that level of responsibility can actually be difficult to manage, as there are many decisions to make around drug and alcohol rehab to ensure that the most worthwhile experience is accessible.

Decisions around the delivery of rehab, around your readiness and the exact moment to begin, around your personal needs and around selecting a rehab clinic to call home will need to be made.

Through these very important decisions, it can also make your admission feel long-winded. Any form of delays can in fact prompt psychological responses of anxiety or pressure, which are triggers for some individuals when considering substance abuse.

Down to the fact that you may have to wait for rehab, along with making very difficult decisions which will dictate your recovery capabilities, looking beyond independent rehab referrals will be recommended.

By using our rehab referral service, you can still experience a private admission. You can in fact encounter an easier admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in South Africa through a combined effort with our team.


Finding the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in South Africa

If you’re looking for reassurance and reliability when considering your impending rehab admission, our services can provide that.

We work with leading rehab clinics, all ranked as reputable and specialists in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field. Standards are of high quality within each, along with a general consensus of safe, positive and personal forms of rehab.

With this in mind, you can expect to feel reassured and secure through our services. We can assist you with selecting the most fitting drug and alcohol rehab in South Africa, from our affiliation, helping you feel confident in your future encounter.

This is very important as you’ll accept the initial steps of rehab, greater and quicker. In addition, through our referral service, we can ensure that you elect a rehab clinic where a comprehensive, personal rehab programme will be on offer.

This will ensure that you can complete fitting addiction treatment services, to work around your current relationship with drugs and alcohol.

All in all, you can feel at ease when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in South Africa with our support.


Continuing sobriety back in South Africa

Via your chosen rehab clinic, there will be a strong chance that initial recovery will be met. This will be manageable through a medically controlled, specialist rehab clinic.

However, post-rehab here’s where the true tests show themselves around continuing sobriety. Once you return back to your home in South Africa, you’ll likely feel a mixture of emotions. You’ll feel excited to lead a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Yet, there’s a high chance that you’ll feel vulnerable and worried about relapsing.

There are some steps you can take to reduce those anxieties in relation to your post-rehab transition. Utilising your relapse prevention plan will be the first, ensuring that you do know where to turn to if you’re feeling uneasy.

Maintaining a schedule of aftercare services is also recommended, helping you keep in touch with your motivations to remain drug and alcohol-free. Making changes to your lifestyle will also significantly benefit you, detaching you from all forms of drug and alcohol exposure.

Continuing sobriety is a strong possibility, even while tests will be present.

However, this will only be the case if you first complete a comprehensive rehab programme, via a suitable clinic, followed by great efforts of long-term recovery.


The necessity of professional rehabilitation

Thus far, if you’ve favoured the idea of a self-referral down to privacy, there’s probably a likelihood that you’ve also thought about recovering alone. This is understandable, as the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in South Africa can feel daunting.

However, to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, professional rehabilitation is a necessity. As addiction is classified as a physical and psychological condition, vast therapeutic addiction treatment services and guidance will be required.

This will be unavailable while withdrawing, alone, from home. It’s also important to remember that addiction recovery must be sustainable.

By going cold turkey, without a plan in place, sustainability will be a hard goal to achieve, as you’ll lack awareness of expectations and how to maintain a sober living.

With this in mind, for your safety, for your success rates and for your ability to remain sober, professional rehabilitation support in South Africa should be prioritised, which we can help you with at Addiction Advocates.