Jordan, one of 17 countries within the Middle East is actively working to reduce the taboo of addiction. Like its neighbouring countries, drug and alcohol abuse is prohibited and strongly regulated. Yet unlike other outlooks, support and medical help is available through rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, demand is high, and availability is low, meaning that support is still in its infancy. Many individuals are struggling to recover locally, increasing the risks of long-term addiction and reoccurring relapse.

If you’re struggling, here at Addiction Advocates, we encourage you to reach out. Instead of searching for an available drug and alcohol rehab in Jordan, we advise you to consider private rehab accessible through our services. We’ve supported many individuals from across the globe to access the treatment and support they immediately deserve to recover.

Via a private CQC treatment centre in the UK, a tailored inpatient programme can be formed for you, including highly effective treatments and recovery techniques. Complete a referral with our team to share your needs, expectations, and addiction recovery goals.

Alternatively, we can assist with your local search and admission, accommodating your recovery needs.

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Recovering in Jordan

Opportunities to recover will be available as local efforts continue to grow. You may have already found a drug and alcohol rehab in Jordan which can immediately support you.

Before starting the process, it’s essential to ensure that a suitable rehab programme will be available. Although selecting what’s accessible within your local area will be convenient, this is your time to recover. It’s encouraged to ensure that your time and commitment is worthwhile and that high-quality care is expected.

As addiction recovery is a serious and sometimes complicated process, it’s also recommended that you work alongside a specialist rehab clinic. Through specialist services and levels of care, your recovery rates will be more substantial.

If you’re struggling to find both of these recommendations via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jordan, remember that there are other options. We at Addiction Advocates can show you those treatment options offered through private drug and alcohol rehab.


How to find a specialist rehab clinic?

Whether you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Jordan or feel open to a UK referral, we can help you find a specialist clinic. We will recommend the latter for recovery success, as a wealth of specialist services are available here in the UK. Yet, we will also follow your personal needs and wants.

To support you, our admissions process will be the first step to assess your needs. Over the telephone, we will ask you some personal questions about your addiction history, your budget and how you hope to approach rehab. With awareness, we can look for a private rehab clinic that’s reputable and accommodating of your needs.

Understandably, you’ll aim for a quick recovery process by leaving your reality in Jordan. We must also realistically look at timescales of how much time you have to dedicate right now to addiction recovery. There’s a considerable chance that inpatient rehab will be recommended to you. Yet, again, we’re here to cover a range of treatment options to find the most effective and suitable.


A referral into inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab is where you’ll check into and recover from private rehab. Each day will be spent focusing on your recovery journey.

Your referral can be completed with urgency in mind to meet your available timeframe. From here, addiction treatment sessions will begin, following your plan.

You’ll have a dedicated team to rely on, a range of facilities to make use of, and your own space to privately recover. Our treatment centres are registered under the CQC, meaning that standards and quality will be high across the entire experience.

Every step you complete, every interaction you have, and every treatment service you work through will add to your progress. Observations will be made throughout to ensure that you’re on track to recover within your 30-day programme, ready to return to Jordan.


Physical and psychological treatment options

Treatment services are traditional and innovative through private rehab. Specialist techniques will be used to help you safely but sustainably recover. Some common treatments include detoxification and therapy. Yet further options, including dual diagnosis treatments and motivational therapy, will also be offered.

Addiction treatment aims to treat each angle, symptom, and trigger of substance abuse. Physical and psychological treatment options will be used to reach that aim.

Medical assistance will be present throughout to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms, emotional obstacles, and any degree of challenge. Your dedicated team will be there for you on a 24/7 basis through inpatient rehab.

Treatment will also focus on post-rehab planning and how your success through rehab can continue. Your mental health will be strengthened, your outlooks will be adapted, and your lifestyle choices will be changed. Relapse prevention planning will be a pinnacle service to help you plan for and maintain sobriety, found as a handy recovery tool.

Your days will be carefully scheduled to work through a range of suitable treatment options around your needs and other daily commitments. By completing and committing to a rehab programme, you can expect to recover in many ways.


Local aftercare support

Aftercare is arguably an effective service to experience continuous addiction support. Understandably, it won’t be easy to experience this to its full potential once you return home.

Instead, local aftercare support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jordan will be arranged to help you work through the first stages of recovery. We can arrange this for you around your lifestyle and recovery needs.

Selecting to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Jordan is a convenient option. Yet, due to demand and unsuitable opportunities, a UK referral is instead recommended. Complete your referral with our team at Addiction Advocates to provide yourself with the best environment, programme, and journey to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How common is alcohol abuse?
Heavy alcohol consumption is majorly downplayed, due to norms and binge drinking. Yet it is a big problem, impacting individuals across the globe. Research shows how alcohol abuse has increased by 70% across the years, set to rise further by 2030.
How successful is rehab?
Rehab is an effective service, which offers the treatments, support, and techniques to recover from addiction. Its success rates do differ from person to person, depending on commitment levels, addiction strength and exact rehab offerings. Yet overall, it is a successful service, offering life-changing results for those who commit.
Can I refer my friend to rehab?
Yes, you can refer your friend here at Addiction Advocates. We offer family and friend referral services. It’s important to remember that they must accept the referral. Yet your input will help, possibly motivating this.