Whilst undergoing addiction treatment may seem like a daunting challenge, it’s an extremely rewarding experience which we can guarantee you won’t regret.

We’ve seen how worthwhile our rehabilitation centre has been to countless people.

Our fantastic evidence-based therapies are carefully selected and added to your personalised treatment programme, giving you the greatest opportunity to succeed in your long-term recovery.

If you’re ready to embark on this life-changing experience, then get in touch with us today by calling 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222, or email us at info@addictionadvocates.com.


Why should you join a Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The effects of drug and alcohol abuse can be extremely damaging to many aspects of a person’s life.

Not only does addiction destroy your physical and psychological well-being, but it can also ruin your relationships with family and friends, damage your career and result in significant financial problems.

There are no positives when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. If you’re struggling to overcome your addiction, our rehab in Scunthorpe is here to help.

The most effective way to win your battle against alcohol or drugs, is to undergo a personalised addiction treatment programme at a residential rehabilitation centre.

Many clients we help have already attempted to recover from drug and alcohol abuse without the support of a professional rehab, leading them to ultimately fail.

We encourage these people not to become disheartened as unless you’ve committed to a comprehensive treatment programme at a residential rehabilitation centre, you haven’t given yourself the best chance to succeed.

We have experience in treating people for drug and alcohol abuse from all walks of life with varying severity of addiction.

It’s important to remember that no matter what stage in your addiction you’re at, whether you’re quite new to the effects or you’ve been managing substance abuse for some time now, our drug and alcohol rehab in Scunthorpe can support you no matter what.

By utilising industry leading addiction treatments, an exceptionally experienced team, and a calming environment, we’re confident we can help you achieve your long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


What is the admissions process like at our Rehabilitation Centre?

For a lot of people, one of the most difficult steps is actually accepting that you have an addiction which you need help with. It’s common to be in denial about your condition and downplay the detrimental impact that drug and alcohol abuse is having on your life.

Once you’ve accepted that you need support and have realised that you can’t continue along this destructive path any longer, our rehab in Scunthorpe will be waiting to welcome you in.

All you need to go is give us a call, text or email and we can talk you through the various drug and alcohol services we have available. Even if you’re not quite ready to commit to a treatment programme just yet, we can offer guidance and advice to help you along your journey to recovery.

Once you’ve contacted our drug and alcohol rehab, we can discuss a date for you to join us.

Before your induction into our rehabilitation centre, you will undergo a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health which helps us to design the most suitable treatment programme for you.

This also gives us the opportunity to understand more about the nature of your condition and identify the underlying reasons which may have caused your drug and alcohol abuse.

This is very useful to know as it can help you to recognise your triggers and prevent substance abuse when the techniques are used correctly.

On your first day at our rehab in Scunthorpe, you will go through an induction with a member of our recovery team, ensuring you’re familiarised with your surroundings and comfortable in your private room before beginning your therapy sessions.

You can then begin your drug or alcohol detox, followed by your bespoke treatment programme.


Which Therapies are included in our Addiction Treatment Programmes?

Whilst each of our clients receive a personalised treatment programme, there are some highly effective therapies which we commonly utilise within drug and alcohol treatment.

Initially, you will undergo a drug or alcohol detox where your consumption is gradually reduced in a safe and controlled manner, carefully managing any withdrawal symptoms which present themselves.

Once you’ve left our detox clinic and your body is cleansed, you can begin your psychological and well-being therapies.

Some of the psychological therapies we deliver include cognitive behavioural therapy, also known as CBT, stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, motivational therapy, and individual, group or family counselling.

Alongside these more traditional therapies, we also offer therapies which focus on improving your well-being such as mindfulness, yoga, low level laser therapy, fitness therapy, art therapy, nutritional therapy, and relaxation and sleep management.

Studies have shown that by following a structured programme which includes a well-balanced combination of both psychological and well-being therapies, in addition to a drug and alcohol detox, you will have the best possible chance of achieving a long-term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.


What happens when you leave our Rehab in Scunthorpe?

Even after you’ve left our drug and alcohol rehab, we’ll continue to support your recovery journey. We provide all of our clients with a free 12-month drug and alcohol aftercare programme to ease the transition back into homelife and to help with relapse prevention.

Aftercare is a crucial part of your recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, it’s essential that you make the most of our fantastic programme. We offer dedicated helplines, access to local support networks and ongoing therapy sessions should you need them.

Invest in your future and leave alcohol or drugs behind for good.

Contact us today on 0800 012 6088, text HELP to 83222, or email us at info@addictionadvocates.com.