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What is the Process of Rehab?

The rehab process will start with your admission to a drug and alcohol rehab and will finish with your aftercare services. However, due to the nature of drug and alcohol addictions, it’s important that ongoing focus is placed on maintaining the recovery and preventing any future relapses.

The process of rehab is comfortable and safe. You will progressively move through each of the individual stages of recovery, and completing the entire rehab process is important. With the formation of the drug rehab programme, every single step is essential.

A rehab treatment programme on an inpatient basis will usually last for several weeks. This will provide you with enough time to safely withdraw from the drugs and alcohol, mentally recover from the addiction, and plan for your life when you leave the rehab centre. This is an efficient process that offers significant success rates.

It’s important to remain dedicated and motivated throughout the entire process of rehab, as this is the best way to ensure that your addiction treatments will be a success.


Local Aftercare Services When You Leave Rehab

After you leave a residential rehab centre, regardless of the location, you will usually be offered 12 months of free aftercare. The aftercare plan is put in place to help ease the transition between being in the rehab centre and adjusting to your new sober lifestyle at home.

You will get ongoing access to certain services such as support groups and further therapy sessions. You must maintain your recovery efforts into the future. At the same time, you must also learn how to live a sober lifestyle. The first 12 months after you leave the rehab centre are usually the most difficult, so this is why you will be offered free aftercare for one year when you leave rehab.

The rehab process will help to promote some significant changes in your behaviours. Completing all aspects of the rehab treatment and also keeping up with your aftercare plans are very important in order to experience the complete and proper effects of the treatment.


The Treatments in a Rehab Centre

In order to ensure that the physical and psychological recovery can be properly achieved, it’s important that you go through a range of different evidence-based treatments when you’re in the rehab centre.

Below is a list of some of the most common treatments that you can expect to go through in a rehab centre:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxication process
  • Individual therapies
  • Rehabilitation
  • Group therapies
  • Well-being therapies
  • Psychological treatments
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Aftercare

All of the treatments in rehab are bespoke to suit the needs of the particular client. This means that you will receive a unique treatment plan and that your treatment plan is likely to be different compared to someone else’s rehab treatment.


How Daunting is a Rehab Treatment Programme?

The thought of going in for a residential rehab treatment can often be very daunting. It is completely understandable that you may feel a bit uneasy about going to rehab. Moving away from your usual environment and home comforts to go into rehab for your treatment can feel like a very big step to go through.

However, it’s important to remember that rehab is made to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process, particularly the drug detox.

When you are in the rehab setting, all of the staff will act very professionally, they will support you, and will ensure that your health and safety are a top priority. When you go through your treatment in a rehab centre, you will be made to feel at home.


How Long Does Rehab Recovery Take?

The initial recovery period within the rehab centre usually takes around 28 days. This is the standard length of a rehab stay and during this time you will go through your withdrawals and rehabilitation. However, in order to reach your long-term recovery, it’s not possible to provide a single timescale.

Long-term recovery is a long-term thing and the recovery will result in a whole new lifestyle for you. You will get help with aftercare services for your continued recovery. You will learn new routines, limit your exposure to drugs and alcohol, a continue with your relapse prevention techniques.

With all of these things combined, you will be able to remain sober for the future. However, if you do not commit to your entire rehab process, your long-term recovery is unlikely to be a success.

Addictions are known as chronic illnesses. This means that they should be treated as such and you will need to continue to work on it in the long term. Recovering from an addiction is a lifelong thing and something that you will need to work towards every single day. With the right levels of commitment and motivation, getting over an addiction is very doable.


Get the Help You Need for Your Addiction

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to reach out for help as soon as you possibly can. Addictions are a progressive disease, meaning that they will only get worse over time. This is why it’s so important for you to reach out for the professional help you need as soon as you can.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does rehab last?
Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to that. The average stay at rehab lasts around 28 days, but ultimately it will depend on the nature and severity of your addiction. Some patients are good to go after the detox clinic, around 10 days, whereas some patients need much longer, up to 12 weeks.
What should I bring to Rehab?
You should bring suitable clothes and toiletries for your stay and can also bring personal belongings such as photographs. You should check with the individual rehab for other items, as some may have their own policies on devices like mobile phones or may offer specific activities.
What is relapse prevention planning?
Essentially, relapse prevention planning is a method of treatment in which trained therapists prepare you for a life of sobriety post-rehab. During this planning, you will delve deeper into the triggers and reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol. Following this, you will work towards developing mental and physical techniques which you can turn to whenever you feel that you may be at risk of using again.